Imlie starlife update Saturday 23 September 2023

Imlie 23 September 2023: Police tries to arrest Atharva in Mohan’smurder case. Dhairya says he is innocent. Inspector says they will decide it in court, he should surrender himself first. Dhairya snatches inspector’s gun and points it at Imlie to escape from there. Atharva warns him not to make a mistake and surrender himself. Dhairya says Atharva murdered Mohan and trapped him instead. Atharva warns him to stop talking nonsense and free Imlie, he will kill him if something happens to Imlie. Dhairya gets Imlie into Atharva’s car and asks her to drive. Imlie drives. Dhairya shoots police jeep tyre and punctures it. Atharva runs behind car. Inspector assures him to safely get Imlie back and orders constbale to track the car. Akash tells Keya that Dhairya ruined their plan of trapping Atharva in Mohan’s murder case. Keya says they are benefitted either ways as Atharva, Imlie, and Dhairya would be busy in their own battle and we can take over the company easily. Akash says she is right.

Family waits for Imlie to return home to start navratri pooja. Keya says Imile forgot that they have navratri pooja at home, very bad. Ginni says Imlie must be on her way home and talks about the importance of chaitra navratri pooja. Keya taunts that Imlie got an excuse of job now. Rudra says Imlie is really busy at work and asks Keya to help Devika in household chores. Keya nods okay. Devika asks everyone to get ready for pooja. Imlie continues to drive car at gunpoint and asks Dhairya of he knows what he did. Dhairya says he kidnapped her. Imlie says he killed Mohan. Dhairya accuses of Atharva killing Mohan and putting blame on him instead. Imlie says Atharva didn’t kill Mohan and describes how she reached Mohan’s said spot spot and stopped Atharva from reaching Mohan. Dhairya says he heard Atharva threatening her and hence he reached the spot, he found Mohan’s dead body and before he could react, Aharva reached there with police and trapped him in murder case. Dhairya asks her to drive properly as he doesn’t want a blame of accident on him.

Atharva reaches office and asks employee to track car’s location via GPS. He then heads towards the location. Dhairya asks Imlie to stop car as Atharva must have installed GPS in car. He forces Imlie to walk with him in jungle. Imlie delivers heavy dialogues. Dhairya says he trusts only his mother and Durga maa. They reach a Durga maa temple with devotees. He covers her face with veil and points gun towards her under the veil and forces her to continue walking. Imlie recalls Devika asking her to reach home by 5 p.m. for pooja. She apologizes Devika and prays Durga maa to do justice with all her children. Devika asks Ginni to call Imlie and find out where she is. Rudra says she is busy at work and will reach home before pooja. Keya says Imlie will not come and even held Atharva with her. Rudra says Imlie will come when she has promised and asks Devika to start pooja.

Imlie performs Devimaa’s pooja. She silently picks Poojari’s phone and leaves from there hiding it. Atharva reaches Imlie’s car location and searches for her. Inspector calls him and asks to wait at the spot till they reach there. Imlie calls Atharva and is about to speak when Dhairya snatches phone and breaks it. Atharva hears temple bell sound and reaches temple. Dhairya forcefully gets Imlie into another car and drives away. Atharva notices Imlie and runs behind car.

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