I’m On the Edge update Thursday 14 July 2022


I’m on the edge 14 July 2022: Adhi comes to Masa. He says that Devi said she will marry me. Everyone is dazed. He says only two days then will ruin her life. She says I knew it. I have so much to do. I will taken shagun to her house tomorrow.Saradh comes and says you would be happy. It happened what you wanted. Adhi says no I want to see the defeat in her eyes. She looks fearless. There is something that I didn’t read but I will.Bharat says you decided it on your own. you know what you did. You didn’t trust us? Rekah says what happened? Bhrat says she said she will marry him. He will ruin her life.

Rekha says that is hell. He will ruin your life. DEvi says now what happens will be according to my will. i will send him away from our lives forever.I and Seeta made this plan with her home commissioner uncle. Bhrat says you could tell us once. What if that policeman doesn’t come? you have taken a huge risk. Just pray that it works out.Kesar is mashing the haldi. Saradh says I always see you doing this. She says this my.. He says belief? She smiles. He says you look good while smiling. She says they will ruin her life like mine. I am have been sitting here in darkness. I should go now.

Masa says to Sardh what happened to that land? Adhi says he will do it. Kesar says this haldi.Adi says to Kesar apply haldi on my feet.She comes forward but trips. The haldi falls all over him. The lawyer holds her. Adhi looks at her angrily. Masa says you can’t do anything write. This is why your husband left you. She asks adhi to change.Masa says go from here and bring haldi.Bharat says when will he come? Ambika says they have talked to police. I am sure they will come. Doorbell rings. Ambika opens. It’s maasa with kesar and shagun. masa says welcome me. She comes in. Bharat says go from here. She says nothing changed here. Ambika is still on eclipse and alone. She says come here daughter in law.

Masa saays to devi you know yyour life will be ruined. We ruined life of Ambika by leaving her in the wedding hall. And now you. No one ever married her. Now you will pay for what your parents did. You better said yes, or we will would have ruined your life anyway. I will your life with poison that you would wish to die. Devi says this marriage is a challenge and we will all face it together.Masa says sit and put haldi. Rekha says please go. She says Ambika will put haldi on her. Devi sits. Ambika puts haldi on her face. Masa says no no we have to bathe her with haldo. Till her breath stops. Go start. Ambika is in tears. She pours haldi all over DEvi. Devi’s mouth is all covered with haldi. Ambika throws it away and cries.

Masa says congratulations everyone we will meet in the wedding. DEvi comes near her and says this mud also fell on you too.You should wait for your time too. Masa leaves. Devi sits and cries. AMbika says dont’ cry. We will get justice. Call your friend. Devi calls her friend.She says where are you? please call your uncle. She says chacha has gone out of city. He will send someone maybe. Devi saays everything is over. He won’t come. Tomorrow is wedding. Bharat says we will do something. Devi says I wil have to fight this my way.

Scene 2
Hera says to her husband’s photo I will ruin her life. We will ruin their life. That DEvi will pay for your death. I will make her cry all her life.Ishu says to Devi read me a story. Devi says there was a princess who was happy in her life. Then a beast came in her life. Then another price came and saved her. He took her. Ishu says then why are you going to that beast. I don’t like him. He is an animal. I don’t like him. Devi says this is real life. We always have to be strong and hopeful. We have to smile. Ishu says how will princess smile if moster takes her. Devi says sometimes you have to sacrifice for your family and thats the real win. Ambika comes and hugs them both.

Masa asks Kesar to take shagun to Devi’s house. She says these bangles will be her handcuff.urmi’s mom comes to urmi’s room but urmi isn’t there. Masa says where is your daughter? There is so much work. She says Urmi isn’t well. I asked her to rest a bit. Tell me what to do. Masa says she has to work. We have wedding at house.Urmi comes to Devi’s house.



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