My desire update Wednesday 9 August 2023

My desire 9 August 2023: Rudra gets romantic with Preesha. Preesha asks what is he doing, move aside. Rudra says he is hugging his wife and says a lot happened these days, let him romance his wife. Preesha says its not Khurana House, Sharda and kids are around. Rudra says they will think couple are romancing. He notices Preesha’s bangles making sound and ties them with a thread. Shiddath Banaloon Tujhe.. song plays in the background. He starts romance and drops utensils. Sharda and kids wake up, she says let us go out and sleep outside counting stars as they can’t do it at Khurana house. Roohi says lets call mamma and papa. Sharda says Preesha will ask them to sleep early, so they shouldn’t disturb Preesha and Rudra. She takes kids out informing Rudra loudly that kids want to sleep outside.

Rudra tells Preesha that his mother knows they need to spend a quality time together. He gets romantic again with a romantic song playing in the background and lies Preesha on bed when her mangalsutra breaks down and she gets worried and thinks something wrong will happen and they will separate again. Rudra comforts her saying their identity is their love and they will be together always even if they die and are made for each other. He refixes mangalsutra and puts it in her neck. They get romantic again.

Next morning, Rudra blindfolds his family and takes them to Khurana house. Digvijay, Pihu, and Vidyuth shout surprise.. welcome them. Rudra says chachaji asked them to bring them here and surprise them. Digvijay says he is returning whatever belongs to them. Pihu performs their aarti. Preesha happily hugs Rudra. Digvijay says he has transferred all the properties and businesses Armaan had snatched from Rudra and returns papers. Rudra thanks him and says he returned his life. Digvijay says he returned what belongs to Rudra. Preesha feels anxious and thinks something bad is going to happen. After some time, Rudra calls inspector and asks him to question Revati where his baby is. Inspector says she denied to reveal anything. Rudra asks him to find out where Revati was staying before coming to Delhi.

Children hesitate to sleep with Rudra and Preesha to give them some space. Rudra and Preesha insist and sleep with kids. Once they are asleep, Rudra wakes up Preesha and takes her to terrace for a romantic champagne date.

Rudra takes Preesha to terrace and enjoys a romantic date with her with champagne and a dance. He says her love completes him or else he was just breathing. They dance on Phir Zubaan Pe Ek Martaba.. song… They then lie together and say their life is incomplete without each other and pray god to keep them together each life. Next morning, Revati’s puppet constable informs her that Rudra and his family shifted back to Khurana house and got back whatever they lost. Revati says she has to snatch their happiness again and reminds constable that he has to do or else she will take back 50 lakhs she transferred him for his son’s operation. Constable agrees.

Constable returns home and informs his wife that he paid their son’s heart surgery fees and she needs to admit their son tomorrow itself for preliminary tests. She asks if he will not take leave. He says he is attending a high-profile case. Wife feels happy. Constable thinks he can do anything for his son’s life. Inspector informs Rudra and Preesha that he found an address where Revati sent medicines. Rudra requests him to take them to the address as Revati must have hidden their baby there. Inspector takes them there. They hear a baby crying inside the house and search for him. They find a baby locked in a room and think its their baby. Inspector asks if they are sure its their baby. Preesha says inspector himself told that Revati sent medicines to this address.

A lady snatches baby from Preesha and says its her baby girl and not a baby boy. Preesha checks and informs Rudra that baby is a girl. Rudra asks why Revati send medicines here. LAdy says Revati knows about her problems and is helping her. They walk away disappointed. Inspector asks them to control themselves and wait till they find any new evidence. While returning back home, Preesha tells Rudra that she is sure Revati took their baby. Rudra says as inspector told, they will star investigation atain. Sharda calls Preesha and asks her if baby is found. Preesha says no. Sharda asks her not to worry as baby will be found. A truck follows them and rams their car, and speeds away. Rudra and Preesha fall out of car and their car crashes to a wall.

People identify rockstar Rudra and his wife. Rudra rushes to Preesha and sprinkles water on her. Preesha wakes up. Rudra asks if she is fine. Their car blasts. Preesha says she is fine. Rudra says even he is fine. Mob takes them to a doctor. Truck driver notices them and informs Revati that he performed accident, but Rudra and Preesha escaped. Revati says their love keeps them strong, now she will separate them. She asks constable to execute his plan.


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