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Bridal Material 27 May 2022: Meera continues tongue lashing Vivan and leaves with her family. Vivan thinks now he has to free his mom and sister from kidnapper at any cost. Kidnapper calls him and says let us play truth or dare, he failed playing dare, now he should play truth, asks if Meera has a mole on her left side or right side of neck, if she has injury maark on her knee, etc. Vivan warns him to shut up. Kindapper says he can smell kerosene.

Vivan smells kerosene outside house and runs out. He kidnapper’s goons burning documents and tries to throw away kerosene can. They run away. Meera comes and mistakes him as burning documents and shouts what is he up to now. She tries to set off fire. Vivan asks her to say away. Meera warns dare not to come near her. Vivan sees can blasting, jumps and rescues Meera.

Meera collapses with burns on her hand. He lifts her and takes her inside home. Sweety and Aman yells why he is behind Meera, get away from her. Vivan counterattacks to leave his house and stop their drama. He walks out. Family sees Meera’s burnt hand and apply medicine on it. A romantic song plays in the background. Meera writhes in pain. Vivan walks on fire reminiscing Meera’s burns. Meera gets up and walks down. Family asks her to rest. She says she has to start a new shop. Biji says Aman is working on it, she need not worry.

Vivan gets near his car when he sees droid and Meera’s torn jersey in it. He gets worried thinking kidnapper can barge into Meera’s house easily. He then sees Meera’s pics falling from droid. Kidnapper calls him and asks if he knows more details about Meera and reveals he is Meera’s old admirer. He sees 2 men operating droid on bike and runs behind them. They speed away. Vivan then walks to Meera’s house and insists to leave his house. Meera challenges they will not and calls inspector Brar and alleges that Vivan tried to burn her, he did not even wait till their divorce finalization, arrest and handcuff him. Vivan says he is ready to cooperate, then there is no question of hand cuffing him. He challenges that he will return in 1 hour and leaves with Brar.

Dolly and other family member panic and cry till when they need to bear this torture, when will they get peace. Each family member yells. Biji loses her mental balance and shouts to stop, they don’t. She collapses. They rush to her then.

Vivan is thrown in jail. Inmates discuss he must have looted bank or done some heinous crime. Vivan says he married their city girl and betrayed her, he heard whole city is like a family, so they should punish him. He forcefully makes them beat him. They brutally trash him, and he falls down injured.

Inmates trash Vivan brutally on Vivan’s order and provocation. Brar stops them and takes Vivan away, scolding them. He says he saw love in films and saw it in real life.

He tells Vivan that whatever Meera says, he knows what is happening and is tracking Roma’s movement. Kidnapper calls him. Vivan informs Brar it is kidnapper. He speaks to kidnapper to get ready to free his mother and sister while he does his work. Brar tries to track kidnapper’s location. Vivan continues speaking to kindnapper. Kidnapper warns to stop his drama, he knows police is trying to tracking his location and Brar is his close friend. Vivan asks Brar to do something, kidnapper knows everything.

Daadi’s condition continues to get worsen. Doctor asks family to get injection soon. Prince gets injection. Meera asks where did he get money from. He says he was saving to go to Canada. Meera and whole family gets emotional. Doctor gives injection and says they got some relief, but Daadi has to be shifted to hospital soon. Dolly gives her bangles and asks Meera to pawn them and bring money for Daadi’s treatment. Meera leaves. In police station, Brar finds out location.

Vivan is shocked and says it is his house. They head towards home when Vivan sees Meera walking on street and follows her. Meera walks into pawn shop and asks financier to pawn her mother’s bangles. He says he does not pawn jewelry now and can only buy. She asks to tell if someone pawns and leaves. Vivan feels guilty seeing Meera’s condition. Meera walks back on street again. Goons snatch jewelry packet and speed away. Meera runs behind them. Vivan run in opposite direction and catch goons, but they trash him and escape. They reach their boss’ den and give him packet. Vivan walks in. Boss says he has seen him somewhere, if he is a film hero. His puppet says he is most eligible bachelor and they saw his news on TV.

Meera returns home crying. Dolly asks if she got money. She cries. Vivan asks to give him packet. Boss asks Vivan to give double price as it is a matter of love. Dolly scolds Meera and asks how will they get money. Meera cries seeing Biji’s worsening condition and says all this is happening since Vivan came into his life, but she will not let anything happen to Daadi. goons trash Vivan. Boss laughs. Vivan reminisces Meera and snatches packet, keeps it in his sock and trashes goons. Boss stands shocked. Vivan trashes even him and runs out.

At home, doctor asks family to hurry up, else they cannot save Daadi. Meera worriedly runs out of house. Vivan reaches and gives her packet and says h=she speaks so much. She slips and packet falls. They find stones in packet. Meera slaps herself and shouts she is punishing herself for trusting a wrong man. Vivan stops her and says it is her family hobby to create drama, he saw this packet on road and does not know what was in it. Meera shouts to stop his drama, she will save her biji at any cost and arrange money somehow. Vivan stops her and says she will not go out at this time as it is very dangerous, till they are in his house, they are his responsibility, either stay in this house or get out of it. Meeera pushes him.

Doctor gives injection again to Daadi and says they have to rush her to hospital soon.

Kidnapper calls Vivan and says he is too smart and sent inspector Brar, good he escaped on time and warns to remember he has Vivan’s sister and mother. Vivan yells at him. Kidnapper taunts him and disconnects call. Vivan hopes Prince arranges money. Prince calls his friend and requests money, says he will do whatever he says. He informs Meera that money is arranged. Meera confidently looks at Vivan.

Prince informs Meera that he arranged money for Biji’s treatment. Meera thanks him and smirks at Vian saying his plan failed. They both enter home and inform family they arranged money.

Vivan and Meera’s chatting continues. Vivan walks to her holding rose and says he wants to tell her something. She asks to tell then and thinks when will express his love for her. They start romantic chat. A romantic song plaays in the background. Vivan gets back to Meera on bed and fixes mangalsutra in her neck and says their marriage is complete now. Their romance continues. Kidnapper peeping from other side of window thinks they are romancing freely and worryless, let him give them a gift. He burns paper and throws it inside room. They both see it, but continue their romance.

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