To die for love update Tuesday 7 December 2021

To die for love 7 December 2021: Deep says you are so clever right? find your parents. He shoves her and says go find them you don’t have a lot of time. Arohi says I beg you please tell me. He says they don’t have time. Don’t waste. Go. She says I haven’t seen a devil like you. She says then think how dangerous death would a devil give to them. She says is it a bomb? He says the person who took your parents is a real devil. Who knows what will he do to your parents. Arohi says I know Malik is Virat. You and Virat are playing this game together. I will ruin everything. Deep is dazed. Deep says who is Malik? Virat? Who said all that. She says Virat is Malik. He had been torturing my parents. He did all that because you asked him too. Deep says i and malik never came in front of each other. Malik asked me to pretend to be Malik but was is Virat? She says you and your mom played this game. Deep shoves her and says your dad did that. Virat had one password and your father had one.

Virat kidnapped them. Arohi says your mom wanted to take all that gold. My father gave up his life to save it. I am not like you. I will save them. Deep says Riverside Banglow. Arohi is dazed. Deep says that is very Malik has taken them. Go and save them. Arohi runs.Arohi comes to Riverside Banglow. She sees them and says ma papa.. She takes off clothes from there faces. It is virat and tara. Arohi says where are my parents? They laugh. Virat says Deep loves fooling people. He asked us to come here and do this drama. Arohi says in heart deep you did this once again. Virat says so Deep will kill them and he sent you here. He is so clever. Arohi says where are my parents. Virat says how will you save them Arohi? Tara says we know you are Arohi.Dad says I am sorry i couldn’t save you or Arohi. Mom says God will protect our sister.

Tara puts gun on Arohi and says we don’t need you anymore. i will shoot you here and there Deep will kill your parents.
The thugs are about to shoot Arohi’s parents. Someone comes and hits them all. He kills them. Arohi’s parents are dazed. Virat grasps tara. Tara says what are you doing Virat. She will run. Arohi runs. Tara says what did you do. Arohi killed our mom. Virat says we will kill her but with pain. Virat says she doesn’t know where her parents are. Let her find their dead bodies. I want to see that pain on her face. She will beg for her death. Tara says I will live as Tara. And Deep will always be mine. She will be gone from Deep’s life.

The person kills all the thugs. It’s deep. Arohi’s parents are dazed. Deep releases them. Dad says thanks for saving our life? but who are you? Deep says you have to go away from them. There is a car outside. please sit in that. They sit in the car.Tara and Virat cheers. Deep shoots their glasses. He shoves Virat and says you are Malik. You thought i wont ever know. Virat and Deep hit each other. Virat says I did that because I was far more clever. You never knew I was malik. I have everything and you have nothing now. All you had was your mom and you don’t have her either now.

Deep gets a call from Arohi. She says if you want your mom alive meet me outside. Arohi is about attack Deep. He stops her. She says you killed my parents. I will kill you. Deep says your parents are alive. I have them. They are in that car. Arohi is dazed. He says the driver can take them from here. This is your last chance. If you don’t tell me where my mom is the driver will take them. Arohi tells him the address.
She says to her parents.. Ma papa.. they think she is Anjali. Deep comes to the shop and no one is there. Deep says you fooled me Arohi again.Deep says you fooled me again.Arohi says ma papa its me. Deep changed my face. He wanted password for that locker. Ma says stay away from us. don’t touch us. we know you are with Malik and his sister. Arohi says papa touch me. You will recognize me like you used too. He touches her hand and recalls he used to recognize her touch. He shoves her and says you can’t be my Arohi. You can’t fool us anymore.First Malik fooled us and hen you. I said that code for that girl who wasn’t even my daughter.

Arohi says ma please try to understand. Ma says you are with Malik. Arohi says what is wrong. Ia m your arohi. Can’t you see.Deep calls Arohi. She doesn’t pick. Arohi says you have to come with me. Ma says you can’t take us anywhere. Arohi sits in the car and takes them somewhere. Deep says where is my mom. i will find out where you are Arohi. He keeps calling her but she doesn’t pick. Deep comes to the houe and says Arohi where is my mom.Tara says Deep? Deep says Arohi no one can save me from you. Deep breaks stuff in anger. Tara says deep what are you doing. He says no one can harm my mom. I will kill everyone. Tara hugs him and says I will bring your mom in front of you Deep.Arohi fires the whole place and takes the truck of gold from the thugs. Virat calls them and say find her out. I want my gold or I will kill you. Virat says I should have killed that Arohi. Arohi comes there with a gun. She smirks. Deep says where is my mom? Virat says where is the gold? Arohi says you wont ever have it. Tara says no one can save me from you. Virat stops her. Arohi says see he will protect me for that gold. Your hands are empty. Arohi leaves. Tara says she left from here and you two couldn’t do anything. Virat says we first have to find out where old is. Tara says she will tell us when we torture her. Virat says she is Arohi. Don’t dare killing her or I will kill you.

Deep stops Arohi outside. He says you have to tell me where my mom is. Stop playing this game. Arohi says look at you so helpless. I wont tell you anything. Deep shoves her and says you have too. Arohi recalls when he hugged her and her sleeve was torn. deep said we will go on honeymoon and no one will come between us. Arohi and deep put gun on each other. Arohi says shoot. Arohi says I don’t wanna kill the dead. Look at you, you have nothing. She leaves.Arohi says ma papa you didn’t eat. Ma says don’t come near or we will kill ourselves. Papa says your face scares us. She says I am arohi. That was Arohi. They changed my face. Ma says we can’t trust you. I was told you are dead. Please don’t take my reason to live from me. i can tell you what happened with Niku bhabhi and me. She tells them everything. How Deep burned her and changed her face. He says we don’t trust your stupid self made story. Arohi says Deep did all this. I will show you his face. She shows them his photo. She says this is Waasundra’s son. He says what? He saved us. Ma says he is a good man. Don’t defame him. He saved us from Malik. Arohi says what. Deep comes to Arohi’s room and looks for something. He sees a file. It is Arohi’s sonography. He says arohi is pregnant? Arohi is pregnant with my baby? He is dazed.

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