Faltu Starlife update Saturday 6 April 2024

Faltu 6 April 2024: The Episode starts with Ayaan saying I have to meet Ruhaan and ask him why did he snatch my Faltu, what did he get doing all this. He goes. Charan says Faltu has left her house. Jamuna asks what, why, how, she didn’t call us.

Charan says I m going to meet her. Jamuna says explain her, how can she leave her house. They all discuss. Pratap says the weather is bad, there isn’t any train till next 2 days. Jamuna says I will call Ayaan and ask him how did he leave Faltu. Faltu calls him. They all ask her what happened, why did she leave the house. He says I will talk to Ayaan, go back home.

Jamuna says go back and apologize to them. Faltu says I will never go back, you don’t know what happened. He asks her to say. She says I left my village and family for Ayaan, he doesn’t trust me, he stained my character, I can’t go to him. Angoori asks her what mistake did she do.

She says I didn’t do anything wrong, don’t worry, I will work and earn my living. Charan says I m fine, don’t go back there if its about your self esteem. Savita cries and calls out everyone.

Sumitra asks is Ayaan fine. Savita says Janardhan went somewhere, I don’t know where he went. Amar says he left in the car. Savita asks where are Tanu and Sid. Sumitra says they are taking rest. Savita says fine, don’t tell them, if Ayaan learns this, then he will get tense. Charan says Faltu, you don’t need to go there, Ayaan has no right to question your character. Angoori argues. Faltu says I didn’t do anything wrong, I m helpless, try to understand, I can’t stay with the person who doesn’t trust and respect me, I will stay here and fulfill my dream, are you ashamed of my decision. Charan says no, take care, I will come to meet you soon. Angoori warns Charan.

He asks her to leave him alone. Faltu thanks the man for help. She feels hungry. Amar says Janardhan was talking to Ruhaan on call. Sumitra asks what’s the use to meet Ruhaan, Faltu went to him by her wish. They all worry. Faltu thinks who will give me food without money. She sees the rush near the stall. She gets an idea. She stops the people and asks them to have the food. She says I m helping you, you just give me two vada pau free. The stall owner agrees. She thinks of Ayaan. The man gives her the food and asks her to have it. She thanks him. Some kids come and ask her to give them food. She gives her plate and asks them to have it. An old man looks on. Ruhaan says I will get peace when I make Janardhan count his sins.

Faltu sees the food packed and kept beside her. The old man says its for you, I have seen how you gave the food to those kids, you have a big heart, you are sick, have food and medicines also. She asks why are you helping me. He says when I help you, you will help me. She asks how. He says we don’t know when people come to help us, have the food, I will think my daughter has eaten it. She thanks him and eats. Ayaan comes to meet Ruhaan. He breaks the glass and punches Ruhaan’s face. They argue. Ruhaan says you will never get Faltu now.

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