Faltu Starlife update Sunday 7 April 2024

Faltu 7 April 2024: The Episode starts with Ruhaan saying Faltu is very nice, you have no option than to stay away from her. Ayaan says I will punch your face, mind your tongue. Ruhaan says you won’t get her back, your love wasn’t strong, I didn’t do much and everything shattered, she left you and chose me. Kaka talks to Faltu.

He says your fate made you meet me, don’t know where will it take you now. Ayaan calls out Faltu. Ruhaan says she is sleeping, she has done a lot for your family, she is tired of you all. Ayaan says no, she can’t do this, call her outside. Ruhaan says you relax, this isn’t your house. Faltu thanks Kaka. She says go home, your family will be waiting. He asks where will you go, you left your home.

She says I will stay at the temple. He says come with me if you find right, you can go later. She says no, you already helped me a lot, your family will get worried. He says I have no one at my home, my wife died in covid, my son and bahu stay in America, they have no time for me, I talk to people on the roads and help them, don’t cry, I got a nice girl like you, I have no complains, you are like my daughter, young girls shouldn’t live on the roads, go back home or go to any friend or relative. Ayaan shouts and breaks the glass.

Ruhaan says she is sleeping, don’t you understand, I promise I will keep her happy. Ayaan asks why are you doing this, are you taking revenge on me. Ruhaan says I m taking revenge on your dad, its fine if you have come, Janardhan is my dad’s killer. Ayaan is shocked. Faltu says find a job for me, I m not much educated, I will arrange a home for me if I get a job. He says my friend needs a salesperson, you can do the job there, do you have a phone. She says no, I will meet you here tomorrow. Ruhaan tells Ayaan about his dad’s sorrow. Ayaan says stop nonsense, you are lying, my dad can never hurt anyone. Ruhaan says go home and ask Janardhan about Avinash Sachdeva, he is an expert in cheating, your dad used to call my dad a friend, he asked for loan, my dad mortgaged the house to get money, he didn’t know his friend will go to Mumbai and never look back.

Kaka gets dizzy. Faltu asks are you fine. He says nothing, I will handle. She says I will come home and cook food for you, you can talk to your friend about my job. She goes with him. Ruhaan says Janardhan has cheated me, money lenders have tortured my dad, Janardhan snatched my childhood, dad and my normal life dream, so I took revenge, if I can’t stay happy then you can’t stay happy. Ayaan says you are lying and blaming him. Ruhaan says go home and ask him, I wanted to talk to Janardhan, now he will know it, get out. Ayaan says I will not leave you. He goes. Ruhaan says sorry Faltu, I have saved you from Ayaan, he doubts you, this isn’t love.

Sumitra wakes up Sid and Tanu. She says get up, Janardhan is missing, he went to meet Ruhaan. Tanu asks why. Sumitra says I don’t know. Kaka gets Faltu home. He asks did you like it, it’s a small house, I keep it like my wife used to keep it, you can stay here as long as you want. She says I will stay here tonight, then I will go, where is the kitchen, tell me, I will make soup for you, then you take rest. Savita asks what, Ayaan went somewhere from the hospital. Dadi scolds the doctor. Savita says Ayaan didn’t come home, I will make your hospital get shut. Kumkum consoles her. Sumitra says what’s going on.

Faltu cuts the veggies. She says I play cricket. She recalls Ayaan’s words. She says I mean I used to play cricket. He asks why, you can still play. She says I can’t play, cricket association banned me, leave it, it’s a long story, tell me what to make in food. He asks her to take rest. She says I m fine now. She says your house is beautiful. Janardhan asks what, Ayaan is missing. Sid says I thought you and Ayaan went to Ruhaan. Janardhan says I was going to meet Ruhaan, then I got a call from office staff, I will go and see Ayaan. Ayaan comes home. He meets everyone. He says I m fine. Janardhan asks did you go to meet Ruhaan. Ayaan says yes, I want to talk to you. Savita says come with me first, don’t anger me. Everyone worries for Ayaan. Ayaan says Faltu cheated me. Janardhan says I don’t believe this. Ayaan says I want to talk to you, please come with me. Janardhan says say it here, we are one family. Ayaan asks do you know Avinash Sachdeva. Janardhan is shocked.

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