I do update Sunday 5 December 2021

I do 5 December 2021: Ayan is very happy to see asad gifting him a motorcycle,that he wanted for so long.But then he tells him about what happened,between haseenna and his family. How he was very angry when they didnt acknowledge asad’s identity in front of haseena.

Asad calms him down saying that thy know each other,love each other and are brothers and that is what matters.and the fact that this truth is hidden from haseena is for nikhat’s marriage only and therefore they should be queit till she is sent off with imran.

Dilshad is explaining rashid that he should not bring new twists to a story that has already been ended.He says he had resigned himself to his life,and thn she reentered and he considers this god’s sign.She says that the eyes sees what the heart wants to.She says its not a sign just a coincidence.She sys that hee destiny that was prewritten hs been now washed away with 17years of tears.
Meanwhile haseena looking around for dilshad comes at the place she was talking to Rashid but is not able to spot her and leaves.
Meanwhile,for a tv audition,ayan forces asad to sing along with him.While they arec performing on the make shift stage,haseena looks at them and wonders that it doesnt look like theey are strangers.looks like they share a deep bond.She is determined to find out their relation and unravel the mystery that the khan family is trying to hide from her.

Scene 2:
Location: On the road
Haseena tells her drunkard,notorious younger brothr,feroz to find out the realtion between asad and ayan.He agrees to do it,satifying her,who now has the intention of putting the khan family into such a corner that they would themselves have to spit out the truth.

Scene 3:
Location: Asad’s residence
Zoya gets superexcited that a boy named mahendra is coming to bhopal tomorrow and decides that she would go to meet him.Asad advices her not to go since its a boy and she doesnt want her to go alone.she says she wont be alone,the whole city with her.Confused,asad is shocked to know that zoya is talking about Dhoni who has a test match tomorrow.She asks about how many tickets to be booked and is given the answer that nazma wont be able to since asad has work.

She ask the connection between the two and is told that asad wont send either nazma or her to the match alone.She gets angry and says that she would go.She tells asad that she cant miss a dhoni match.He says that in a crowd,anything cn happen.she gets up on the sofa all the more angering him and says that he belongs to the 17th century and that if he doesnt agree,her anger would go very high.He asks her to gt down from the immediate height of the sofa.when she does,he tells her that noone would go and also ends the discussion.Zoya stands with a pouting face while asad demands coffee from nazma.

Scene 4:
Location:Ayan’s residence
Rashid has drama tickets in his hand and is thinking about zoya’s advice.He packs the ticket and is writing the name,dilshad on the envelope when shirin comes in and he immediately puts the envelope under a folder lying close.She comes in saying that he has to be home early tomorrrow as haseena is coming to fix the date of engagement.She starts arranging his stuff on the bed,amongst which the folder also lies.She is about to pick up the folder,when rashid stops her saying that he would do it himself and while she is turned away from him.

hurriedly puts th envelope inside the folder.Sensing him tensed,she asks him what’s the matter and is told that he is thinking of calling up his mother as her opinion is very important for engagememnt date thereby diverting her attention.

Scene 5:
Location: Asad’s residence
Late at night,zoya gets an emotional call from her sister askign her to come back as she knows that she wont share her pain with anyone else and she knows tomorrow’s day is going to be very hard for her. Zoya says that she misses her but she would come only when she finds out about her father,since sh has already lost her mothr at the age of 3.Her sister tellss her to take care of herself and cancels the phone.She gets emotional and starts crying.

Just then dilshad enters,seeing her crying she asks whats the maatter.but zoya sasy its nothing and wipes them away.Dilshad still ssits down and says that when the house if full of smoke,the only option is to open the windows.She doesnt know if that reduces smoke,but the cold fresh air sure relaxes you from within.Therefore its always better to stop worrying and forget about problems and worries in life.She offers her to go to a drama (the same one thaat rashid plans to send her tickets for) with her the next day,but zoya refuses saying that she finds them very boring as you have to be quiet.Dilshad laughs and says then lets not go,since as it is its a hit play and they wont get the tickets at such short notice.She kisses her on the forehead and asks her to have a nice sleep.

She is about to go when zoya asks her to sit down and tells her that its her mother’s death anniversary tomorrow but makes her promise not to tell anyone.She says that she gets very jealous when she sees nazma and asad around dilshad and thinks that they dont realise they are fortunate enough to have their mother with them.She says that she misses her mother very much and hugs dilshad.

Location: Ayan’s residence
While ayan is trying to hide the bike,nuzrat and nikhat catch him doing so.He has to tell them that asad gave him as a gift.While nuzrat is afraid that the parents might be angry at this,nikhat is with ayan on not keeping asad’s identity as a stranger.and that is pains them to see ayan meeting asad in secrecy.They decide that when they have to face the family,they would,right now they should concentrate on hiding the bike.

Scene 2:
Location: Asad’s residence
Zoya joins nazma and dilshad in the kitchen for breakfast.They are chatting about cricket when asad walks in and zoya indirectly comments on him that some people cant even let other people watch cricket.Asad says that its no use commenting since he wouldnt allw thwm.also mentions that he too is a great fan of cricket.Nazma too backs him on that.But zoya says he might be good but he cant comepte with her. Zoya challenges asad to a cricket quiz.he says he doesnt play with girls,zoya instigates him saying thats because he is scared that someday he might get a girl who knows about cricket more than him.He takes her challenge and starts the quiz.While she answers his questions correctly,he gives an answer to her question,that she claims is wrong.Nazma looks on the net and says that zoya is right.Zoya is jubiliant to win the bet and does her famous poetry which goes like’

” Aaag dare pani se, daulat dare kadki se,
Mr. Asad Ahmed Khan,suno aaj hare ek ladki se..”

and as a result she forces asad to keep the phone that she had repaired.at a loss of words,he takes the phone and leaves.Zoya too takes her tableet and goes.Dilshad says to nazma that for the first time,somebody made him do something that he didnt want,in other words she did the impossible.

Nazma says that asad needs a girl like that as his life partner who can stand upto him.This sets dilshad thinking.while in his room,asad who is fuming with anger,throws the phone into the dustbin.

Scene 3:
Location: Ayan’s residence
while humaira is intructing ayan who is desperate for a bike ride,that hee should have caution so that his new bike doesnt come in the eyes of the family and cause trouble,they are scared when they hear maaujaan’s voice of coming out.humaira tries to divert the attention of his dad while ayan safely takes the bike out of the house.Humaira heaves a sigh of relief.

Scene 4:
Location: In the stadium
Zoya and nazma reach the stadium to watch the match.While nazma is scred of asad’s anger if he finds out,zoya asks her to chill and enjoy the match and not to worry about him seeing them on the tv since she has already pulled out the wire,therefore thinking the tv has gone wrong,asad wont be able to watch the match.

Scene 5:
Location: Asad’s residence
Meanwhile in his house,asad is wondering what happened to the tv pulling a wireand trying to put the tv back on to watch the mtach.dilshad comes in and finds the main cable off and puts it in the socket and the tv turns on to asad’s embarassment and dilshad’s amusement.

Scene 6:
Location: Ayan’s residence and on the road
Ayan who is speeding off is caught by the traffic police,the head of which is feroz,haseena’s brother.He checks the bike’s papers and finds it registered in asad ahmed khan’s name.

In ayan’s house,while the khan family wants the date of engagement to be 25th,haseena is still hesitant to fix anything citing caution as the reason.Just thn she gets a phone call from feroz,telling her about the latest development and that very soon he would find out their relation and then she would have the whole khan family dancing to her tunes.She happily disconnects the call.and instantly agrees to the said date.Everyubody is happy and congratualet each other.the girls’ too congratulate nikhat.

Meanwhile,feroz lets ayan go on the warning that for further investigation to check the papers he might have to come to police station.

Scene 7:
Location: Asad’s residence
While watching the match,asad finds zoya and nazma cheering on the tv screen and is seething with anger.
just then he gets ayan’s call about the traffic ckeck today.Asad tells him not worry since all the papers are perfectly genuine and that he should be concerned that nobody in the family gets to know about this.he also tells ayan that within a week’s time,he would get the bike transferred into ayan’s name and then nobody would ever know their secret.Ayan senses a sense of tension in his voice and asks him what happened.He is again reminded of what was causing his anger.meanwhile,ayan is flocked by his sisters to check out their new dresses.asad tells him that nothing has yet,but soon something will happen looking from the window to find nazma and zoya returning from the match.The screen freezes on asad’s angry face.

While ayan and the girls are looking at the gifts haseena has sent for nikhat,and the list that she demands from them,razia stops rashid,who was going upstairs and enquires about the car. He tells her that he has already ordered for it and is expecting its delivery soon.Meanwhile,ayan takes nikhat’s dupatta and starts dancing to a song that humaiara plays on her mobile. While dancing,he accidentally collides with mamujaan who is very angry seeing his immature act.He says sorry.

mamu doesnt say anything, just looks at razia and asks about the engagement preparations.she tells him that only the payment for the tent is remaining, rest everything is almost done. He leaves and razia follows in tow.
Upstairs on the balcony, razia is talking to mamujaan about humaira’s impending marriage with ayan.Mamu says that he doesnt like humaira’s carefree nature even in the presence of males.She says thats because ayan and she are childhood friends therefore she is carefree with him.she says that since they want humaira with them even after marriage, they have no other option but to marry her off with ayan.He says that he has doubts about ayan’s careless attitude and irresponsible behaviour which she puts to rest saying that once he is married then that would change.She asks his permission to talk to shirin for their marriage,and if possible get them married along with nikhat and imran.He agrees and leaves,while razia wonders that since rashid’s mother is out of the house,this is the best time to finalise humaira’s marriage before she can interfere.

Scene 2:
Location: Asad’s residence
At the main entrance, zoya tries to convince nazma that nothing would happen to them,as asad wont even know that they went to see the match.Meanwhile, inside asad is seething with anger remembering seeing nzma and zoya at the stadium.When they enter,he asks nazma where had they gone. while nazma stumbles for words,zoya covers up for her saying that they had gone shopping.when asked why they returned empty handed, she replies that they didnt like anything hence didnt buy.Asad asks them what had they gone to buy. She replies that they had gone for computer hardware shopping.Asad starts asking zoya questions regarding the prices of various items and in the wake asks her about Dhoni’s score.she too accidentally blurts out the score and their gig is up in front of asad.

Asad reprimands them for being so callous and is angry at nazma for beginning to lie to him.He also tells zoya that in her company,nazma first started to lie,then cut her hair and now went to the match when he had so clearly said no.Also if she stays anymore with zoya,she would start lying shamelessly like zoya which she hasnt learned yet and if that is not a big thing for her,then he doesnt know what is.Zoya tries to calm her down saying that there were many other girls too, but asad counters comments that they must definitely be with their guardians and definitely were not dancing and prancing around like her.He further says that its not her fault,its her parents’ fault who did not instill mannerisms in her when she was a child and due to their carelessness,she is so arrogant and high headed today.He also says that had dilshad not kept her in their house,he wouldnt have liked her staying one bit.Zoya tells him to directly say that he wants her to leave the house.He says that if thats what she wants and feels,he wouldnt stop her. Sensing his anger,nazma is unable to say anything.Zoya silently leaves, sobbing.

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