Imlie starlife update Saturday 24 February 2024

Imlie 24 February 2024: Imlie tells Atharva that police warned them not to interfere as they are searching for a criminal, but she fears that the man may harm her baby. Akash finds Sattu’s clothes and checks for clue, but doesn’t find any.

Rudra notices tailor’s tag and says they can get his address via the tailor. He calls Imlie and informs that they can get Sattu’s address via Janata Nagar’s Radhe tailor. Keya praises Rudrfa’s intelligence. Imlie and Atharva reach outside Sattu’s house.

Atharva asks Imlie not to show her heroic acts when Sattu tries to escape. Imlie promises him. They knock the door. Sattu’s daughter opens the door and asks who are they. They say that they came to meet her papa. Girl calls Sattu. Sattu tries to run seeing them. Atharva catches him and asks his daughter to go inside as they need to speak. Girl walks in. Atharva warns him to tell where his daughter is. Sattu refuses to give any details.

Imlie pleads that her daughter is not even a day old and asks him to think about his daughter. Girl walks out and informs that she heard her father talking to a dirty uncle who sells babies. Imlie pleads Sattu again. Sattu reveals that he sold baby to a beggar gang who wait till the baby grows and then forces her into prostitution. Imlie and Atharva determine to save their daughter at any cost and head towards beggar gang.

Beggar gang’s head gets a message that child kidnappers are com ing and alerts his begg ar team. Imlie and Atharva reach there in a beggar’s diguise. Gang’s head asks who are they. Imlie says police shooed them away from their place, so they came here to beg. Head asks them to go and sit in a corner. Imlie notices her baby hidden in a flower basket and alerts Atharva. Gang head alerts his team that this woman is baby’s mother. Imlie runs and holds her baby. Gang try to head towards Imlie. Atharva stops them and delivers heavy dialogues to back off. Fight starts. He beats them at first, but then they overpower him.

Rana family reaches and takes over. Kidnapper gang reaches there and take away Kairi first under Devika and Divya’s nose and then snatch little baby from Imlie. They then flee away in a tempo. Imlie shatters seeing that and delivers emotional dialogues.

Doctor treats Shivani and informs Akash and Keya that due to increased internal bleeding, Shivani needs blood transfusion, but her blood group is not available in the hospital. Akash says Keya’s blood group matches and she will donate blood.

Keya refuses to donate blood. Akash asks what happened to her goodness a few hours ago, it vanished so soon. Kidnappers inform their boss that they were getting dollars for the babies, but baby’s mother ruined their deal. Boss says baby’s mother will give them money, he calls Imlie and demands 1 crore rs in exchange of her daughters. Atharva, Rudra, and Manish head towards kidnappers’ den.

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