My desire update Saturday 30 December 2023

My desire 30 December 2023: Arjun is busy washing his bike when Mahima walks to his house, ignoring him. Arjun gets happy seeing her. Nitya asks Mahima why she came here at this time. Mahima says Nayantara told that Arjun wants to marry her, she is ready to marry him. Arjun feels happy hearing that. Nitya congratulates her. Kashvi gets tensed when Mahima doesn’t pick her call and thinks of taking Arjun’s help to find her location. Arjun drives to her and excitedly lifts her up.

Kashvi asks what happened. Arjun says she can’t call him by name from hereon and should call jiju/FIL as Mahima agreed to marry him. Rain starts. Kashvi shatters hearing that and cries. Yaar Bedardeya.. song plays in the background. She recalls quality time spent with him.

Next morning, Samrat meets lawyers and says he will not spare Nayan easily for falsely getting him arrested. Pradyuman walks in and asks why he called lawyers early morning. Sam says he is filing a defamation case against Nayan for falsely getting him arrested and asks him Mahima’s address. Pradyuman asks how is Mahima linked to Nayan. Sam says Nayan is Mahima’s mother and insists for address. Pradyuman gives him address and asks why he wants to get a lady arrested, what happened to him, why he has gone ruthless to take revenge. Sam thinks he really wants to take revenge from Nayan for ruining his life.

Nayan starts Mahima’s wedding arrangements. Grandma asks her not to worry about anything as only auspicious will happen. Sam walks in with lawyer and police. Nayan fears he will reveal that she was married to him and asks who is he. Sam says she forgot him after doing so much wrong to him. Grandma asks him to leave as they have a wedding at home. Sam says Nayan got him arrested in a false case while one of her family member burnt her shop, so he filed a defamation case against him. Mahima tries to humiliate him. Nayan stops her and accepts the crime. Sam asks police to arrest her. Police arrests and takes Nayan away. Sam warns Mahima to stay away from Pradyuman and never call him again.

Kashvi works in a library. Arjun walks to her and shows his excitement to marry Mahima soon. He asks if she paid the fees. Kashvi says she couldn’t arrange money and can’t join tuitions. Arjun panics. Kashvi says lets wait till the scholarship results come. Peon walks to her and informs that principal approved her scholarship. Arjun gets happy. Kashvi says let us visit principal and confirm it. Principal thanks Sam for sponsoring scholarship. Sam thinks he had to do a good job for doing a bad job today and asks principal not to inform anyone, especially Kashvi, that he sponsored her fees. Principal asks if he knows Kashvi. Sam says he heard about her and requests principal again. Kashvi is about to enter principal’s cabin when Mahima calls her and informs her about Nayan’s arrest. Kashvi panics and asks reason. Mahima says her sir got maa arrested. Kashvi rushes to police station where Nitya is already present and gets Nayan’s bail. Inspector warns Nayan to stay away from Samrat and not try to meet him.

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