Destined by fate update Sunday 3 December 2023

Destined by fate 3 December 2023: Vikrant gets happy when Sayuri/Sachi expresses her wish to marry him tomorrow at Makar Sankranti festival. Sayuri says let us live happily with their daughters. Vikrant happily says she can ask any gift from her. Sayuri asks if she can see her daughter once. Vikrant video calls his mother/faiba and shows Sayuri’s daughter. Sayuri gets emotional and says soon mamma will meet her, she will play with Kuku didi, and they all will live like a happy family. An azaan/prayer call plays in the background. Vikrant hurriedly snatches phone and disconnects call.

Sayuri gets into her kitchen thinking its good there is no camera here. She takes out a hidden diary and notes down that last time she heard train sound and this time azaan, Vikrant must have kept her daughter where there is a masjid and train track. She thinks she will even have a fake marriage with Vikrant to get back her daughter and soon will reunite with Kanha, Kanha should wait for her.

Kanha while driving car recalls Sayuri telling him that she is not his Sayuri and is remarrying her husband tomorrow. He thinks maybe she is not his sayuri. Paas Aye Dooriyan Phir Bhi Kam Na Hui.. song plays in the background. Sayuri also misses Kanha. She hears a baby sound and walks out to find out Kanha with their daughter. Kanha asks if she will not meet her daughter. Sayuri picks her daughter and emotionally says they all 3 are a complete family now. Kuku shakes her and gets her out of imagination. Sayuri asks if she needs anything and looking at the camera says let us watch TV and complete a sketch which Kuku was drawing yesterday.

Kanha returns home. Yash asks if he met Sayuri. Kanha says he did, she is not his Sayuri as she is planning to marry Vikrant, she has lost her memory and moved on. Yash says he already told that its not easy to get Sayuri’s memory back and they have to try a lot, they should find out first who Vikrant is and what he did with Sayuri that she is ready to marry him. Servant informs Kanha that someone has come to meet him. Kanha with Yash walks out and gets angry seeing Vikrant. Vikrant asks if only he can come to his house, he came to end their differences and invite him to his and his wife Sachi’s rewedding on Makar Sankranti tomorrow. He taunts Kanha to attend wedding with his wife Sayuri and then taunts that maybe she doesn’t stay with him. He insists him to attend his and Sachi’s wedding. Kanha agrees.

Rashmi notices Vikrant and recalls that he is the same man whom Sayuri went with. She tries to enter her car to follow Vikrant when Kusum stops her and asks if she is going out. Rashmi says yes. Kusum apologizes her for yesterday’s event. rashmi leaves hurriedly saying she doesn’t have time for all this. She follows Vikrant and thinks she will find out at any cost who is that man and how is he related Sayuri. She continues following him.

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