Naagin update Wednesday 25 May 2022


Naagin 26 May 2022: Baa asking Brinda and Dev to hold each other’s hand and gets up. They hold each other’s hand and gets up. Vish comes there and says this is called getting caught red handed. Dev recalls seeing her in the temple. Brinda recalls she is a naagin. Vish introduces herself as Vish Khanna. Akash says she is our new investor. Vrushali says you are rich. Vish says yes. Dev says hi and says if she is our future investor then I need to talk to her. Brinda asks him to ask her about tea/coffee. Dev says work comes first.

Brinda thinks what he knows about Vish. Vish asks Dev if his wife doubts him. Dev asks who is she? Vish says she is his future investor. Dev asks how she is unaffected yesterday with no scratch when earth quake comes. She says she does a lot of puja and that’s why got saved. Dev says he didn’t remember how he returned home.Brinda comes there and calls Dev for the rasam. Vish signs brinda that everything is fine.Hardik and Sparsh come to the jungle area as Madhav’s last location is of that place. Sparsh tells that they shall chill and give cold drink to hardik, telling that he knows Dad must be chilling somewhere. Hardik takes his selfie and steps on Madhav’s hand twice which is popped out a bit, but he don’t see his fingers, instead see his mobile. Sparsh says this means dad is in trouble as his mobile is found here.Baa asks dev and brinda to make a sentences using the 4 words. She says first word is love. Lily gives the word drink, Bili gives the word bread and butter. Baa asks them to make a sentence. Rasik says who will be in Dev’s team. They all go in Dev’s team. Baa says brinda will be alone. Vish comes and says she will be on brinda’s side.

Brinda asks Vish what is the new drama? Vish says she is the old investor and this idea works. She tells that she came to help her. brinda asks did you know English? Vish says she can speak Spanish too. Baa asks who is ready with the sentence. Dev speaks all his feelings in a sentence using the 4 words. She recalls his love confession. Everyone claps for Dev. Baa says next is brinda’s turn.Just then Sparsh and Hardik come there. Sparsh calls Ira. Ira asks if your dad is found. Police reaches there. Brinda gets worried thinking if he has recorded her video. Vish asks her to wipe her sweat. She goes to side and becomes two headed.One of her snake goes out and takes Madhav’s avatar.

Police opens the phone using the code given by Harsh. Just then Madhav/Vish comes there and takes the phone. Iravati hugs him and cries. Madhav tells that he is going out of country for business work and goes to the room.Brinda and Vish come out. brinda asks how Madhav came here and tells that she killed him. Vish tells that they are icchadhari naagin and can change her avatar. Brinda couldn’t believe. Vish becomes Dev and asks her to tell the poetry. Brinda says if Dev speaks like this then I will kill him. Vish becomes herself and tells that she can take any avatar. Brinda thanks her and goes.Vish tells that she is a two headed snake and can be present at two places with different avatars. Iravati cries and tells vrushali that Madhav left for US.

Vrushali asks her not to worry and says he said that he went for work. Ira says Madhav is not simple like Akash and cries and goes to room. Vrushali asks Dev to come and pacify Ira. Dev goes with her.Brinda sees wet mud on Vrushali’s slipper and thinks Maa is in the temple. Dev assures Ira that he will find out about Madhav. Baa asks where is Brinda?Brinda tells Vish that she needs help as she has to go out and search her mum. Vish asks what you have found and thinks she shall not show eagerness.Brinda comes out of room and hears Dev calling her. Brinda hides. Dev calls Brinda. Vish becomes two headed and one of head becomes into snake/ brinda. She says she will snatch Dev from brinda for naagmani.Dev knocks on the door calling her. Vish’s other half as brinda leaves with Dev. Brinda leaves from the house. Dev and brinda/vish come to the hall. Baa asks her to tell about love. Brinda tells that love becomes time pass for me after a drink , and then it doesn’t matter if a person eats bread butter or falls in gutter etc. ….The young generation laughs. Baa and Dev are shocked.Ketki says we got drunkard bahu at home.


Sparsh says you are looking as our team member now. They all become a team. Dev and Baa are shocked. Real Brinda comes to the temple and sees wet sand outside the temple.he tells Maha Pandit that manyata maa is hidden here, says she knows this. Manyata thinks Brinda can see me from the window and calls her. brinda says I don’t know where is she? Manyata asks God to make her voice reach her. She knocks on the walls and asks can you hear me? Manyata cries and shouts her name, but Brinda couldn’t hear her. She says I know my Maa is here. Brinda tells that she wants her Maa back.Maha Pandit tells that the mandir is tilismi/magical and tells that only that naagin can break the magic who knows this temple. Brinda says she came yesterday to get Dev. He says something happened yesterday for sure.Baa tells Dev that she wants him to give love and respect to Brinda and says since she came here, she is humiliated. She asks if everything is fine? He recalls and says yes. She asks him to give the necklace to Brinda for muh dikhayi. He asks her to give antique necklace to her. Baa gives him necklace. He brings the necklace and gives to Vish/brinda. Brinda tells that she doesn’t like thread work old design and tells that she was something costly and heavy. Dev gets sad and says if you wear this necklace tomorrow then Baa will feel good. Brinda/Vish says good night and rests on the bed. Dev says you have changed. She thinks she is changed and is not brinda.

Brinda tells Maha Pandit that she couldn’t find her mum. He says you will find her as you love her truly. Nauanytara is shown trapped inside the pillar. Maha Pandit tells that there is a power in the love which binds the people together.Manyata prays for help and the om pendant in her hand sparkles. Brinda’s pendant tied to her waist sparkles too. Manyata thinks she can talk to Brinda using it and asks her to look at her.Brinda reaches home and calls Vish. Vish comes out and comes in her avatar. Brinda sees pendant sparkling and she sees snake. She thinks I had seen this sign in baba’s book. Manyata says the danger is Vish and asks her to understand. Brinda sees the snake sign on Dev’s head and thinks even Devlog is signing her. She thinks she shall kill him now itself. Just then she takes out the locket and thinks Vish is the naagin other than Maa and thinks how to talk to Maa.Vish is standing out and sees Sparsh and Rohan coming there. She pretends to talk to a hotel receptionist and tells that she wants executive suite, and sleeps on soft bed only. They hear her and take her to guest room. Vish closes the door and thinks I will be near the naagmani, I have to make Brinda away from Dev so that I can get Naagmani.

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