Imlie starlife update Friday 29 December 2023

Imlie 29 December 2023: Imlie over phone pleads Devika to visit Dhairya as he wants to meet his mother. She says Dhairya considers her as mother after his biological mother, she should forget her hatred and reach Dhairya. Atharva takes phone and pleads her next to come for if she doesn’t want to feel guilty that she could have saved someone’s life but didn’t, she should come at least for his sake, etc. Imlie returns to Dhairya and pleads him to wake up or else she will call him Dhairya ji. She asks if she is so bad that he doesn’t want to marry her; says he always supported her and reminded her that she is Imlie’s daughter Imlie, etc.. She continues to plead him to wake up.

Dhairya’s condition worsens. Imlie calls doctor. Devika with Divya walks in. Dhairya opens door and calls her maa. Devika wipes his tears and asks him to sleep. Dhairya looks at Atharva who smiles. He then looks at frightened Chini and recalls the incident happened on terrace. He angrily looks at Chini. Chini hides behind Atharva. Imlie thinks he is looking at Atharva. Dhairya passes away. Family cries. Devika shuts his eyes recalling her hatred towards him. Imlie recalls Dhairya support towards her always. Gallan Teriyan Ton Lagda Ae Yaara.. song plays in the background. Atharva comforts Rudra.

Police reaches and tells Rudra that he is sorry for his loss; he heard that Dhairya fell from a terrace, but he feels it’s not an accident and someone tried to kill him. Imlie recalls Atharva repeatedly threatening to kill Atharva. Inspector asks if they have any doubt on anyone. Imlie says she has a doubt on Atharva, he was on terrace when Dhairya fell down. Atharva says he went in search of Chini. Imlie says he had threatened to kill Dhairya multiple times. Atharva says a person says anything in anger. Imlie says a person can even kill anyone in anger. Devika asks if she has gone mad. Imlie says she has gone mad with her friend’s death.

Atharva says he can never kill anyone. Imlie says when he can fake his own death to stay away from family, he can kill anyone. Atharva says he hates Dhairya to the core and blamed him for everything wrong happened in his life, but he accepted him as Rudra’s son and convinced Devika to reach hospital.

Inspector asks if they want to file a complaint. Family nods no. Imlie says she wants to file an FIR. Inspector says after performing Dhairya’s last rights, Imlie can reach police station and officially file an FIR. Family brings Atharva to crematorium to perform his last rights. Rudra breaks down and says speaks emotionally for Atharva. He thanks Imlie for bringing Dhairya home and asks her to perform his last rights.

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