Imlie starlife update Friday 6 October 2023

Imlie 6 October 2023: Atharva invites Dhairya to attend his concert and says it will be fun for him. Dhairya rudely says he doesn’t have time for fun. His gets his mother’s call and his phone falls down. Rudra tries to pick it. Dhairya picks before him and says he needs to take care of his mother. He walks out and thinks he will ruin Atharva’s concert and make him face humiliation. Chini monitors concert ticket printing of a previous day. Family congratulates Atharva and says 11th April would be a turning point in his life. Next morning, Atharva gets flood with messages and is shocked to see his concert date preponed and his fans protesting. Keya wakes up Akash and informs him that Imlie printed concert tickets of a day before and now Arto’s fans are prostesting with a #WEHATEDJARTO. Akash laughs.

Fans continue to protest and demand their money back and call him a conartist. Show’s manager says Arto cheated on even him. Atharva shows video to Imlie where fans shout that they hate Arto and wnt their money back. News reporter says DJ Arto played with lakhs of his fan and is hiding. They both stand shocked. Rudra calls them and they walk to living room with all family members looking at them in shock. Rudra asks Atharva why today’s date is printed on tomorrow’s concert ticket. Keya says he should question Imlie as she ordered ticket printing and coorinated with the printer. Atharva says he is sure printer made a mistake. Imlie calls printer and asks why he printed today’s date on tickets instead of tomorrow. Printer says they get 1000s of orders each day and customers checks beforehand if his employees make any printing mistake, Imlie should have come and checked once, they took her order in a short period and she is blaming him. Keya says its proved its Imlie’s mistake.

Shivani blames Imlie for ignoring Atharva’s concert. Keya asks if she approves reports without checking them, she ruined Atharva’s career. Imlie says she got some important work then. Akash asks why she is riding on 3 boats at once of family, work, and Atharva’s career. Devika supports Imlie and says Imlie tried at least. Keya says she accepts her mistakes and doesn’t get adamant like Imlie. Family continues criticizing Imlie. Protestors reach outside the house. Akash says because of Imlie’s mistake, their whole family is in danger. Rudra asks Manish to call police. Atharva stops Manish and says they are his fans and not criminal, so he will personally apologize them. Devika stops him fearing for his life. Imlie says she will apologize them for her mistake. Rudra says they all will go out and apologize as they all didn’t crosscheck tickets once.

Atharva and Imlie convince family to let them go out and calm down crowd. Devika and Rudra agree after much hesitation. Atharva and Imlie walk out. Fans accuse Atharva of hiding at home after leaving them to wait for 3 hours and demand their money back. Imlie stops crowd and says fans are a family for Arto, even they consider him as his family and are angry on him. She promises them that Arto will have a live concert right now. Arto asks how will he perform concert here. Imlie says for an artist, his art and audience are needed to show his talent, so he should go ahead. Arto cheers up fans and says concert will not stop till they stop tapping their feet. Fans shout in excitement. Dhairya with Chini hiding behind fans orders his aide to execute his plan. Aide provokes fans that they paid for an AC hall and will not stand under a scorching sun. Fans says he is right and demand their money back. Dhairya thinks he will destroy Atharva and whole Rana family for considering his mother as a dust of feet.

Rudra gets worried and says he will go out and check. Shivani stops him and says let Imlie convince mob again. Dhairya continues his heavy dialogues. Chini thinks she was waiting to see this scene and will have a beauty sleep today. She hands over stone to mob. Dhairya’s aide throws stone towards Imlie. Atharva protects her and bears stone on his forehead.

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