Lost in love starlife update Thursday 23 May 2024

Shantanu tells board that he will attend assistant professors’ first day customary lunch. Ishan asks why would he do that. Shantanu says he knows Ishan can’t withstand Reeva. Ishan asks if he thinks so, why did he and his wife give good marks to Reeva.

Shantanu says his mother didn’t know about Reeva’s past and gave her good marks, and when she learnt who Reeva is, she wanted to change the marks, but then it was too late. Ishan says his wife realizes her mistake very late; he already told that he doesn’t have any problem with Reeva’s presence and he will treat her like he will treat other 2 assistant professors, he will prove it to himself and the world, so he will attend customary lunch and not Shantanu. He walks away. Shantanu thinks he doesn’t know if Ishan can hold a storm of emotions in front of Reeva.

Harini sees Savi preparing something in kitchen and asks what is she preparing. Savi says azoba’s favorite dish. Harini says she forgot to bring milk. Savi says she already ordered milk and promotes Country Delight milk. Assistant professors feel nervous waiting for Ishan in his cabin and discuss that Ishan seemed to be very strict. Reeva says he is a good human. They ask if she knows him personally. Ishan walks in and welcomes them to Bhosale institute family. He asks if their first lecture went well. They say yes. He says he doesn’t think so as he attended their lecture, so they will be on probation for 3 months and then will be permanent. They say they thought they got a job after interview. Reeva says 3 months are enough to prove themselves. Ishan says they should have confidence in themselves.

He then says let us start lunch. Reeva offers him home-made moong dal halwa. Ishan recalls Reeva preparing moong dal halwa for him earlier and writing I love I/Ishan on it. He refuses to accept it and says he hates sweets, especially moon dal halwa. Savi walks in and requests Ishan to sign her leave letter as her azoba is critically ill and she won’t be able to attend lectures regularly for a few days. Ishan signs leave letter. Savi says she had prepared moon dal halwa for her azoba and brought some for him. He tastes it and says its very tasty. Reeva sees that and feels heartbroken.

Ashwini takes Ninad to washroom and waits outside. Savi calls her and asks where is she. Ashwini says she reached hospital and brought Ninad to washroom. Savi says she will reach there in a few minutes.

Nurse informs Ashwini that doctor is calling her. She walks away from there. Ninad notices 2 young couple climbing stairs and walk behind them thinking they are Virat and Sai. Sai reaches hospital and meets Ashwini. They both wait for Ninad outside washroom and asks wardboy to check. Wardboy checks and says there is no one inside the washroom. They get worried and search for Ninad. Ninad falls down climbing stairs and gets severely injured. Savi rushes to his help. Doctor tests Ninad and says his condition got more critical and his surgery should be preponed in a week, they have many surgeries lined up in this hospital and they can’t perform Ninad’s surgery here. He further says Ninad is not having food and is getting weaker, so it’s important for him to have something.

Ishan walks in a garden feeling upset. Reeva walks to him and says her schedule leaves her a lot of spare time, so can she take few more psychology lectures. He denies. Bhavani tries to feed khichdi to Ninad. Ninad asks who is she. Bhavani says she is his vahini/DIL, his Nagesh dada’s wife. Ninad says he doesn’t remember her. Ashwini tries to remind him that she is his wife. He refuses to identify even her.

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