Strange Love Update Friday 3 December 2021

Strange Love 3 December 2021: The Episode starts with Ankush and Ajju pacifying Kalindi. They ask her not to cry and control her emotions. Kalindi asks how, its 7 months now, my daughter is not found till now, how can I manage a mother’s heart, whats wrong if I m not able to manage. Ajju says its wrong that you are letting emotions overpower you, look at Ankush, he has not spent time with Astha, does he cry daily, tears don’t show pain, we are hiding our pain to make you smile, you don’t think about us. Kalindi apologizes and says maybe I m selfish in Astha’s love that I did not realize your pain, I know what you all are doing for me, I don’t know whats stopping Astha from coming home, Shlok and Varad said they have seen Astha, why are they not bringing her.

She says I know Astha, she can’t stay away from me for many days, did they not get her. Ajju says she will invite more pain by her questions, its not time to get Astha, nothing is got without the right time arrival. She asks Mala to get Kalindi’s medicines and asks Kalindi to sleep in her room. Ajju asks Ankush not to worry. He says I failed in this first test of life. She says no, don’t lose hope and asks about Avdhoot. Ankush says he went Mumbai, when I said Astha is there, I told I will come and he asked me to be here. Ajju says yes, we need you to manage Kalindi, go and sleep now. Rekha talks to Chowski and tells what happened here in his absence. He is shocked and feels sad for Shlok.

He says he will meet Shlok. She says he is not at home, I took food for him and saw lock at his home. Mala asks Ankush what is he thinking. He says he is worried for Kalindi, she is unwell, she cries daily, I feel helpless. She says he has to be strong to manage Kalindi. He says yes, I know but I can’t see my family like this, I value relations and unable to lessen her tears. Mala says you are Aai’s support, if they see you like this, they will feel hurt, everything will be fine. Its morning, Chowksi asks why did Rekha not tell him before. Manya says you went for work, so she did not say. Chowski asks about Shlok;s family. Rekha says we spoke to Shlok’s brother Varad, Varad is coming Mumbai today. Varad, Sojal and Kavya come there and meet them. Varad asks for Shlok. Apsara says she made a room ready for them, and Chowski takes him to Shlok. Varad switches on the lights and sees Shlok sad. He hugs him.

Varad talks to Shlok and asks about Astha. Shlok says its about Astha’s life, I wanted to get her but everything went wrong. Kavya says she remembers all his special moments. Shlok gets the idea and says he does not need to make her recall things by pics, but my creating the old moments. Sojal smiles. Astha talks to Indrajeet and kids and is happy. Chowski talks to Shlok and he says we have to monitor Astha and her every step. Apsara says but someone has to stay there. Shlok asks her can she go there as maid, as Indrajeet did not see her till now. Apsara says she will go. She asks him to plan next after she goes home.Varad gets a call from hospital and talks about Baba’s health deteriorating more. He says doctor is saying they have to take Baba to Singapore and asking me to come. Shlok asks him to go, as Baba needs him more, he will manage. Varad says fine and asks the doctor when to come, he will book tickets. He tells Shlok he will come soon. Shlok asks him to take care. Varad asks Sojal to take care of her and Kavya and leaves. Apsara comes to meet the guard and asks for a job. She says she knows all the work and cooks too, and asks him to get the job in this house and she will give him 10% commission and three times food. He says fine, I will talk to Madam and I will take 20%. She says fine. He says I will say you are from my village.

She thanks him and thinks once she gets job, Shlok will not leave Indrajeet and her sins will be lessen if Shlok and Astha unite by her efforts. The guard tells Astha about the lady from his village and her husband is ill, she came to earn here. Indrajeet asks him to make her leave. Astha says send her in. Indrajeet says we don’t know her. The guard says she is from my village. Astha says she needs help, she will do some work. Apsara comes and says her name is Kamla, I want to work honestly and send to my ill husband and old mum.Indrajeet says he ordered a bouquet and Astha says she will take it. He says fine and leaves. Astha asks Kaka to explain work to Kamla and goes. Apsara informs Shlok that Astha is coming out alone. Shlok stands near the flower shop and checks some bouquets. Astha comes there and sees him. Shlok pays the money and leaves with the bouquet. Astha gets puzzled. Astha asking for her bouquet. The man says he will send it at her home and she leaves in her car. Shlok looks on and thinks he is helpless to be away. Kalindi refuses to sit in the puja, as she lost trust in Bappa. Everyone explain her and the pandit asks her to have patience, happiness will come in her house.

Kalindi says she will not belief in Lord and do puja, till she gets her daughter back, its Lord’s test to keep her devotion. Ajju asks Mala to leave Kalindi alone and asks her and Ankush to do the puja. They do the puja and pray. Ajju apologizes on Kalindi’s behalf and prays to get Astha back.I ndrajeet reads the business tycoon magazine and smiles. He says its all given by Astha, she filled his life with happiness. He says his love won and now she is with him, so there is no memory of Shlok in her heart, he knows what he did is wrong, but what can he do, he loves her. Everything is fair in love and war, and this is a war of me and Shlok, which will never end, I know you are hurt in this, but I love you and can’t let your past and memory revive.He says Shlok will keep trying, but I will keep an eye on him, so that I walk ahead of him. Sojal tells Kavya that Shlok will come, and Kavya asks why do they stay so sad. Sojal pacifies her. Surbhi comes to meet Sojal and they have a talk. Sojal says she don’t know how to unite Shlok and Astha, they were perfect couple, I can’t see Shlok like this, I pray that he gets Astha soon. Shlok comes home and says he got Astha and it was difficult to ignore her, I hope my behavior affects her. Surbhi says this is your plan.

Indrajeet ends call seeing Astha and asks her what happened, she did not get bouquet, why is she not going on shopping. She says I don’t want to go, and bouquet was not ready, I saw Shlok at the flower shop, he ignored me and behaved like he does not know me and went, whenever I see him, I get scared. Apsara hears this and thinks to tell Shlok. Indrajeet says its good if he will not trouble now. She says I know, but when he comes infront of me, I feel strange. He asks her not to worry. She says she will clean the room.He thinks Shlok did not talk to Astha, is this his plan or did he lose after talking to doctor, I can’t take chances and will keep an eye on him. Apsara calls Shlok and says Astha told Indrajeet everything and was scared. He says we have to make her rid of my fear. Apsara ends the call. A man calls Astha and tells about his NGO making a play for the kids to show their values, grooming show for kids, if she comes and supports them, they will be glad. Astha says sure, we will come with kids. He says fine, I will send the address.

Shantanu and Mishti have a talk. Astha hears them and they call her world’s sweetest mum. Astha says she will take them and their friends to see a play. They call her best. She asks them to finish the hot chocolate, else tomorrow’s plan can get cancelled. Mishti takes it. Astha asks them to call their friends and take their mum’s permission and also say I m coming along. Shlok asks everyone are they ready to do their acting and parts. Chowski says his heart can melt seeing his sister. Shlok says we can’t do mistake, we want her to keep back. Sachin takes Kavya along and goes to play. Chowksi says he is scared, he can act for her, but infront of her….. Shlok asks him to do the acting for her. Rekha says its for Shlok’s life. Shlok asks him not to do overacting and they will practice once, he will be a stranger for Astha and make her realize he is her loved one. Its morning, Astha and everyone have breakfast and she tells Indrajeet about the play in NGO. She says we should do for those kids and asks him to come. He says I would love to come, but I have imp meeting. She asks him to try. He says its big clients and I will try, and asks servant to get his cheque books. Apsara thinks to inform Shlok. Indrajeet gives the blank cheque and Astha to make the donation.

Astha says I was asking you to come for the ticket sale and you donated, you are a clean hearted person, there is so much to learn. She makes Shantanu and Mishti have food. He smiles and thinks he is seeing she is becoming a solid part of his family, he does not want anything else. Shlok meets Chowki and Sojal, and asks are they ready. Sojal says she is scared, I hope Astha identifies me. Shlok says she does not remember anything, and asks them to hide. Astha comes there with kids and they see the houseful. She worries for the tickets and says manager called us. The guard gives her tickets and she gives kids the tickets. She pays the man. Sojal comes and says tickets are for us. The guard asks is she the one. She says yes and scolds him. Astha says maybe there is some confusion, I will pay you. Chowski says he also has much money, and gets angry. He says he gave big donation to the manager, and asks the guard to call the manager.Astha says yes call, I will also know. Sojal calls her a liar and people also agree with Sojal. They call the manager and Astha sees its Shlok.


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