Faltu starlife update Saturday 19 August 2023

Faltu 19 August 2023: In today’s episode of Faltu, we saw Faltu changing her disguise inside the washroom. She hears someone coming inside the washroom and is shocked to see Pappi. She tries to scare her off but Pappi realizes it’s her and goes back inside to catch her red-handed. He sees Anmol instead of Faltu. He is about to talk to him when Ayaan comes and stops him. He asks him to leave. Pappi says that he saw Faltu inside the washroom.

Ayaan and Faltu (who is disguised as Anmol) tell Pappi that it was the witch who scared him off. Pappi leave after hearing about the witch. Faltu tells him to get the rituals done to get rid to the evil shadow of the witch.

Ayaan and Anmol continues the practice. Ayaan gives his cricket gear to Faltu. He says that she still needs to work on her form. Faltu gets discouraged and sits on the terrace thinking about it. Ayaan sits beside her and motivates her. He says that he was in a similar fix a few years ago. Only a few get the chance to shine and hence she should seize the opportunity.

Ayaan tells Faltu that she has ignited the passion for cricket inside him once again. Faltu asks what she has done. He says that she doesn’t even know what she has done for him. Faltu asks him to be there at the match as his presence gives her confidence.

Janardhan calls Ayaan and asks him to come home for the engagement. He says that his job in Ittarpur is done and he can now return home. Ayaan tries to delay it but his mother reminds him about Tanisha’s expectations. Ayaan leaves for his home with Su. Su sympathizes with Ayaan thinking he is leading such a difficult life.

Faltu’s family prepares for her marriage to Pappi. Faltu reads the letter Yaan left for her. She gets emotional and decides to win the match.

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