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I do 6 December 2021: While on one hand,the zingo hotties,i.e ayan,his sisters and humaira have gathered in the storeroom for their last zongo hottie meeting before nikhat’s marriage, razia discusses marriage proposal for ayan and humaira with shirin and rashid.

Ayan discusses the following day’s agenda with the girls. Humaira says that they need to decide on the long list of functions ahead.sensing nikhat sad,they say that she doesnt need to be since imran too is now a member of the gang and they can come together after their marriage.Nuzrat enquires if this rule is applicable to everybody’s else’s life partners,that they become members of this gang by default.Nikhat says its not necessary since it might be possible that somebody’s life partner is already a member of the gang.while humaira blushes at this, ayan determinedly says thats not possible since he doesnt intend to marry ever.

Shirin is very happy about razia’s marriage proposal,rashid is concerned that they should know about ayan’s wishes first.razia tries to convince him that the whole house almost pseudo already knows about them and that she doesnt think that would be an issue.shirin however assures rashid that she’s sure that ayan would agree to the marriage.rashid asks her to discuss this with him later.razia is a little upset hearing that but doesnt say anything.

Razia finds shirin alone and brainwashes her that rashid wanted to end the discussion because she called ayan his sole son,when he clearly is not, for rashid.Shirin tries to clarify that if rashid has not been able to forget his children,then she cant blame him since he’s their father after all.But razia casts a doubt in her mind,that as long as the attachment is to the kids,its fine,the minute it starts with their mother,it could pose a problem.shirin tells her that she has the fullest faith and knows that rashid would never do somthing like that.

Meanhwile rashid in his room,rememebers zoya’s advice to send his friend the drama ticket.He takes the ticket out from the folder and thinks thaat the show is for the next evening and whether he should courier this ticket to dilshad or not.

Scene 4:
Location: Asad’s residence
Nazma and dilshad while talking to themselves,that dilshad would get zoya downstairs and get asad to apologize to her for his comments,approach zoya’s room and are surpised to find that she’s gone with her bags and suitcase.Dilshad is shocked to see that zoya has indeed left the house

Scene 5:
Location: On a starnded street
Zoya is standing on a deserted road with tears in her eyes.

Asad’s residence
Asad angrily tells dilshad that he’s happy that zoya is gone as she was trouble from day one. But she says that whatever be the case, she is after all an alone girl is an unknown city and their guest. He says is she was their guest then she should have behaved like one and followed the rules of the house. Also she left the house without even bothering to inform anyone. and that they shouldnt expect that he would go looking for her and leaves for his room. Dilshad and nazma are trying zoya’s no but its coming switched off and are worrioed where would she be at this time of the hour.

Meanwhile asad trying to work on his laptop, is unable to when dilshad’s words keep striking him. He also sees the phone that zoya had repaired. He resignedly goes out. They talk among themselves about zoya’s whereabouts and come to the conclusion that she would be at the nearest station other than bhopal since bhopal express had already left from bhopal.

Scene 2:
Location: Misroad Railway station
Zoya arrives at the station in a taxi. But she thinks that she’s foolish to leave bhopal and go to new york just because asad said some harsh words to her. She is determined that she would not leave from here until she finds about her father,for which she came. Meanwhile some hooligans see that she’s alone and try to tease her. She slaps one of them and is slapped by him too.

Asad arrives at the scene and asks if she’s ok. She replies that she definitely doesnt look ok. He gives a hand to help her get up but she refuses and gets on her own. The goons get into a fight with asad. They both fight together against them. Zoya is surprised to see asad helping her. He finally beats all of them to pulp.

Scene 3:
Location: Asad’s residence
while dilshad is reprimanding zoya for being so childish and not even informing them before going, she replies that she single handedly dealth with all the guys much to dilshad’s and nazma’s bewilderment, oblivious to the fact that asad is right bhind her listening to all this. when dilshad calls out to him. zoya is tensed that her gig is up, but asad says that he arrived after the fight was over thereby saving her face in front of dilshad.

Scene 4:
Location: Ayan’s residence
Ayan is the MC as well as the self proclaimed DJ of the evening, that is nikhat’s MEHFIL-E-SAUGAT. Everybody is happy,razia too takes permission from mamujaan for letting the kids loose for this one day and let them have some fun. Soon haseena too arrives, ayan plays a villainous tune on her arrival, and is reprimanded by razia for that, but haseena says that such fun and amusement is okay at functions like this. soon the day progresses, and haseena is brought to inspect the things bought. She says that first nikhat’s NAZAR UTARAI ritual is to be done, but says not with KALA TIKa taunting at her complexion.

Razia asks her how does she want the ritual to be performed. She gives a list of the things that she would need. When shirin sends nuzrat with the driver to get them, haseena tells ayan, much to his displeasure to go get them as its important for the ritual. On being told by rashid he unwillingly goes. He goes outside, but remembering humaira’s words, doesnt take out the new bike.

But seeing the old one punctured, he has no option but to drive the new one. Seeing him leave, haseena’s relative thinks that its time to tell her that ayan has left on his new bike.

Inside, while ayan is gone to get things, haseena asks rashid whether the car that they demanded for Imran has arrived, making rashid unable to answer and uncomfortable.

Scene 5:
Location: On the road and asad’s residence
Ayan calls up asad to ask about the shop where he would get the things that haseena demands. Asad is happy to know that nikhat’s marriage rituals have started. He tells him the address of the shop. in the meantime, a traffic police jeep arrives asking him about the papers of the bike while he’s still on a call with asad. Ayan answers that they already took his bike papers the other day.

Scene 6:
Location: Ayan’s residence
while haseena is pretending to be impatient that ayan has not arrived yet with the things and that they are getting late, she is coaxed by her son Imran to be a little more patient and wait for some time.

Scene 7:
Location: On the road and asad’s residence
Asad, who is still on the phone, is wondering why is the traffic police harassing ayan time and again for the bike. Meanwhile, the police takes ayan to the jeep. Unwilling to take their nonsense, he engages into a scuffle with the constables, and is slapped by Feroz..

Ayan’s family is increasingly getting disturbed with the disappearance of ayan for such a long time. Meanwhile haseena is not leaving one oppurtunity to taunt them for their carelessness in making them wait and not getting the car also for imran.Feroz accuses ayan of having stolen the bike. He says that he hasnt stolen it from asad when in fact he’s asad’s…. and is about to say brother but checks himself in time while feroz waits for him to spill it out. Feroz threatens that he would tell rashid about his son being accused of stealing on such a happy day when they are celebrating nikhat’s MEHFIL-E-SAUGAT.

Ayan is very scared to hear this but remembering asad’s words, he stays silent. But when they actually dial his dad’s no, he breaks down thinking that if this news reaches home, then there’s a possibility of nikhat’s marriage being called off also. So he gives up and says that he would tell everything and stops them from calling at his house. But before feroz can get him to speak the truth behind his relation with the owner of the bike, asad himself comes in and turns the tables around by calling their act as unlawful confinement when in fact, there has been nobody to complain against ayan, and hence no grounds arrest him.

He also tells feroz that for this unlawful act, he would fire an FIR against them only in their own police station. Feroz asks him whether he’s trying to threaten them. Asad says, that he’s not threatening, he actually means what he says. he tell them to leave ayan or else he would call the SSP to ask him to make them file an fir against their own men. Sensing better, feroz lets go of Ayan, but before they leave, feroz asks asad about their relation. Asad tells him to mind his laws and let people mind their own relations.

Location: Ayan’s residence
Meanwhile at ayan’s place, haseena pretends to be extremely angry and is about to leave when mamujaan stops her saying that its not such a big deal that she hs to leave. She says that she didnt expect it from their family. She says that in fact by agrreing to let nikhat marry imran, he has done a huge favor on the Khan fmily. Rashid comes in saying that their son has been mising and they are all very troubled, he doesnt expect them to support them but atleast try to understand their problem. She takes it deliberately the wrong way and accuses rashid of accusing her to be heartless and emotionfree.

Rashid tries to clear saying that she imterpreted him wrong and didnt get what he was trying to say. She says that now they are calling her a fool too, that she doesnt understand things. Despite imran’s protests, she says that she has faced enough insults from them and they didnt even bother to gift them the car and turns around to leave the door. She is shocked and surprised to find ayan standing on the door with the materials required for nikhat’s rituals. Disheartened at her failure, she still starts on with the rituals as everybody heaves a sigh of relief. She finally finishes with the ritual.

Location: Ayan’s and asad’s residence and the police station.
Asad is talking to ayan on the phone, who tells him about everything that happened and is also instructed by asad that he should keep this a secret from everybody about their relation and the bike, till nikhat’s marriage is done. Asad still wonders why was the police inspector so curious to know about their relation.
Haseena too calls up feroz and reprimands him for letting go of ayan so easily. He says he ddint have a choice since asad himself came to take him. He tells haseena that he hasnt yet known their relation, but he knows its a deep one and is determined to find out what is it.

Haseena too says she wants to know what relation is this house to Asad Ahmed Khan. Razia hears her talking about asad and is shocked. Haseena turns around but doesnt realise that razia heard hr, and walks past her. the screen freezes on razia’s shocked and disturbed face.

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