Faltu Starlife update Saturday 2 December 2023

Faltu 2 December 2023: The Episode starts with Janardhan saying I have taught Ayaan to do good to others, but I forgot to teach him when to put full stop to the goodness. Tanisha understands. Govind says my friend is a counsellor, Ayaan will feel better when he meets the counsellor. Janardhan asks will you go Ayaan. Ayaan nods. Janardhan says he is ready for counselling, he cares for us, he also wants to get rid of Faltu, his relation is of guilt, else he would have not married Tanisha, he needs help, we can’t leave him, agree for Tanisha’s sake. Kanika signs Tanu.

Tanisha says sorry Ayaan, I didn’t know you are suffering so much, I m sorry, I will help you. Janardhan says I will book the next flight ticket. Ayaan says sorry, I m not in a mental state to go out and enjoy, if I make Tanisha feel alone, then its no use to go. She says its okay, we will focus on your counselling. Ayaan goes. Janardhan says Tanu, Ayaan is your responsibility, your love can bring him out of this problem, I know this marriage should work out for our children and business, Tanu is like my daughter also, I won’t let wrong happen with her, their happiness is imp than my business, I assure you, I will fix this, stop thinking of all this, give them some time.

Kanika says you know Tanu is my weakness, I can’t tolerate her tears, I lose my control, sorry, we will forget this and make a new start. Everyone smiles.

Faltu switches on the phone and checks 5 missed calls. The guys come and ask her to come, they got to know something. They introduce Dilip. They say he has a news about Vishal, he has recorded Vishal’s conversation with someone. Faltu sees the video. She hears about Mittal house. She gets confused. Dilip says you play well, I have seen you playing on the field, I will help you. She thanks him. Ayaan recalls everything. Tanisha says mom suggested a famous counsellor, you talk to him tomorrow, everything will be fine. Faltu thanks the guys and says Charan is returning tomorrow. The guys say you are like our sister, we will always be there to help you. She says I know, go and sleep now. They leave. She sees the moon and gets sad. She encourages herself. She gets hurt. She doesn’t stop and continues the practice. Ayaan says I don’t feel good, I will just go out and come. Tanisha nods. She thinks why don’t you forget Faltu.

Ayaan goes to his study. He says whatever happened with Faltu wasn’t right, I promised dad, but I have to find out about her, how shall I find out, don’t know how is she, she has no one in this city except us. He jumps down the balcony. He leaves from the house. Janardhan hears some sound. Savita asks what did Ayaan tell you. Janardhan recalls the video. He says I told you everything. She says I want to know the truth.

He says there is nothing, he wanted to take my advice, I m glad that he came to me, sleep now. She thinks I can’t believe this. Ayaan asks the driver to drive fast. He goes to look for Faltu. Faltu practices cricket. Ayaan comes to the chawl and looks for her. Faltu plays cricket. The guy praise Faltu’s talent. Another guy criticizes her. Ayaan asks someone about Faltu. The man says I don’t know about her. Ayaan hears the batting sound and says cricket, it means Faltu. He runs to see.

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