My desire update Thursday 10 August 2023

My desire 10 August 2023: Sharda rushes to hospital worried for Rudra and Preesha. Rudra asks what is she doing here. Sharda says she heard Preesha shouting while chatting with her, she got worried for them, called back on her number, and reached hospital after finding their location. Doctor says Rudra and Preesha have minor injuries and would be fine soon. Roohi says she was shocked and worried hearing about their accident. Sharda sends kids out and scolds Rudra and Preesha for ignoring their 2 children in search of their lost son and risking their lives. Rudra says they didn’t have any other option. Sharda says they should search their son but not risk their other 2 children’s lives. Rudra says she is right. Preesha says they would be careful from hereon. Sharda says let us go home as children didn’t have food since morning.

Next morning, Rudra after bathe asks Preesha for a towel. Children stop him and says its his daily routine, he should do his work himself and not trouble mamma. Preesha thanks god that her children understood her pain or else Rudra troubles her so much. Rudra says they made a team against him and warns to come out clothless. Kids challenge him. He comes out wearing a bedsheet. Kids run away. Rudra says he was just joking and says he can spend quality time with his wife. Preesha reminds they should visit court for Revati’s hearing. Rudra says yes and hopes they get their 3rd child soon. Preesha feels something wrong is going to happen.

Constables goes to take Revati to jail and taunts her that she would be spending her time here for her sin. Revati thinks Rudra and Preesha would suffer instead. On the way, she asks constable if he is ready to execute her given task. He pleads to spare him. She threatens to take back her money and let her son suffer. Constable agrees to execute her given task. Rudra and Preesha reach court and find Vidyuth with Pihu and Digvijay there. Vidyuth informs them that he is joining his fahter’s business and is taking Pihu and Digvijay along. Rudra wishes him a happy life ahead and says they all will have lunch after court hearing. Sharda calls him and he informs her same. Preesha thinks something is going to happen for sure.

Judge pronounces Revati guilty in Armaan’s murder case and announces a life-term imprisonment for her. Police takes Revati away. Rudra tells Preesha that finally their love won. He comes across Revati and says at last she is paying for her sins. Preesha requests to inform where their baby is. Revati says howmany times she should tell her that she doesn’t know where their baby is. Preesha says she is lying. Revati says she should find out herself then. Preesha asks Rudra how will they find their baby now. Rudra says they can’t expect anything from Revati and promises to find their baby soon. Sharda brings children there. Revati feels happy thinking Rudra’s whole family would die. Roohi says Daadi told they are going to their favorite restaurant for lunch. Rudra says she is right and plays with her.

Revati’s puppet constable walks to them. Rudra asks if he wants to say something. He opens his shirt button and shows a bomb around his waist. Bomb blasts leaving him and Rudra’s family dead. Revati thinks this was her plan to kill Rudra’s whole family, now Rudra’s son is her son and she will turn him into a monster. Rudra and Rudra lie on ground holding each other’s hands and think their love will never die even if they die and they are made for each other. After 20 years, a south Indian wedding is shown where a lady takes care of her daughter Nayantara’s wedding arrangements. She asks her younger daughter Ishani if Nayan is ready. Ishani asks her not to worry as Nayan akka/elder sister would be ready in 5 minutes. Woman says her daughter’s don’t listen to her at all.

Serial takes a 20-year leap. Nayatantar’s mother Malati excitedly takes care of Nayantara’s wedding arrangements. She asks her younger daughter Ishani if Nayan is ready. Ishani asks her not to worry as Nayan akka would be ready in 5 minutes. She does Nayan’s makeup and asks her to hurry up or else amma will come up. Guest tells Malati that she is lucky that she got such a good daughters. Malati says she is right. Guest says Malati herself is a marriage broker and gets others’ daughters’s marriage, so she shouldn’t worry at all. Malati says she is right and goes to check arrangements. Guest 2 tells guest 1 that due to Nayan’s ugly look, Malati has to give lakhs of dowry. Guest 1 says Nayan is kind natured and has a physiotherapy degree, she would keep her husband and in-laws happy. Guest 2 says people look at beauty and then nature. Guest 1 hopes Nayan doesn’t face any issues post marriage.

Nayan gets ready and asks Ishani to give her specs as she can’t see anything without it. Nayan gives her specs and asks her why she is wearing her old specs on her wedding day. Malati with paati/grandmother walks in. Paaati applies nazar ka tika to Nayan and says its her right to apply tika to her grandaughter. Nayan asks how is she looking. Paati says she is looking very beautiful. Malati’s younger son informs her that panditji is calling her. Malati says she will go down now to attend guests. Somone loudly calls Malati. Malati and Ishani walk down to check. Paati stops Nayan and says she can’t go in front of her groom before marriage.

Malati and Paati walk down and notice groom Ramanuj’s family injured after an accident. One of groom’s guest accuse Nayan’s ill fate for Ramanuj and his family’s accident. Paati warns them to stop wrongly accusing her granddaughter. Lady continues accusing Nayan and says they met with an accident even before wedding, their life will be a hell after marriage. Another guest says they will not get ther son married to Nayan. Ishani warns her to shut her mouth and says she will not let her akka marry in such a rogue family. Lady warns her to mind her tongue. Ishani says they are abshaguni and its good that her sister is saved from them. Verbal argument continues. Lady accuses Malati for giving wrong upbringing to her daughters and breaks alliance finally.

Malati pleads them to return her given dowry money. Lady refuses and asks which money. Malati reminds that she gave them 2.5 lakhs worth jewelry and 2.5 lakhs cash and requests to return her hard-earned money. Nayan hears that and asks Malati not to plead them and says Ishani spoke truth.

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