I’m On the Edge update Tuesday 12 July 2022

I’m on the edge 12 July 2022: Masa asks Kesar to apply mehdni in Adhiraj’s hands too. Ishika says to Bharat papa there are people outside. He asks all the women to go upstairs. He comes out. There are people with material in a truck. Bharat says what is all this? He says we have asked to deliver all this here otherwise they will kill us.Kesar says to Adhiraj ma sa has asked to put mehdni on your hands. He says you have to take it to Devi’s house. This is your responsibility. I hope you won’t disappoint us.

DEvi says the more we react he will be happy. We can’t make him feel fear. Let him do whatever he wants. I won’t put his mehndi on my hands. He can’t do this.
Kesar says to Urmi I dont’ know what to do. I am so scared. Devi won’t let me put mehdni on her hands and he won’t let me come back. Urmi says I can come with you. Kesar says please do.adhiraj’s lawyer friend comes in. He says what is happening here? Urmi says there is wedding of Adhiraj. Kesar says I am going. He says I will come with you.
She leaves with the lawyer friend. Kesar says please hurry up. He says you look scared? She says nothing I haven’t done this before. I just feel a little nervous. He says its her wedding. Why are you scared?

The thugs are forcefully decorating the house. A thug says to devi bhabi pleas eget ready. We will do your mehdni photoshoot too. Devi says to Bharat don’t worry I will handle it.Adhiraj’s friend says I am so mad at Mugun. He says never told you about me. He is my good friend. I will ask him when I meet him. Is he home? She says no. He says will come in wedding right?
Adhiraj’s thug stops their car. He says bhaisa has called you in haveli. We will take bhabhi. Friend goes back haveli. Kesar comes to devi’s house.Ambika says stop. How dare you come here. Devi says please she didn’t come herself. She has been forced. She is our guest. Ambika says she can never be our guest. Devi says she is scared. Please. Devi says to Kesar come with me.

Scene 2
Adhiraj meets his friend. Kesar says to Devi thank you. I know everyone here is mad at me for coming. I am sorry. I can’t help you. Devi says I know no one can help me. Sometimes we have to help ourselves. She says bahbhi sa we have to put on mehdni. Devi says I am not your bhabhi sa.
Adhiraj says to his friend I want that land at any cost. He says I am trying. i came here to talk about it. But you are getting married. Adhiraj says both marriage and this land are important for me. He says your luck with that land is not going good. Maybe your wife will bring good luck.

Devi says try to understand. Relationships are not made with force. I am becoming a doctor. I can’t give up on my dream. Kesar says please put this on. He said I can’t come back home without mehdni on your hand.KEsar says please put this mehdni. Devi says we can’t live under pressure of others. I won’t marry him. Kesar says you have to please. Bharat says devi asked you to go. Devi says please go from here. Kesar says I know I can’t lie. Please become the bride otherwise he won’t leave you. Devi says I can’t do this. Kesar hugs her and leave.

Devi says to Bharat you won’t react anymore. He won’t force. we will use that against him. He can’t force me to put it on my hands.Urmi calls her mom and says devi said she won’t put on mehndi. Her mom says wow thats such a good news. Urmi says I will put on that mehndi on my hands.Kesar comes home. Masa says did she put on mehdni or not? Kesar is silent. Adhi says what is she asking? He leaves in anger.Urmi comes to Devi’s house with her face hidden among the people Adhi has sent there. She comes near the mehdni. Adhi comes in. He says wow the celebration is good.

She applies a little mehndi on her hand. He says I told you I won’t harm anyone from your family. But I can harm other. He calls the maid and says why didn’t you put mehndi on her hand? She says Devi didn’t let me. Adhi says this is not right. I told you that you have to get the mehndi on her hands. You will pay for this. Put mehdni on her hands. The woman says please put on mehndi. Please save me she is crying. DEvi says let her go. Adhi says then put on mehndi. She says i wont. Don’t fool me. His men grasps the maid. Adhi takes out a knife and cuts her braid. She is crying. devi is shocked. Everyone is dazed. Adhi says see.Adhi says I told you not to mess with. I promised you. Why did you make me do this. Devi says shut up. What you think you are God. I am not scared of you. I wont’ touch this mehndi.

he says i love that you are not scared. I will make you scared. He takes out blade. They make the maid sit on the chair. He is about to shave her head. Everyone is in tears. The maid is crying. Devi says please no. Stop. Okay I will put on mehndi.

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