My desire update Saturday 23 September 2023

My desire 23 September 2023: Sam with Nayan rushes Prem to hospital. Doctor treats Prem and says he got allergic reaction to peanut and is fine now. Nayan thanks Sam for bringing Prem to hospital on time and saving his life and says she eralied a father’s care is important for a child. Sam says he would have done same for anyone and doesn’t have any attachment with Prem. Back home, Nayan asks Sam to sleep next to Prem while she sleeps on couch. Sam says he doesn’t want to bear Prem’s kicks and tries to leave. Prem holds their hands and requests them to sleep with him. Nayan requests Sam to agree for Prem’s sake only for today. Sam agrees and sleeps with them. Yeh Hai Chahatein.. song plays in the background.

Next day, Sam and Nayan attend Raghav and Mansi’s sangeet. Ishani tells Nayan that she is looking very beautiful and gives credit to Sam for transforming her. Nayan feels shy. Ishani tells Mohit that she will go and practice her dance. Mohit asks Sam to practice a song. Sam says he is not interested to perform by heart and hence will not practice but agrees on Mohit’s insistence and accompanies him.

Raghav notices Nayan alone and taunts her if her husband left her alone again. Nayan says he has gone for song practice. Raghav tries to mock her and she gives him a befitting reply. He insists her to have a drink nd tries to force her. Nayan gives him a tight slap and says he may force other but not her and dare not touch her again. Raghav feels insulted and determines to take revenge from her. Nayan walks to Sam and informs what Raghav did. Sam gets angry and says he will teach Raghav a lesson. Nayan says she already slapped him, now he will not think of such thing again. Sam feels impressed and says he is proud of her. Nayan says when can they leave as she is not interested in this party. Sam even he doesn’t.

Malati calls Nayan and gives phone to Prem. Nayan asks if he is fine and did he take his medicines. Prem says he did and is not getting sleep without holding her hand. Nayan says she will return soon once the party is over. Sam says he doesn’t want to perform and has planned something. Nayan asks what has he taught. Mansi notices Raghav fuming and asks what happened. Raghav says nothing happened. Sam walks to Raghav laughing and describes how Nayan taught Raghav a lesson when he tried to misbehave with her and taunts Mansi that every girl can’t be like Mansi. Mansi gets angry on him. Raghav says she need not react as he already planned something and will make Nayan remember his slap forever.

Ishani gets ready for her dance performance. Raghav walks closer to her and tries to flirt with her. Ishani gets angry and warns him to stay away from him. Raghav gets angry even on her and determines to teach both sisters a lesson. Host annoucneces Ishani’s performance. Ishani dances. Raghav spikes a juice and asks waiter to serve it to Nayan. Nayan finishes drink.

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