My desire update Saturday 24 February 2024

My desire 24 February 2024: Arjun apologizes Kashvi for blaming her for his pain and promises to be her best life partner as she is the best and deserves best. Kashvi emotionally hugs him. A romantic song plays in the background.

Next morning, Arjun wakes up and doesn’t find Kashvi beside him. He walks to bathroom and notices her applying ointment to her leg wound. Kashvi hides he wound and asks if he wants to use washroom. Arjun forcefully checks her wound and asks how did this happen. Kashvi says someone hit her with a rod when she tried to escape.

Arjun says those boys will have to pay for their crime. Kashvi asks him to relax as Jagadish promised to handle Suraj and Pankaj. Arjun applies ointment to her wound teary eyed. Serial’s title track plays in the background.

Pradyuman walks to hotel reception and tells Mahima that he wants to talk to her. Mahima acts professional and says she can’t help her personally till her duty is over as it’s against hotel policy. Pradyuman walks away disappointed. Mahima grins.

Veera asks her what is happening, she told she will become Mrs Pradyuman soon. Mahima says it’s part of her plan and asks her to just wait and watch. At Bajwa house, during breakfast, Aruna worries for her sons and yells at Kashvi for wrongly accusing her innocent sons and make them elope. Jagadish says they are not innocent.

Police walk in to arrest Suraj and Pankaj in Kashvi’s molestation and attempt to murder charges. Aruna yells at Kashvi for filing complaint against her innocent sons even after Jagadish’s assurance.

Arjun says he filed complaint against Suraj and Pankaj after seeing Kashvi’s injuries. Aruna curses him for trying to his brothers arrested. Arjun argues that her sons are dangerous and if let free will try to molest Kashvi or any girl. He blames Aruna’s wrong upbringing, etc. Aruna continues to yell at him. Jagadish tries to convince Arjun not to file complaint, but he doesn’t agree and asks if Suraj and Pankaj are family, then who is Kashvi; Kashvi is their DIL and part of their family, etc. He gives Suraj and Pankaj’s photos to inspector and asks him to arrest them ASAP. Inspector assures him and leaves with team. Arjun tells Kashvi they should attend a lecture without bothering about at all this. Kashvi feels emotional seeing him supporting her going against his family.

Suraj and Pankaj barge into Sharma’s house and say police is searching for them. They threaten him that if they are caught, they will reveal police and their family that Sharma is the one who provoked them against Kashvi. They eat Sharma’s food and take a shelter in his house. Sharma informs about it to Nitya. Nitya slaps him for his mistake and says if Suraj and Pankaj are caught and take Sharma’s name, even she will be exposed.

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