Faltu Starlife update Tuesday 7 May 2024

Faltu 7 May 2024: The Episode starts with Neil asking Faltu to move on. She says I felt it’s the right decision to marry Ayaan, Ayaan convinced his family and fought for me, now I feel it was a dream.

He says Ayaan is trying hard to convince you, you also love you, what is stopping you from going to him. She says I also think the same, but he has snatched my cricket dream, I always convinced him, he did wrong, I m not angry on Ruhaan, he was a stranger, he came to take revenge and he did it, Ayaan was my family, how could he do this. He says it was fate that we meet. She thanks him. He jokes.

She asks him to say sorry. He refuses. They leave. They come home. Dada ji shows the papers. Neil says it’s the deal papers, Ayaan accepted our deal, he is ready to collaborate with us. Dada ji asks Faltu don’t you know about this. She signs no. Dada ji says Ayaan wants a chance from Faltu and he kept our respect also. Faltu thinks why is Ayaan doing this.

Faltu makes kada and says Ayaan will get fine when he drinks this. Neil comes and asks what are you doing. She says I m making kada for Ayaan.

He says you love him, Ayaan doubts you always, he will not change. She says don’t say you care for me, you hate me and all the girls. He says fine, go there, I will be there to pick you and bring you home. She says don’t wait for me, I can take care of me, your Dada ji needs you a lot, give your time to him. She thinks does Ayaan still the same, will he never change.

Its morning, Tanu says Ayaan’s condition got worse. They go to see Ayaan. Nurse says he got food poisoning. Tanu recalls adding something in the food prepared by Faltu. Savita says you were here.

Nurse says his wife got the food or him. Doctor says the food didn’t suit him, don’t create a panic, we are treating him. Savita and Tanu blame Faltu. Janardhan says don’t blame Faltu always. Savita argues with Janardhan. Tanu smiles. Kaka asks Faltu to take the car. She says no, I don’t want to become a burden on anyone, I will go on my own. Savita asks Kinshuk to call Faltu and ask her not to come. Kumkum says she can never harm Ayaan, she loves him a lot. Savita says she doesn’t love him, she wants revenge on him. Janardhan says if Ayaan hears this, he won’t respect you. Faltu comes and asks did Ayaan wake up.

She says I have made kada for you, he will get well. Tanu taunts her. Savita scolds Faltu and throws the kada. She stops Faltu.

Janardhan asks her to stop it. Tanu says Ayaan got food poisoning, Savita will make the food for him. Kinshuk says you should go, no one respects you here, Ayaan is sleeping, I will update you about him. Kumkum asks Faltu to leave. Faltu cries. She asks Janardhan does he think the same. He says no. He scolds Savita. Savita says Faltu has come between us also. Janardhan says you won’t go, Faltu. Faltu says no, I will leave, I have no courage to hear new blames every day. Tanu asks her to sign the divorce papers and send it. She says you both can start a new life. Faltu leaves.

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