Destined by fate starlife update Wednesday 27 December 2023

Destined by fate 27 December 2023: Vikrant gets angry seeing Sayuri talking to a stranger/Kanha. Sayuri says he apologized for his mistake. Kanha leaves smiling at Sayuri. They reach home. Rashmi tries to get out of house via window and panics seeing them coming in. Sayuri thanks Vikrant for taking her out for shopping. Vikrant asks her to prepare a ginger tea for him. Rashmi thinks she finished her task which she entered Sayuri’s house for and recalls cutting gas pipe.

Destined by fate 26 December 2023

Sayuri makes ginger tea preparation recalling her meeting with Kanha and hopes she reunites with Kanha soon.Kanha reveals Yash about meeting Sayuri and learning about their daughter. Yash says its a good news and they should celebrate. Kanha says Sayuri and his baby are still in Vikran’t clutch, so they need to carefully plan and get them out. Yash says Sayuri suffered a lot. Kanha says he doesn’t want to put Sayuri’s hard work at risk and need to plan carefully. Sayuri is about to light gas when Vikrant stops her and asks her to serve him buttermilk as he is having acidity.

She serves him buttermilk. He asks her to go and get ready for haldi ceremony. Sayuri thinks Kanha already applied hadli to her. Kanha reveals his plan to Yash. Yash says he will take his inspector friend’s help. Sayuri’s haldi ceremony starts. Vikrant applies haldi to her. Sayuri hopes it was Kanha in Vikrant’s place. She imagines Kanha who plays with her and applies haldi to her in a romantic way. A romantic song plays in the background. Sayuri gets out of her imagination.

Rashmi notices Sayuri,Vikrant, and Kuku enjoying the ritual and think they don’t seem to be harmful. Nakul calls her and asks where is she. She says she is out. He says he wants to go on a movie with her. Kanha returns home. Nakul ignores him. Santosh tries to speak to Nakul. Nakul walks away saying he is going to a movie with Rashmi.Rashmi waits for the gas cylinder blast. Vikrant walks to her and recalls watching her cutting gas pipe in CCTV footage. He twists her hand and asks who is she and what enmity she has with him and his daughter. Rashmi reveals that she is Sayuri’s sister and wants to kill her. Vikrant warns to stay away from Sayuri. Rashmi says Sayuri will destroy him if he doesn’t kill her. He twists her hand more rigorously.She pleads to her go as she has a small baby He spares her and warns her to never come in front of him again.

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