Strings of love Starlife update Sunday 3 December 2023

Strings of love 3 December 2023: Jasleen says she feels sorry for Manveer as the DIL she chose eloped with someone and the one whom she got as her DIL looks like a maid. Pamela asks Manveer if he went through so much, why didn’t she inform him about it. She apologizes Sahiba for misunderstanding her followed by Shanaya. Sahiba says its okay as their reaction was obvious seeing her different from Brars, she is didn’t mind at all.

Manveer shouts if her explanation is over, she should go from there. Pamela asks her to behave with with her DIL and praises Sahiba for her calm and reserved behavior, says she is exactly like Angad. Sahiba says she will get some snacks and tea for Pamela again. Pamela agrees.

Sahiba walks into kitchen. Angad walks to him and asks what is she doing and who is she. Shiba sas definitely

not what he is thinking. He asks why did she come in front of guest and served them tea. Sahiba asks if he saw his aunt and cousin’s behavior, why didn’t he question them. He asks her to forget everything and concentrate on her goal. She says she is focusing on same and asks what is he doing in kitchen. He asks how dare she is to question him, its his house and he can go anywhere he wants to. Sahiba asks is it so and asks him to prepare snacks himself then. Angad gets nervous and asks her to finish what she started. He asks when he doesn’t considering anything to him, then why is he wandering around him. Angad says to keep an eye on him.

Sahiba says he is not keeping an eye on whom he should, he would have spied on Garry instead. She feels pain in her injury. Angad scolds her for being careless and applies cold pack to her injury. She writhes in pain. He says sorry and asks when she tolerated so much, can’t she tolerate some pain. She looks at his face while he applies ice pack. Their eyes lock. Serial’s title track plays in the background. Gurleen notices them and performs their nazar.

Japjyoth meets Pamela and asks if she doesn’t remember them. Pamela says a lot but was busy. She expresses her desire to fix Shanaya and Garry’s alliance before she returns to London. Garry and Jasleen feel happy. Manveer questions. Jasleen says Shanaya and Garry are childhood friend and their jodi would look perfect. Pamela feels happy and asks Garry if he has any objection. Garry says as elders decide. Pamela praises Garry and asks Japjyoth if they can take forward this issue, she will be tension-free if Shanaya is married in this house. Angad and Sahiba walk to them. Jasleen tells Angad that his brother’s alliance is fixed with Shanaya. They both stand shocked. Jasleen orders Sahiba to bring sweets. Maid brings sweet. Jasleen feeds sweets to Pamela and congratulates her.

Japjyoth says they will fix engagement date after discussing with Akaal. She asks Pamela when is her husband coming to India, did she discuss about it with him. Jasleen says she would decided about it long go. She asks Angad if he is not happy with his brother’s alliance. Angad says of course and congratulates Garry. Garry gets Seerat’s call and disconnects it. Seerat feels angry. Sahiba feeds sweets to Garry and congratulate him. Manveer praises Angad and Garry’s bonding since their childhood. Shanaya desires to go on a date with Garry. Garry agrees. He gets Seerat’s call again, goes to balcony, and picks it. Seerat shows her anger and reminds that they are meeting today. Garry says not today. Seerat says her family is getting an alliance for her. Garry congratulates her and asks her to marry then. Seerat asks if he is out of his mind, she cannot think of marrying anyone else than him and insists him to meet her today itself. He asks her to reach Green Eve Garden in the evening and disconnects call. Sahiba hears his conversation.

Seerat silently tries to leave but stops seeing Santosh in kitchen. She asks Santosh what is she doing. Sahiba says she is washing utensils as guests are coming to see Seerat. Seerat insists her to rest and let her wash utensils. Sanoths falls for her trick and goes to her room. Seerat silently leaves home. Veer walks to Sahiba and asks if she wanted to discuss something. Sahiba says she is going to Green Eve Garden and asks him not to let anyone know about it. Veer asks reason and says she can trust him. Sahiba says there is a boy in Seerat’s life who is fooling her, but Angad doesn’t trust her; Seerat and that boy are meeting at Green Eve Garden and she has only 1 chance to prove her point. Veer says he can do anything to clear her and Angad’s misunderstanding and asks him to go.

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