Faltu Starlife update Monday 6 May 2024

Faltu 6 May 2024: The Episode starts with Sid asking Tanu what do you want to do. She says I took soup for Ayaan, Faltu was there, so I came back. Sid says why, you were jealous, you are trying to go close to Ayaan, what’s your motive, I know you well.

She cries and asks do you think so. He says you always take an advantage of my love, you always manipulate me, I won’t let you create problem between Ayaan and Faltu, you are just mine. He goes. Faltu comes to Ayaan. Ayaan asks her not to go. She asks him to take an injection. He says no, by what right are you saying this. She says with the right of a wife. He says fine then. He takes the injection. She hands over the glass of milk to him. He asks her to feed it to him. She feeds him.

Ayaan asks her not to go anywhere. He holds her hand and sleeps. She gets away. She gives her number to the nurse and says take care of him, call me if you need any help. She goes. Dadi says Faltu has come to take care of Ayaan, Savita go and take rest. Savita says I m not feeling sleepy. Kinshuk asks her to take rest. Dadi asks did Ayaan sleep. Faltu says yes. Dadi says you also sleep and take rest. Faltu says I m leaving. Guard says Neil is asking when are you coming. She asks didn’t he go. He says no, he is playing ludo and games with us, he is interesting.

Tanu asks who is Neil to her, why is he waiting. Faltu asks her to mind her own business. She goes. Tanu says she didn’t even clarify, she has an affair with Neil. Savita asks Dadi is this a lie, why is Neil waiting for Faltu. Dadi stops Tanu.

She defends Faltu. Faltu goes to Neil. He jokes. They start arguing. He says sorry. Tanu comes and looks on. Faltu asks what, tell me what did you say. Tanu records them. Neil makes Faltu sit in the car. They argue. She says I didn’t tell anyone that I m leaving, I will just come.

Faltu goes to Dadi and says I m going. Savita asks her not to come back. Faltu says once Ayaan gets fine, I won’t come here, it’s a promise. She leaves. Neil asks did you ignite the fire inside. She thinks of Ayaan and gets sad. Neil stops the car. He says I m feeling hungry, Mittals didn’t ask me to have food, come with me. She says you can go home and eat food. He takes her to the golgappa stall and says we will have a competition. They compete. He starts coughing. She says I told you I will win. She laughs. He drinks water.

He smiles seeing her. She goes. She says Ayaan doesn’t like golgappa, I never had this with him. He says life is so funny, we live according to others and then realize we are foolish, I was in love, I loved that girl a lot, she left me for her career, I begged her not to go, but her career was more imp than me. He asks why does your past affect you, why don’t you come out of it, don’t go there if you don’t get respect. She asks does love always hurts. He says don’t know, I have also loved one person, but I think this won’t happen again, maybe someone else is waiting for us.

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