My desire update Monday 8 April 2024

My desire 8 April 2024: Arjun visits Kashvi’s office. Kashvi orders tea for them. After some time, Kashvi finds her tea cup empty and Arjun’s cup full. She says he drank her tea. He denies. She notices lipstick on his lips and says it proves he drank her tea.

Arjun says even she can drink his tea. Kashvi asks him to wipe the lipstick off or else people will think he kissed a girl. Arjun says he didn’t yet but will and tries to kiss her. She feels shy. He tries again. Peon walks in and informs Arjun that Sharmaji is calling him. Arjun says Sharmaji got a good timing and walks away trying to kiss her again. Kashvi feels shy and thinks Arjun was flirting with her, is it a reality or is she dreaming.

Back home, Kashvi helps Mahima get ready to meet a boy Mohit and asks her not to be nervous. Mahima says not at all when she is with her and thinks she is not nervous at all and in fact finding an opportunity to create differences between Arjun and Kashvi. Daadi walks in and hopes Mahima accepts the boy and the alliance happens peacefully. Mahima frowns. Arjun walks to them and says he will get the car out. They all 3 head to a restaurant to meet Mohit. At the restaurant, Arjun orders black coffee without sugar for Kashvi. Kashvi is impressed. Arjun asks if her husband can’t order her favorite drink and says he knows her more than herself.

Mahima orders masala tea for Arjun. Arjun asks why is she ordering tea for him. Mahima says just like he knows Kashvi well, she knows him well and ordered his favorite drink. Arjun says his preference has changed and orders black coffee for even himself and whatever Mahima ordered for herself. He warns Mahima to not bother about him again.

Arjun walks to washroom. Mahima senses a chance and excuses herself. She walks to men’s washroom. Arjun asks what is she doing here. Mahima asks him to zip her dress. Arjun asks her to call Kashvi.

Mahima says she left her phone on the table and asks him to zip it before someone comes. Arjun says she is not his boyfriend or husband to zip her dress, he can see her cheap intention to create differences between him and Kashvi and grab him. Mahima says he used to love her. Arjun says it was his mistake, he loves Kashvi now who is a pure soul and is way better than Mahima. He warns her to stop her dirty tricks as they won’t work on him again. Mahima fumes that all her chances to lure Arjun failed and Kashvi won the battle.

Arjun returns to Kashvi and continues flirting with her. Mohit joins them. Mahima walks in frowning and ignore Mohit. Mohit introduces himself. Mahima speaks rudely to him. Arjun and Kashvi excuse themselves and sit in a nearby table.

Mahima tells Mohit that she wants to marry a rich man who can fulfill all her lavish needs and she thinks he can’t fulfill her demands and hence she can’t marry him. Mohit says she so cute and straightforward and not like dual-faced people. He extends a friendship hand and shakes hands with her forcefully. Arjun and Kashvi think she agreed for alliance. Drama continues…

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