Strings of love Starlife update Saturday 30 December 2023

Strings of love 30 December 2023: Sahiba tells Angad that circumstances forced Ajith to agree for Seerat and Garry’s wedding. She reveals that Santosh had mortgaged their house for Seerat’s marriage without informing anyone about it. Angad asks not even her papa? Sahiba says no. Angad says he knew about it and says when he had visited her house for paghphera ritual, he heard her mother talking about it with someone. Sahiba accuses that he knew that Ajith would agree under pressure and hence proposed this alliance. Angad says he never thought like that and says anyways Seerat agreed for the marriage and he is not bothered what Sahiba thinks.

Sahiba says Seerat had to agree as he promised to support her. Angad says he did and there is nothing wrong in it. He requests her to stop fighting with him in front of everyone and keep it to their room. Sahiba says she can’t act. Angad reminds she said same when he had visited her house. Sahiba says situation was different then. Angad says nothing has changed, even her parents must be feel bad seeing their fight, so she should at least not fight in front of everyone. Sahiba hesitantly agrees. Angad also requests to let him pay her family loan. Sahiba refuses.

Jasleen calls Garry while he is busy romancing his girlfriend and informs that Mongas agreed for the alliance on her order as even angels can’t reject her proposal. Garry says Seerat must be very happy that she got what she was begging for. Jasleen warns him to stop his swag drama for some time or else he won’t get entry in Brar mansion. She asks him to be ready to enter Brar house back via ring ceremony tomorrow. Next day, Jasleen gets Garry ready for the ceremony and asks him not to overact. Mongas walk in. Akaal welcomes them. Veer signals Keerat that she is looking pretty in a girly look. Keerat signals if he needs a punch. He says no. Angad asks Mongas if they liked the decoration, they kept it simple as per their wish. Santosh says even their simple decoration is our lavish decoration.

Hansraj comments that its weird that a few days ago, Seerat broke Garry and Shanaya’s engagement and now herself is getting engaged to Garry; she hit a jackpot, etc. Angad warns him to learn when and how to speak, being an elder. Garry talks romantically with Seerat. Sahiba comments that Angad taught nice lines to his brother. Angad says he didn’t. Veer noticing Keerat’s uncomfortability asks her if should get her sports shoes. She asks him to get it as she is feeling severe pain. Prabjyoth watches them talking. Akaal says let us start ring exchange ceremony. Garry asks Jasleen if she got ring. Jasleen says she didn’t as she thought he would bring it. Garry asks her to get Kiara’s fancy ring as Mongas won’t find out. Angad brings sring on Mongas’ behalf and requests Sahiba to accompany him silently.

Garry tries to fix ring in Seerat’s finger and finds it very tight. He asks Angad to check. Angad fixes ring in Seerat’s finger, leaving everyone shocked. Angad says size is perfect, he should try with love. He asks Seerat to return it to Garry. She does, and Garry fixes it in her finger. Everyone clap. Seerat then fixes ring in Garry’s finger. They both then take elders’ blessings. Sahiba asks Angad that instead of Garry, why did he fix ring in Seerat’s finger. Angad asks what difference does it make.

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