Unfortunate love update Thursday 30 November 2023

Unfortunate love 30 November 2023: The Episode starts with Karishma telling that it was Pandit ji’s mistake or Lakshmi’s cleverness. Ayush says I was sad and then used to get angry, but now I laugh. He says Lakshmi was with you then when did she show smartness? He asks when you will stop doubting her. Karishma says tomorrow, as she will leave today. Neelam says leave it, we have to get ready for marriage. Dadi asks Ayush about Rishi. Ayush says he went for some work. Karishma tells Ayush that no drama shall happen and Lakshmi and Vikrant shall marry. They go. Malishka tells Ayush, if he heard what his Mom said, and says after this marriage, one more marriage will happen of Rishi and me and that’s why don’t do anything. Rishi thinks Mayur’s puja have started, and thinks he must have some proofs which will expose Vikrant.

Vikrant comes home. Anjana asks what happened? Vikrant asks her to calm down. Anjana asks why did you go from there. He says Mayur had come. Anjana says so you ran instead of making him run. She says we had to answer them. Saloni says even they have insulted Vikrant, means said so much to him. Anjana says if I was on their place then would have told so much, and says they had come to do rasam. Vikrant says what to do, Mayur had come there. Saloni says Mayur is now Vikrant’s enemy and says if he had seen Lakshmi and Vikrant doing puja, then he would have exposed us. He says so whatever he did is right. Vikrant says that’s why he went from there. Saloni says Rishi was also there. Vikrant says last time Rishi had beaten Pandit ji’s son and made them say. He says he had managed to send them out of city. He says he didn’t want Rishi to doubt. Saloni says she is scared as the marriage time is near. Anjana says she is also scared.

Malishka gets ready and says once Lakshmi goes from here, then I will make her black magic end with my love. She wonders why Rishi haven’t come, if he is stuck in work or collecting proofs against Vikrant. Vikrant calls Malishka and asks if everything is fine there. Malishka tells that nothing wrong shall happen till the marriage happens.

She asks him if Rishi saw his friend. Vikrant says no, and tells that Rishi didn’t know about him. Malishka tells that Rishi is very smart and asks him not to underestimate him. Vikrant says he is a kid infront of me. Malishka asks him to get ready to bear the jerk then and says Rishi haven’t come till now. Vikrant says I will handle him, if he saw Mayur.

Lakshmi reminisces Rishi and their marriage. She is not yet ready in the bridal clothes and is engrossed in Rishi and her moments/ thoughts.

Rishi and Mayur are going in the car. Rishi tells Mayur about his love story. Mayur says why don’t you tell everyone. Rishi says Lakshmi asked me not to say. He thanks Mayur for helping him and calling him after the puja. Mayur says I want to take revenge from him and wants to send him to jail. Rishi says I will send him to jail and says he needs proofs. He says he doesn’t have time, as he has to take proofs to Lakshmi before she gets married to Vikrant. Mayur says your love story is unique and says he wishes that his love story has a good end, happily ever after one. Rishi says for now, I want to save Lakshmi from that disgusted Vikrant.

Karishma asks Lakshmi why she is not yet ready and asks her to wear the bridal clothes, as baraat might be coming. She asks what you are thinking? She asks if you are waiting that Rishi will come and stop your marriage. Rishi asks Mayur to drive fast. Mayur says I am more eager than you, and tells that I will not get a chance to take revenge from him again, and a girl’s life will also be saved. Rishi says two girls’ life, of his wife too. He says her name is Sarika. Mayur says I don’t remember her name, but has her photo. He says your love is truthful and you will stop the marriage.

Lakshmi says I was about to get ready. Karishma says I know you are clever and changes the bride. He says Vikrant doesn’t have anything so you will not get the chance to do this. She asks her to get ready. Malishka thinks she wants to look best as Lakshmi is finally going from here and there will be no hurdle, so I will dance happily. Kiran comes there. Malishka hugs her and says I am very happy as Lakshmi is going away from Rishi and my life. Kiran says even I am happy, but I am scared that the marriage might stop. She says everytime, we think that she is gone from Rishi’s life, but that inauspicious girl stays back.

Lakshmi thinks of Rishi and her moments, and goes to get ready. Kiran asks if we are hurrying up to get happy. Malishka says this time, she is getting married to Vikrant, who is fooling everyone and had fooled us too. Kiran closes the door and says if anyone hear us then the marriage will stop and Rishi will get angry with you. Malishka says I am smart and don’t give my weakness to others and takes other’s weakness in my arm. She asks her to be happy and says I am going to become of Rishi. Kiran says I am very happy and says nobody’s bad sight shall fall on you. Malishka says today is Lakshmi’s last day, she is out and my happiness is here.

Mayur and Rishi come to the former’s house. Mayur asks if you want to have tea/coffee. Rishi says he wants just the proofs. Mayur goes to search it. Rano asks Shalu and Bani to help her wear the dupatta. She then scolds her for not getting ready and says it is your Lakshmi di’s marriage. Shalu asks if you are not worried for her. Rano says no, and tells that if Rishi had not taken her from here, then I would have taken care of her. Bani asks her to stop her marriage. Rano says you are still stuck at that point. Shalu and Bani tell them that Vikrant is a bad guy. Shalu tells that he is married and we have seen Vikrant making someone wear the mangalsutra. Bani says Rishi got the proofs, but Vikrant burnt it. They ask Rano to call and stop the marriage.

Rano calls Dadi and asks if the marriage arrangements are done. Dadi says yes, and tells that until the marriage happens, something happens. Rano says you have taken all the responsibility and haven’t let me do anything. Dadi asks when you will come. Rano asks them to stop the marriage, and tells her that Shalu and Bani was telling that Vikrant is not a good guy and Rishi told them this. Dadi says Vikrant seems to be a good guy, Rishi told us also. Rano says I told them, but they want me to stop the marriage. She asks what I shall do? Dadi asks her to ask them to leave everything on God. Rano says I am Lakshmi’s Chachi and has right on her. Dadi asks if you want to stop the marriage. Rano says I have taken decision and I hope that you will agree. She says I was telling that this marriage…..

Vikrant gets ready in Sherwani and imagines Lakshmi there, who signs that he is looking good. Vikrant smiles. Saloni comes there and tells that he is looking very handsome. He says he is handsome only. She says I wish our marriage would have been grand too. He says no problem and tells that you are the first wife who is enjoying her husband’s marriage. She says if you don’t concentrate on me later. Vikrant says Lakshmi is coming here to fulfill our dream. Saloni says but I couldn’t fulfill it.

Rishi thinks why Mayur is not coming and thinks to go to his room. Mayur comes there and tells that he can’t find it. Rishi says lets go and search it. They go to Mayur’s room. Rano asks Dadi not to stop the marriage. Saloni says once our dream is fulfilled, we will throw Lakshmi out of the house and from our lives. She says Rishi must have gone mad, as he couldn’t have got the proofs. Vikrant says nobody can stop the marriage.

 Dadi telling Rano that this is the question of Lakshmi’s life and happiness. Rano asks Dadi not to stop the marriage, and tells that this marriage shall happen in any circumstances. Dadi says what has happened to you? Rano says I was just saying that this marriage shall happen. Dadi says yes, it is God’s wish. Rano says we will meet in the marriage. Shalu asks Rano why didn’t you refuse? Rano asks did I tell that I will refuse. Bani says you said you will refuse. Rano says I made this call to make you believe that this marriage can’t happen. She says if you don’t want to come then I will lock the door and will leave. Shalu and Bani sit shocked. Lakshmi gets ready in the bridal wear. Malishka asks why you didn’t get ready till now, as your sisters haven’t come.

She says I will make you get ready. Lakshmi says I will get ready myself. Malishka says take another favor on us, and asks if you saw any bride getting ready alone. She says I am very happy for you, and asks did you hear bride getting ready on her own. She says you wanted a rich guy, you got it. Lakshmi says I will get ready myself. Malishka says I will not get a chance again to make you get ready and asks if you are hurt as I told that it is a favor. She asks her to think it as her earning, as she has cooked food for the family, and have taken care of them. Lakshmi says stop it, you don’t know who has done favor on whom. She says whatever I have earned in this house, you can’t understand. She asks her to think about Rishi and tells that she had gone from this house, but Rishi had brought her. Malishka asks her to think that Rishi is sending her away and asks her to be happy and let them be happy. She says I am happy that I will get my Rishi who is mine and will always be mine. She asks her to get ready for Vikrant, and says forget favor and earning, I will get you ready as a friend. She makes her sit and thanks her for agreeing to her. She applies make up to Lakshmi and thinks I will decorate you well, as the lamp is decorated before getting sacrificed, thinks your marriage with Vikrant is for your sacrifice. She makes her wear bangles and says this is for you. Neelam asks Mukesh to bring pure ghee etc. She asks Pandit ji to check if everything is here. Pandit ji says everyone is more than needed. Neelam says she has kept extra so that no hurdles comes, and this marriage shall not stop. Pandit ji says no hurdle will come. Neelam says after this inauspicious girl leaves, I will get Rishi and Malishka married and says Lakshmi’s chapter will end.

Vikrant tells Saloni that the day has come, which they were waiting for. He tells that Rishi will try to stop this marriage surely. He asks Saloni not to do any mistake, which she did on engagement day, else Rishi wouldn’t have been doubtful. Anjana asks Vikrant to keep control on his patience. Vikrant says I will get married to Lakshmi and will make her mine.

Mayur tells Rishi, where could be the photo? He says don’t know where it has gone. Rishi asks him to check and says I will check too. He checks in the box. Mayur apologizes to him and says I couldn’t give you proof. Rishi says Lakshmi’s life shall not be ruined, I want proofs. He picks a bag and throws on the floor. The photos fall down from the bag. Mayur tells Rishi that the photo is here, but Saloni’s photo is not there. Rishi finds the photo stuck on the other photo. He pulls the photo and finds other photo in which Vikrant and Saloni are standing with garlands. Mayur says this is his wife. Rishi is shocked and says he is Vikrant’s bhabhi. Mayur tells him that Vikrant is lying, he doesn’t have any elder brother. He says he don’t remember her name. Rishi says Sarika or Saloni. Mayur says he doesn’t remember, but she is his wife. Rishi recalls Saloni’s words and tells Mayur that Vikrant doesn’t have any elder brother, as he never made us talk to him or show any photo of him.

He recalls seeing Saloni with Vikrant on engagement day, and then making an entry later in the party. He says I can’t believe that Vikrant and all his family members are fooling my family. He says I will stop this marriage and then will send them to jail. He thanks Mayur and says he will go. Mayur says how you will go and gives him his car keys. Rishi hugs him and goes. Mayur says Vikrant…you have played with true love, and Rishi will not leave you.

Malishka tells Lakshmi that she is looking very beautiful, but not more beautiful like her. She says that’s why I got Rishi and you got vikrant. She says I will dance double today, as you will exit from this house. Dadi comes there and asks if you are happy with this marriage, if you have any objection. Neelam comes there and gets angry hearing Dadi. Dadi asks Lakshmi to say, if your decision to leave your mayka. Lakshmi says this is the right decision for everyone. Neelam asks Dadi why you are asking this question, and asks if Lakshmi will get such guy to her, and praises Vikrant.

She says baraat will come in sometime, and says I will go and welcome baraat and guests. She asks Dadi to come. Lakshmi recalls Rishi and Shalu asking her not to marry and Neelam’s words that she has to marry and leave. She thinks this is right decision for everyone, even if not good for me. Ayush comes to the hall and sees the mandap. He gets worried and thinks where is Rishi, he might have gone to bring proofs, and wonders where is he?

Rishi calls Ayush. Ayush picks the call and asks where is he? Rishi says I am coming home. Karishma comes and snatches phone from his hand. Ayush asks her to give the phone. Karishma asks him to welcome the baraat. Rishi thinks Ayush is on call and tells that he was right about Vikrant, he is married He asks Ayush to guess who is his wife and says he is a big fraud and his wife is Saloni. He says they all are betraying and fooling our family. He asks him not to worry as he got the proofs and is coming home. Karishma asks him to do all the arrangements.

Ayush says he will do and takes his phone from her. He says Rishi bhai, where are you? Rishi says I am on the way and coming there. Ayush hopes Rishi comes and stops this marriage. Lakshmi opens the drawer and finds Rishi’s name mangalsutra. She gets teary eyes and cries.

Neelam, dadi and Karishma are welcoming the guest. Rano, Shalu and Bani come there. Karishma tells Neelam that they are welcoming this Rano for the last time and then they will not see her face. More guests come. Rishi calls Lakshmi to give her news, but she doesn’t pick his call.

 a guest greeting Kiran with a hug. Shalu and Bani think to go to Di. Ayush comes there. Shalu ignores him and goes. Ayush thinks he knows that she is upset with him and says if the marriage happens, then he can’t forgive himself. Rishi calls Lakshmi, but she is not doesn’t pick the call. He thinks he will not let her life ruined. Kiran asks Karishma about Rishi. Karishma says she has no idea. Kiran asks if he went to bring the storm, to stop Vikrant and Lakshmi’s marriage.

Karishma tells that Rishi can’t do anything, no matter what happens, but Neelam will bid adieu Lakshmi. Kiran says always Neelam gets weak due to Rishi. Karishma says she is kicking Lakshmi out of Rishi’s life and doing rights of a mother. Kiran says Neelam always agrees to Rishi, and asks what is

the guarantee that she will not get weak this time. Karishma says this time, Virender and Dadi are with her. Malishka thinks her make up is ruined due to Lakshmi, and thinks the latter shall leave soon, and then she will get married to Rishi. She wears the dupatta on her head and thinks she is the best. She says don’t know what black magic Lakshmi had done on Rishi, else his choice was not bad and it is me. Kiran comes there and says I always want you to see you as the bride. Malishka says your dream to see me as Rishi’s wife will be fulfilled. Kiran says until you get married to Rishi, I will be afraid. Malishka asks her not to say that, and says the rounds will happen and then after marriage, Lakshmi will be out. Kiran asks her not to talk such thing and don’t spoil my mood. She says nobody will stop my marriage, else I will kill that person. Kiran asks will you kill Rishi? Malishka says not even God can stop my marriage.

Lakshmi thinks she will not talk to him, as she knows that he will ask her not to do this marriage, and that he loves her a lot. She says I will go from here, cries and wipes her tears. Shalu and Bani come there. They ask her not to get married and asks her to agree. Lakshmi hugs them and asks if you will bid adieu me sadly. Shalu asks why you have become stubborn. Lakshmi says my decision is right. Shalu says your decision for Balwinder was wrong and even now, you want to go to hell. Lakshmi says this is right decision for everyone’s betterment. She asks them to let her go happily and fulfill her wish. Shalu says we can do our lives for you. Bani ask her not to get married. Shalu says you are not doing right. Lakshmi says this is right for everyone. She asks them to go and welcome the baraat. Shalu refuses. Bani says if we shall welcome the baraat with our slipper. Lakshmi asks them to go and sit on the mandap. She says I will not agree, and asks if anyone comes here and hears you both, then will scold you, which I don’t want. She says I will not agree in any circumstances. She blesses her sisters and hugs them. Rishi thinks he shall reach on time, he told Ayush, but he shall come fast. He thinks he will stop Lakshmi’s marriage. Just then a girl comes running and stops his car. She tells that her family is behind her and asks her to drop him to the station, where her lover is waiting. Rishi tells her that station is in the opposite direction, and tells her that he can’t go as it is in the opposite direction. He says he has to go and save his lover.

The girl asks him to go and save his lover. Rishi recalls Lakshmi’s words that they shall help everyone. He tells the girl that he will book cab for her, and gives her money. He is about to go, when the girl’s brother and others come there. The girl says she don’t want to go. Her brother slaps her. They take her forcibly, but Rishi stops and beats them. He asks girl to go from there.

She says they will come again. Rishi asks her to come with him. Shalu grabs Ayush’s collar and scolds him for not doing anything. She tells that Lakshmi threw them out of the room, and is adamant to marry. She grabs his collar. Ayush asks what to say? Both of them get angry on him. Shalu asks what you have done. Ayush says Rishi Bhai called and said that he is coming home. Shalu asks if you will not do anything for Lakshmi, whom he regards as bhabhi and behen. Just then baraat comes. They hear the baraat sound. Dadi talks to her friend and ends the call. Sonia tells Malishka that even we shall go and dance, as the inauspicious affect will leave from the house. She says it will be practice for her, as they will bring Rishi’s baraat for her. Karishma and Neelam also go. Karishma asks Rano to come.

The girl tells Rishi and thanks him. She says you have saved me and my love, and tells that even your love will be saved. Rishi is going to station and thinks he is going to the opposite side to drop her, and he has to reach home also. He gets worried. Shalu thinks what to do. Ayush says if you have idea then tell. Bani says we wouldn’t have been seated here, if had idea. He says Rishi Bhai is coming to stop the marriage surely. Shalu says you couldn’t do anything and Lakshmi is not agreeing. Shalu says she will smash Vikrant for trying to ruin Lakshmi’s life.

The girl asks Rishi to stop the car. Anjana asks Rano to dance as it is her niece’s marriage. The girl gets down at the station and thanks Rishi. She says you have saved my love and God will not let anything happen to your love. Rishi turns his car and drives off, and thinks he shall fly/speed up the car.

Everyone is dancing. Sonia asks Karishma to dance. Karishma refuses. Sonia asks her to think that inauspicious girl will leave. Dadi asks shall I tell who is inauspicious and who shall leave. Vikrant is dancing in his car. Malishka asks Saloni to see Vikrant, and says his dreams are going to be fulfilled. She goes to Vikrant and asks him to come down and enjoy his second marriage. Vikrant says you have helped me so much, so how can I refuse. Malishka says it is your day, so enjoy. Rishi is on the way.

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