My desire update Monday 13 May 2024

My desire 13 may 2024: Arjun tells Kashvi that her cupcakes were good, but her idea on writing on them was bad; they are bestfriends and she should promise that she shouldn’t get such feelings in her mind again. Kashvi nods yes. He says he will meet her at the cocktail party and leaves.

Kashvi breaks down and thinks Arjun still considers her as his bestfriend and doesn’t want to accept her feelings for him, she will never let him know her feelings again. Mahima watches her from behind and grins thinking her plan worked, she will never let Kashvi express her love for Arjun. After some time, Mahima gifts dress to Kashvi and insists her to wear it for the party as she is also wear same dress and they will look good tuning together. Kashvi checks the dress and refuses to wear an off-shoulder dress. Mahima and Romila insist her, and she agrees hesitantly.

They both wear same dress and reach party. Mohit welcomes them and tells Mahima that she is look hot in that dress and takes her away. Kashvi stands nervously. Arjun walks to her and says she is looking very beautiful and offers her a mask. Kashvi feels nervous and shy. Arjun insists for a dance and dances with her romantically. Kashvi says she is feeling uncomfortable in this dress and wore it as Mahima got it. Arjun says she is look ing very beautiful and marvelous in this dress and if she is feeling awkward, he has a solution. He removes his jacket and makes her wear it and asks if she is not feeling awkward now. She nods no. He dances with her again on Rang Saari Gulabi Chunariya re…. song.

Mahima gets jealous seeing their cozy dance and thinks she should have been with Arjun and not Kashvi, she will separate them at any cost and thinks of her plan to let Kashvi see her intimate with Arjun. She asks Mickey to call Arjun aside and get him heavily drunk. Mickey hesitantly agrees. She then pulls Monty aside and asks him to drop a drink on Kashvi and act as he did it by mistake. Monty asks when will she stop conspiring against Kashvi. Mahima warns him to shut his mouth and obey he order as it’s her cocktail party. Monty agrees. Mickey walks to Arjun and tricks Arjun to get heavily drunk. Monty then drops drink on Kashvi and apologizes her.

Mahima then insists Kashvi to remove her jacket and go and clean her dress. Kashvi leaves. Mahima wears jacket and dances with Arjun intimately. Arjun thinks what happened to Kashvi, why she is getting to intimate, anyways when she wants to get close, why should he hesitate. Mahima thinks Arjun didn’t find out its her and not Kashvi, now she will make Arjun as hers.

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