Imlie starlife update Saturday 30 December 2023

Imlie 30 December 2023: Rudra tells Imlie that he couldn’t fulfill a father’s responsibility, but Imlie fulfilled a friend’s responsibility and hence she will perform Dhairya’s last rites. Rudra says Dhairya respected only Imlie more after Kala and hence its Imlie’s right to perform Dhairya’s rites. Imlie performs Dhairya’s last rites crying. Sathi Re Thoda Teherja.. song plays in the background. Ranas also cry. Imlie angrily looks at Atharva and promises Dhairya that she will not cry and will fight for justice for him like she did 5 years ago and will not give up.

Back home, Chini panics saying Imlie wants to send Atharva to jail while he wasn’t present on terrace at all and she pushed Dhairya from the terrace down instead. Anu asks her to calm down and think how to escape from this situation. Rudra cries looking at Dhairya’s photo. Imlie walks to him. Rudra says his shoulders are burdened by a young son’s dead body; he had dreamt of Dhairya and Imlie’s wedding sitting in this room, but today Imlie performed Dhairya’s last rites.

Imlie comforts him. Rudra says he wants her to get justice to Dhairya, but not punish an innocent and hence she should file a complaint against Atharva only if she is 100% sure. Imlie says they all know that Atharva hates Dhairya and was on terrace when Dhairya fell down. Rudra says if she is so sure, she can go ahead with a complaint, but if Atharva is innocent, this house will lose a son, Ginni a brother, and Kairi a father; she should take a decision after much thought.

Devika asks Atharva how can Imlie accuse him so wrongly. Atharva says a person loses sense after losing dear ones. Anu with Chini walks to him and says he should return to Goa, she has booked his and Chini’s ticket already. Devika asks how can she say this in this situation. Anu says she is worried about her Chi baby. Atharva says his family needs him at this time. Anu says he should think practically, Imlie will definitely send him to jail as she has seen him on terrace when Dhairya fell down. Atharva says he doesn’t want to run away and will stay back and prove his innocence, he will find out who pushed Dhairya down, he had just gone to terrace in search of Chini. Anu asks him not to take Chini’s name in front of Imlie or else Imlie will frame her in the case out of jealousy. Chini gets tensed. Atharva asks why is she tensed. Chini says she is worried for Kairi and insists him to think about Goa. Dhairya says his father taught him not to run away and to fight bravely, he wants to teach his daughter to be brave. Chini gets more tensed.

Imlie cries looking at Atharva’s gift. Kairi walks to her and asks where did Dhairya go, is she missing him. Imlie says yes. Kairi asks her to close her eyes and imagine Dhairya. Imlie imagines Dhairya and thanks Kairi. She hugs Kairi and thinks she may hurt Kairi by getting her father arrested to get justice for Dhairya. After some time, Atharva walks into Imlie’s room and tries to justify himself that he didn’t push Dhairya down from the terrace and had just gone in search of Chini. Imlie says he blamed Dhairya for all his problems and threatened to kill him, so its obvious that he must have murdered Dhairya. Atharva says he hated Dhairya as he had come closer to Imlie. Imlie says he has replaced her with Chini instead. Argument continues. Dhairya walks away calling Chini, drags her to living room, and breaks a wooden chair. Family gathers and asks what happened to him. Keya asks to send him to anger management classes as he broke expensive chair. Dhairya burns chair and says he is marrying Chini right now.

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