Faltu Starlife update Monday 4 December 2023

Faltu 4 December 2023: The Episode starts with Faltu checking the cooking videos. She says I will fail in the cooking test if they ask me to cook. Pratibha says my brother told me about you, why are those people doing this. Her drunkard husband comes and scolds Faltu, reminding the video. Faltu cries. The man asks Faltu to leave and save her leftover respect. Pratibha says don’t feel bad of his words, he is drunk. Faltu says no, he is saying what the world has said, I will take revenge for my insult, I will get my respect back, I won’t sit quiet, its my promise, they all will get an answer.

Savita asks Tanu about the meeting with a counsellor. Tanisha says don’t worry, I will tell you once we meet. Savita says I feel hurt when Ayaan is in pain. Kumkum gives her medicines.

Dadi asks Amar did you get any cook. Amar says no. Kumkum says we will ask agency to send a cook. Kinshuk says there is no cook available. Savita says I m fine, I can cook. They say no. Ayaan and Tanu meet the counsellor. The man asks their story in detail. They tell him about Faltu.

Faltu tells the lady about the village boy who can become a good cook. She praises the boy. The guy asks who are you talking about, you wanted a job. Kaki says you take this job. Faltu says no, I don’t know cooking, just take this boy along. Kaki asks the boy’s name. Faltu says Faltu.

Kaki asks about the boy. Faltu sees the banner and says Rocky. Kaki says ask him to go there to Mittal house tomorrow. The guy asks why are you trying to find Rocky’s job. Faltu says I will go there as a boy Rocky.

She asks how will I become Rocky. The counsellor asks Ayaan to fill the form and come for next evaluation. Sid gets the pendrive and says I have to transfer this to laptop first. He checks the corrupted file. He says this was the last copy. She asks how will we get that video now. He says I don’t know, how can I prove Faltu as this house’s bahu, how will I separate Ayaan and Tanu, no, I can’t lose Tanu, she is mine. She asks him to calm down. Ayaan talks on call and says I want to know everything about Ayaan.

Tanu hears him and says he got after Vishal, Ayaan’s obsession isn’t ending about Faltu. Kanika asks what, it’s a good news if Faltu has left for her village. Tanisha says Ayaan is finding about Vishal. Kanika says I will handle Vishal. The guys get the props and clothes for Faltu’s makeover. She tries many looks. Vishal shifts his place. He calls Kanika. He asks how did you like your new room. He says you made me a patient. She says Ayaan is finding you, he won’t search a hospital. He says fine, but I can’t stay here for long. She says okay.

Suhana shows the cooking competition. She says we are going to hire a cook. Kumkum, Savita and Dadi come there. Harsh and Govind also give their inputs. They all want a great cook. Suhana introduces the cooks. Savita asks where is Ayaan. Tanisha says he is in his room, he is working. Savita says its good he is keeping himself busy. Faltu gets dressed as a boy and hires an auto. She goes to Mittal house. Amar says I have heard much about Rocky, he makes food really well. Faltu comes and introduces herself. Tanu looks on.

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