My desire update Friday 11 August 2023

My desire 11 August 2023: Malati pleads groom’s family to return her dowry money and apologizes on Ishani’s behalf. Nayan walks to her and says she will not apologize as Ishani didn’t speak anything wrong. She tongue lashes lady for calling her a bad omen being herself a woman and asks what if her daughter is accused similarly. She says she herself wouldn’t marry in such a house and reminds its a crime to accept dowry. She talks about gender equality and continues tongue lashes her and her family for demanding dowry. She scolds Malati for giving dowry. Malati says she gave it for her children’s happiness. Lady refuses to return dowry money and accuses Malati of giving a wrong upbringing to her daughters. Nayan threatens to file police complaint against lady’s family if she deoesn’t return dowry money. Lady challenges to do whatever she can and leaves with her family. Malati breaks down more, informs guests that the wedding is canceled, and requests them to have food and go.

Neighbor laughs saying Nayantara’s wedding is canceled against, she is a bad omen and her wedding will not happen in this life. Nayantara takes Malati home and says its wrong to give dowry for marriage. Ishani says Nayan can’t be happy if she buys dowry. Paati accuses Malati of trying to ruin Nayan’s life and says she doesn’t know what her son saw in Malati that he married her. Malati breaks down and shouts that she is not her daughter’s enemy to dump her just like that and after struggling a lot to find an alliance for Nayan, she had to retort to dowry. Nayan says she is buying a groom for her daughter with dowry. Malati says people value beautiful face than beautiful nature, she can’t get Ishani married until Nayan is married and hence can do anything for that.

Nayan says she is complete in herself and doesn’t need a man. Malati says she needs a man to spend her life. Nayan says when Malati can live without her husband, why can’t she. Malati says she always felt a need for a life partner and loneliness hurts. Nayan says they all were with her to support her. Malati says she can’t be with her forever. Nayan says she will not go so soon and should enjoy life, she should stop worrying about, etc. Malati says life is complete only with a life partner. Whole family hugs her. They see a breaking star and pray for Nayan’s marriage as soon as possible. In London, Rockstar Samrat, who is a replica of Rudra and a bad copy of Ranbir Kapoor’s Rockstar movie, is introduced interacting with his fans on stage. Malati says surely someone is made for Nayan and he will meet her soon.

Malati says there is someone in some corner of a world who is made for Nayan and who will love her immensely. Samrat addresses his fans and says there is someone in this world who is waiting for him and he call her nayatara. He dedicates his song to Nayantara and sings Dil Sambhaljaa Zara.. song. Songs go gung ho hearing his song and shout once more. Ishani enjoys watching his song on her mobile. Samrat then sings Sayyoni.. song. Ishani dances on bed watching his song. Nayan scolds her for spoiling the bed and asks what is special in this boy. Ishani praises Samrat’s handsome and charismatic nature. Paati joins Ishani and they both enjoy Samrat’s song. Nayan thinks don’t know what is special in this boy that everyone is made behind him.

Samrat’s fans try to take his selfie, but he refuses and walks away upset. Samrat’s manager Mohit says Samrat hates his own family and hence doesn’t keep any mirror in his room. Organizer says he is seeing a rockstar for the first time who hates his own face. Samrat walks to his green room fuming. His sister Aliya walks in and praises his performance. Mohit walks in next and says awsome show boss. Samrat says he is his friend and not boss. Aliya reveals that Mohit is her fiance. Mohit says lets celebrate with a champagne and informs that they are getting many offers from other countries for Samrat’s concert. Aliya panics seeing Mohit not wearing engagement ring and breaks champagne bottle angrily. Mohit says he doesn’t know. Samrat gives her ring and calms her down and says Mohit forgot it in bathroom. Mohit apologizes Aliya. Aliya gets happy.

Next morning, Ishani leaves for her college after seeking Malati’s blessings. Chintu says he doesn’t want to go to school as he hasn’t paid school fees and will attend school when there is money. Nayan breaks her piggbank she saved for her new specs and gives money to Chintu. Malati asks how did she get that money. Nayan says she had saved some money and its good that its helping Chintu. Paati checks piggybank and thinks she sacrificed her specs money for Chintu. Nayan tells Malati that she arranged this month’s fees and will manage next month somehow. Paati scolds Malati that she makes mistakes and makes her granddaughter pay for it. She asks why did she bring orphan Chintu home instead of leaving him in orphanage, its difficult for them to feed themselves and Malati dumped another person on them. Nayan requests her to stop it now. Paati walks away fuming. Malati and Nayan comforts Chintu and say Paati loves him a lot. Chintu thinks soon there will a day when Paati will love her.

Aliya tells Samrat that they should go home now. Samrat remembers that someone is coming. Aliya says she already made arrangement for her welcome and asks him to reach home soon. Mohit thanks Samrat for saving him Samrat gets angry on him for trying to fool Aliya.

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