Faltu starlife update Monday 21 August 2023

Faltu 21 August 2023: In today’s episode of Faltu, we saw Faltu struggling with the fastballs of the bowler. Kanika receives a call from Ayaan’s family. Janardhan invites her for the lunch. Janardhan tells Savita that he is glad that she is no longer worried about their secret coming out. She calls Ayaan who tells her that his flight is delayed and he will not be able to join them for the lunch.

Ayaan thinks about Faltu and wishes that she wins the race and gives the money to Pappi. Faltu recalls Ayaan’s advice to concentrate only on the ball and nothing else. The bowler balls again and this time Faltu hits it off the ground. The tease and smirks turn into praises and the villagers cheer for Faltu.

Meanwhile, Pappi and Faltu’s family look for her. Faltu imagines Ayaan in the crowd. Pratap accidentally says Faltu instead of Anmol while cheering for Faltu. Pappi’s goon who was also standing there informs Pappi about it. Pappi gets suspicious and enquires about Anmol. Pappi says that now he will first find Faltu and then will send Charan to the jail. He goes to see Anmol on the cricket ground.

Ayaan gets informed that Pappi has got suspicious of Faltu. Su tells him that the flight is being boarded now. Ayaan gets worried for Pappi.

At home, Tanisha is trying on her dresses. Kanika comes into the room and asks her to choose an engagement ring for Ayaan. Tanisha says that they were just friends but after marrying him she will know more about Ayaan. Meanwhile, how can she say which ring will Ayaan like?

Faltu is about to hit a half-century. She recalls all those moments when she was stopped from chasing her dream because she is a girl. Pappi arrive with his goons. The organizers try to stop him but shut them up. He taunts Faltu and reveals her disguise. He declares that now he will forcefully marry Faltu. Charan and Pratap try to help Faltu but fail to do so. Faltu tries to run but Pappi’s goon stops her.



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