My desire update Wednesday 20 December 2023

My desire 20 December 2023: The Episode starts with Nayantara going to get a ticket. The man says 500rs. She says I don’t have. He says you won’t get it. She sees a man trying to handle his baby. She offers help and consoles the baby. He thanks her. She says yes, her name is Mahima. She says she was thirsty. He says I didn’t know, where are you going. She says I don’t have money to buy a ticket. He says its okay, I will give you money. He gives the money.

She buys a ticket and leaves. Samrat looks for her. The man says I have seen her, she was asking for the bus depot. Samrat says thanks, I know you are upset with me, but I won’t let you go away. Nayantara faints down. The man sees her and asks the people to help her. A lady checks Nayantara and helps her. She says I think you are pregnant, get the checkup done, okay. Nayantara thinks no, I can’t go back to Samrat, even if I m pregnant, I can’t let Mansi know about my baby.

The man asks are you okay. She says I have nobody, I m alone, I have no family. He says I had left my house, I loved my GF Nayan and married her. She says my name is also Nayan. He says Nayan passed away after Mahima’s birth, I have brain tumour and I m afraid for Mahima, I m taking her to my family, maybe they will accept my daughter, I have no hope. She asks don’t you know anyone who you trust. He says I have no one, I trust you, can you come with me and tell my family that Mahima is our daughter. Samrat comes there and looks for her. He asks the man did you see her. The man says yes, she had no money, a man gave her money and she bought a ticket to Manali, the bus left 5 mins back, go this side and catch up the bus. He rushes. He sees some crowd. A man says the bus fell into the valley. Samrat shouts Nayan. He says my wife was in that bus. Constable says no one survived the accident.

He gets Mohit’s call. He says Nayan, bus accident, she left me, she passed away, she was going to Manali, bus met with an accident. He sits crying and says you can’t leave me, this happened because of me. He shouts. Nayantara is on the way in a taxi. She says I felt someone called me out. They get the news of the bus accident. The man says thank God, we didn’t take the bus. She recalls his words. He says I can give my name to your baby, you just handle Mahima’s responsibility, Mahima will get a good mother, please don’t refuse for Mahima’s sake. She says fine, I will come with you. They leave.

She thinks I can’t put my baby in trouble, Mansi has killed Amma and Appa, I will stay as Satish Sabarwal’s wife Nayan Sabarwal. Satish gets a headache and says I can’t tolerate it. Nayantara asks the driver to take them to a hospital quickly.

Aaliya says don’t know how she did this, she can do this with us also. Samrat says don’t leave me alone. Aaliya says I m tired of all this. She leaves. Ishani says you said Mansi did this, but why would she do this, you gave all your property to her. Mohit says Samrat never named to property to Mansi, but to Amma and Appa.

Samrat says I thought Prem and our future will get secured. Ishani says what is secured now, you snatched everything from us to save yourself. She scolds him. She says your greed has killed Amma and Appa, you are very bad, you will never live happy. Prem says I hate you, Nayan died because of me.

Ishani says I m taking the kids with me, you stay alone, you are dead for us. Yeh hai chahatein….plays… Samrat sits crying. Satish is admitted to the hospital. Nayan says doctor says everything is fine, we can go home. He says I know I m dying, take Mahima with you, you will be her parent, promise me, you will take care of her, give my name to your baby, fulfil my last wish, promise me. She promises him. Satish falls dead. She gets shocked.

Samrat is at the bar. He recalls Nayan. He breaks the guitar and scolds the singer. A guy comes and asks Samrat what are you doing here. Samrat says Nayan left me. The guy asks the bartender to help him take Samrat to the hotel room. They go. The guy introduces his son Pradyuman. Samrat sees the little boy and hugs him. The guy says heart relations are more deeper than blood ties, think he is your son. Nayantara comes to Satish’s house and says I m Nayan Sabarwal, this is Mahima Sabarwal, Satish’s daughter and I m his widow. Satish’s mum cries.



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