Guddan update Tuesday 12 July 2022


Guddan 12 July 2022: Pushpa says I did all that I said. I would have gone away from you this house if it wasn’t for Guddan and her baby. If everything was okay. I won’t have lied if she was okay. Agastya says another story. I can’t believe anything now. She says even if you don’t trust me you will trust this. She plays a video. Agastya says I don’t believe you maa. She shows him a video of Guddan acting like a ghost then becoming devi with a trishul. She says in heart you thought you could take my son from me? I will show him that you’re mentally ill. She shows him Guddan acting like a ghost and torturing them. Agasta is shocked. Pushpa says you saw what she did downstairs. She is mentally ill.

Niya shows Guddan’s video. Choti says everything is as per mama’s plan. Saru says so that wasn’t a ghost. Niya says it was Guddan’s drama. Saru says she is dead but if I saw her it must be a ghost. Shona says I am so confused. Niya says that Guddan will explain. Saru says Pushpa confessed already. Shona says I know her very well. she will change the game.Puspha says you had to know the truth. Now you will do what you ask. I tolerated all this so your married life is okay. I can do anything for you. Her mental condition isn’t okay. If I didn’t say all that I did downstairs, she might have harmed herself or the baby. You believed all of that and didn’t even ask me. That baby is my life. How could I do this? You don’t trust your ma. Agastya holds her hand and says I an sorry ma. I don’t know what is going on. This video, Guddan’s condition. I am sorry maa. Pushpa says in heart I know how to play with my son Guddan.

Choti looks for Guddan. She sees her win in the kitchen. Choti gets worried and looks for Guddan.Agastya cries. Pushpa consoles him and says we will take care of Guddan together. Choti comes. She’s shocked to see him with Pushpa. Choti says you forgave mummy ji even after knowing the truth? Agastya says let’s sit and talk. Choti says this isn’t the answer to my question. He says drink water. Choti leaves in anger. Pushpa says everything will okay. Don’t worry.Choti says what is going on? How can Agastya forgive mummy ji? How can he be okay with all this? Choti cries. She looks for Guddan. Choti says where could she go? Her phone is out of line. Agastya comes. He says mama? Choti says my mama is alive. Agastya is shocked. He recalls Pushpa saying Guddan is mentally ill. Choti says they all tried to kill me, mama saved me. She came back as my protector. If she wasn’t here, I would have been dead. She tells him everything.

Choti says mama made them confess. And that Kali aunty, she’s my mom, your MIL. I don’t know where did she go? How can she go? She is in some trouble. Let me call her. Agastya is worried. Choti says I have to look for her.Pushpa says her mom died 20 years ago. This is what I was trying to tell you. Her condition isn’t okay. We have to treat her before she harms the baby. Agastya says I won’t let anything happen to her.Choti keeps calling Guddan. Agastya says come sit. Choti says but I am looking for mama. Some men come in. He says they are here to help. Choti says they are here to find mama? They ask how long is your problem? Choti says I always felt my mama is always with me. When I was in coma, I could see and hear. That’s when my mama came. Doctor asks did you take any meds before you saw your mom? Guddan says saw? What do you mean? She looks at everyone. Choti says who is he? What do they mean?S She is my mom. I didn’t see her, I met her. Agastya says your mom isn’t alive. Choti is shocked.

Choti says do you think I am crazy? Agastya says I am trying to help you. Choti says your mom is doing this. She fooled you again. Please get out of this bubble. She wants to part us. She did the same before. Choti cries. Choti says she hit me, then they try to drown me, my mom saved me. And you think I am crazy? She says to Pushpa I am your son’s wife, your grandchild’s mother. Stop it. Is this how you’re going to return my respect. Choti says Agastya mom is alive. Doctor says we have handled many such cases. Choti says enough. My mom is alive. The doctors hold her. Choti screams leave me. Pushpa says let me do their work. Choti says Agastya ask them to leave me. Pushpa says don’t get emotional. Think about your child. Don’t look there. Agastya says I am sorry Guddan. I am helpless.

Choti is asleep. Agastya caresses her face and says I am here for you Guddan. All negativity will go away. He leaves. Choti says I can’t find mama. She calls on her number. Guddan texts her meet me in store room. Choti says thank God she’s fine. I have to tell her everything.Choti comes to the store. She says mama, I am here. Pushpa comes there laughing. Niya is with her as well. Pushpa says wondering how I found it all out? You were so close to winning. I was gonna believe you, then I saw two Guddans together. You are an idiot and you will always be. I saw you two together in the kitchen as well. I let you play your game and recorded everything in the cameras. It was your game but I am playing it. I showed the recording to Agastya to show him you’re crazy.

Agastya comes to room. He says where did she go? Pushpa says only you and I know your mom is alive. You can’t convince Agastya. You don’t have proof. Choti says I don’t need proof. Where is my mom? Niya says she wants to go to mama? Choti says where is she? Niya says I won’t tell you. Choti picks an axe and says where is my mom? I will kill you.. Agastya holds her hand. Pushpa says she was trying to harm Niya. Agastya says they are lying. He throws the ax away and says are you crazy? Choti says they are lying. They want to part us. I am not crazy. Mama is alive. We thought these people would confess. You don’t trust me? She says see, mama texted me. Check whose number is it. Agastya calls on that number. Choti says this is mama’s number. Pushpa says your name is Guddan Jindal. Choti cries and says I have to find mama. He takes her to the room. Pushpa says he won’t listen to her at all.

Choti cries and says please listen to me. We have to find mama. She is alive. Agastya says please calm down. Choti cries and says please we have to find mama. Shona says is she actually crazy? She really thinks her mom is alive? Niya says all proofs are in front of you. It was all her plan. Virtual imaging and you were seeing two Guddans because of that. Pushpa says we have to see the doctor. Saru says I know Guddan sasu maa more than anyone. It was her. It wasn’t Choti.Pushpa says her condition is getting worse day by day. She attacked us today. Doctor says we have to take her with us. Pushpa says don’t worry about us. Agastya says what are you saying mom?She says this is important for her and the baby. Agastya says but how can she live away from me. Pushpa says she will get better.

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