Lost in love starlife update Sunday 25 February 2024

Lost in love 25 February 2024: Yashwant is engrasped in thoughts when Nishikanth shows him estimated budget for construction of auditorium in their college. Yashwant says they don’t have money as they incurred huge losses due to Isha’s report against their college and even defamation.

The most serious allegation is not making their temporary staff as permanent, and if they make their staff permanent, Isha’s report would be of no use. Nishi says then he will make them permanent as soon as possible and fail Isha’s report. Yashwant says that’s like his brother.

Savi takes Isha to a 5-star hotel. Isha says she can’t afford to stay in this costly hotel. Isha’s old student Ankur walks to her and touches her feet. Isha identifies him. Ankur says he is a manager of this hotel and gives credit to Isha’s studies. He says he learnt about her accident from Savi and asked her to shift her to his hotel until she gets well. Isha says she cannot stay here. Ankur requests her to give him a chance to serve her. Isha agrees and says she will pay as per her convenience. Ankur agrees and asks his staff show a room to Isha and take good care of her as she is his teacher. Isha shifts to a room. Savi scolds her for straining herself and serves her coffee. Isha suggests her to attend her classes again. Savi says she wants to take care of her teacher to went overboard to get her college admission. Isha says if she wants to waste her effort and asks her to attend her classes. Savi agrees.

Shikha calls Savi and asks about Isha. Savi says Isha is fine and recovering now. Shikha asks if she can speak to Isha. Savi gives phone to Isha. Shikha greets Isha and says she feels happy talking to her for the firs time after heaving so much about her from Asmita. Asmita speaks next and says they wanted to bring her home, but. Isha says she knows they can’t do anything without Surekha’s permission in Bhosale house. Asmita says Surekha wanted to bring her home, but Isha refused and said he will leave the house if Isha comes there. Isha feels sad. Savi disconnects call.

Durva returns to college and meets Ayush. Ayush happily hugs her and says thank god she came or else he was feeling bored. Durva says he must have made another best friend. Ayush says she is his best friend and asks what is her next plan. Durva says she wants to take revenge from Savi and asks where is she. Savi passes by. Durva gathers students and says some students with a criminal family roam around free, asks if they know who was involved in Isha’s attack. Savi says even she has a news for them, do they know who set fire in ganapati pandal and who called Navya as Sheela Thomas’ secretary. Durva and Ayush get tensed hearing that. Savi warns them that they just returned after suspension and warns them to concentrate on their studies and stop conspiring if they want to continue in this college.

Savi attends class. Shukla offers laddu to students. Savi asks reason. Shukla he got permanent and asks her to thank Isha from his side as Isha taught him the benefits of being permanent and called education department for him. Durva says he works for them and is praising that woman instead. Ishan walks in and asks what happening. Savi confronts her for disrespecting elders.

Ishan warns Savi not to take that woman’s name in front of him. Savi asks why shouldn’t see. Ishan asks her to get out of the class. Savi apologizes him. Ishan gets adamant and says he will not take if Sai attends it. Students request Savi to go out or else they will suffer. Savi accepts Ishan’s decision and stands outside. Ishan starts lecture and seeing Savi asks if she didn’t go yet. Savi says he asked her to get out of the class, but didn’t ask her to shut her ears and eyes. Ishan continues class fuming.

Surekha asks Shikha and Asmita to make best arrangements for Ishan’s birthday tomorrow. Shikha asks if they can invite Isha for Ishan’s birthday. Surekha gets angry and scolds them. She then calls Isha and asks how is she. Isha says when se has called her, she is absolutely fine. Surekha asks her if she remembers what is tomorrow. Isha says she remembers her son’s birthday. Surekha taunts her that she has to live alone in this age without her husband and son and continues to humiliate her.

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