Faltu starlife update Sunday 20 August 2023

Faltu 20 August 2023: Ayaan reaches airport. He thinks about the allegations Faltu’s family is putting on her and how he promised her to be there for her match.At home, Kaki goes looking for Faltu for the mehndi ceremony but she is nowhere to be found. She comes out disguised as Anmol and leaves for the cricket tournament. Pratap tells Kaki that Faltu is getting ready in the guestroom.

Pappi on the other hand is celebrating dressed as a groom. Kaki is shocked to see him and asks isn’t it too early for the Barat. They welcome him inside the house. Charan is upset to see Pappi. Pappi aks Charan where his future wife is. Kaki tells him that she is getting ready and asks her mother to get her.

Pappi see Faltu disguised as Anmol and stops her. Pratap changes the topic by calling him Jiju. They reach the ground but get scolded by the coach for coming late. Faltu’s mother tells everyone that Faltu is missing. Pappi gets infuriated and warns Charan that if he does not marry Faltu that he will get Charan arrested.

Someone calls Ayaan and informs him that Faltu is missing from the house and there is huge chaos because of it. Ayaan tells the man to do as he told him. Su tells Ayaan that their flight is delayed for two hours while Ayaan hopes that Faltu win the match without the help of his plan.

Pappi drag Charan to the panchayat and threaten to get him arrested. Charan supports Faltu and give it back to Pappi.

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