Destined by fate starlife update Thursday 28 December 2023

Destined by fate 28 December 2023: Vikrant signals Rashmi to hide and asks Sachi/Sayuri what did she com eout. Sayuri says she came to check on him. He says wardboy had come to take his signatures. He returns home. Sayuri asks why he looks tensed. Vikrant thinks how to tell her that her sister had come here to kill her, he will wait till their wedding. Sayuri asks shall she open kitchen and serve pualo to kuku.

Destined by fate 27 December 2023

He says he already ordered food from outside and asks her to relax. Door bell rings. Vikrant asks her to serve plates while he brings food.Kanha notices Indu crying looking at Sayuri’s photo and asks if she is missing Sayuri. Indu says she never forgot Sayuri even for a second, Sayuri was not only her daughter but also her friend and savior, she is unable to control herself. She breaks down more. Kanha comforts her and says nobody can take Sayuri’s place, she need not worry as that place will be filled soon. She thinks he wants to marry again and says she can understand that he is still young and wants to move on.

Kanha thinks she misunderstood him and says they all need to change and have a new start, etc.Rashmi returns home. Nakul asks where was she. She says to market to get her phone repaired and technician took a lot of time to repair. Nakul says he had visited that market and even a restaurant she mentioned, she never was there and should tell truth. Rashmi nervously says he is doubting her. Nakul says she went to bring gift for him and asks where is it. Rashmi says he is questioning him like a policeman and doubting him, she didn’t like any gift and hence didn’t buy it, she thought Nakul loves and trusts her but was wrong.

Nakul says she is misunderstanding him. Rashmi leaves acting. Daadi Mausi hears their conversation and tells Nakul that Rashmi is behaving suspiciously since a few days and is even insulting her mother and grandmother, she is sure that Rashmi has gone somewhere else. Nakul asks where. Daadi Mausi says she doesn’t know, she can’t fill poison in her grandchild’s life and loves her family immensely, etc. Nakul leaves. Daadi Mausi thinks she doesn’t know what is in store for her.

Sayuri tries a new dress on Kuku and says she will stitch a dress for even her doll. Kuku drops a vase while playing by mistake and gets afraid of Vikrant’s punishment. Sayuri comforts her and says soon when they return to their family, everyone will love them immensely. She prays god that she developed a ray of hope even in this child’s heart, she wants things to go as planned tomorrow and wants to return to Kana and family soon. Kanha prays god to help him reunite Sayuri and Mithu tomorrow.

Vikrant tells his dead wife that tomorrow is a big day for him as he is marrying a new Sachu. He tries to take her mangalsutra and it breaks down. Faiba tells Mithu that just after a day, she will be free from her duty and will lead a peaceful life after Vikrant gives her good money. She hears a sound and gets afraid, but then realizes seeing a rat. Nakul tries to patch up with Rashmi. Yash calls Kanha and informs him that he found Faiba’s address. Kanha gets happy and thanks him.

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