Faltu Starlife update Sunday 3 December 2023

Faltu 3 December 2023: The Episode starts with Ayaan asking about Faltu. The guy lies to her and asks him to leave. Ayaan leaves. Faltu looks on sad. She thinks Ayaan didn’t go on his honeymoon, he came here to find me, why didn’t he go. Ayaan says where are you Faltu, meet me once, I want to know if you are fine. Faltu says you shouldn’t worry for me, I don’t want to drag you in my problems. Ayaan leaves. Tanu looks for Ayaan. She asks him to open the door. Janardhan comes and asks what happened. Ayaan is on the way.

Janardhan asks him to open the door. The entire family worries. Sumitra says I feel he has done something to himself, you said he isn’t fine mentally. Savita says stop nonsense. Govind gets the keys. Savita opens the door. They all get inside. They see Ayaan sleeping.

Ayaan acts to wake up. He says I m fine, what are you all doing here. Savita cries and says we were worried for you. He says its okay, I was working all night and fell asleep. Tanu asks him to come. They all leave. Sid sees the mud marks there. Sumitra asks what’s happening, Ayaan has lost his mental balance. Sid sees the footprints in the balcony. He smiles. He says Ayaan went to meet Faltu, this is love, he isn’t able to forget Faltu, the family thought he is sleeping, I m not able to forget Ayaan, I wait for tomorrow when I get that pendrive from locker, then it will be a big drama in the house. Faltu packs Charan’s bag and instructs him. She asks him to take care. She says lie to Ayaan about me, he didn’t go on honeymoon with Tanisha because of me. She asks him to go to the village and tell Jamuna that she is fine. She hugs him. He asks her to take care. He leaves. She sees Vishal’s video. She says someone from Mittal family is involved, Vishal can’t do wrong to take revenge on Ayaan, he doesn’t know about Ayaan and my relation, why did he do this, just for money. Tanu worries for Ayaan and thinks I should have taken him to the counsellor before.

Ayaan gets Charan’s call. He asks where are you, I was looking for you, I have to meet you, I promise I won’t tell anyone, I have to meet Faltu for her career’s sake. Charan says its my responsibility, you stay away from her, we have decided to go to the village, she won’t play cricket now. Ayaan is shocked. Faltu says I have to enter the house to find out my answers, how will I go there after so much drama, how will I get proof. Tanisha and Ayaan are on the way. He says you know Faltu went back to her village forever, her cricket career is ruined. Faltu says I have to find a job to manage my expenses, I have to go to Mittal house and find the truth. The guy says you can stay in the chawl near Mittal house, how will you go there. Faltu says I will handle it, you just cover up that I m still in Mumbai, I will not play cricket, keep an eye on Vishal.

A guy comes and says you will play cricket and earn money, local tournaments are happening this month, you will earn rewards, Rajan is a nice man, he called you to meet. She thanks them for help. Vishal comes to meet Kanika and says thanks for the payment. She says you can come back when the matter calms down, I always keep my work. She asks Vishal and the girls to take Ayaan’s name as the person who made them do this work. Vishal says I can happily take Ayaan’s name. Kanika threatens the girls. She says I can do anything for Tanu’s happiness, I can sacrifice even Ayaan. Faltu hides from Amar. She says he works in Mittal family. She hears Amar telling about Savita’s sickness. Amar asks the lady to suggest some good cook. Faltu gets an idea and says I will get a job there, I will go as a cook. She smiles.

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