Destined by fate starlife update Tuesday 26 December 2023

Destined by fate 26 December 2023: Vikrant drops Sayuri and Kuku to a boutique. Sayuri asks him to wait in car while the shop clothes and return soon. Vikrant agrees. Sayuri goes in and asks salesgirl to show her lehanga and saris for her haldi ceremony. Salesgirl shows her saris. Sayuri requests to make a phone call from her phone and asks Kuku to select sari and lehanga for her till then. Vikrant walks in to give Sayuri’s purse. Sayuri hides phone. Vikrant checks saris. She says she will try a lehanga and goes to store room. She then tries Kanha’s number. Kanha comes right inf front of her. Hum Tere Bin Ab Rah Nahi Sakte.. song plays in the background.

Destined by fate 25 December 2023

Kanha recalls how he spied on Sayuri and reached boutique.They both hug each other and recall quality time spent with each other. Sayuri acknowledges that she is Sayuri. Kanha says he knows she hid her identity for a reason and was helpless. Sayuri recalls promising Vikrant that she will never reveal her identity to anyone. Kanha says he knows that they have a daughter. Sayuri gets emotional and asks how does he know. He says he sensed it when he held their daughter for the first time.

Sayuri says she had to act as loving Vikrant to protect her daughter and is acting as marrying him to get her daughter. She says she loves only Kanha and requests to believe him. He asks her not to give any justification as he trusts her more than self and realized she is Sayuri and not Sachi when he saw her for the first time.

Vikrant gets impatient when Sayuri doesn’t come out of changing room and goes to check her. Sayuri tells Kanha that he should bring police just before wedding starts and get Vikrant arrested, they will take both girls away from Vikrant. Kanha asks both girls? Sayuri says she means Kuku and describes Vikrant’s sins. Vikrant asks Sayuri how long will she take to trial a dress.

Kanha and Sayuri get tensed hearing him. Vikrant is about to draw curtain away when Sayuri peeps out and says she was trying different drapes and asks him to get haldi from a corner shop till then. He agrees. Salesgirl’s phone rings. Vikrant asks if there is a phone inside. Sayuri peeps out again and says some customer left phone here, he should give it in counter. Vikrant gives phone in counter.

Salesgirl takes it and thinks wife takes phone and husband doesn’t know about it.Rashmi reaches Vikrant’s house thinking of finding Kanha and Sayuri’s plan and enters via window to find some clue. Sayuri tells Kanha that she should go now and says she applied mehandi of Kanha’s name. She shows her mehandi with Kanhaji and murali and leaves from there. Kanha walks out next. Salesgirl asks what was he doing inside. Kanha buys goggle and cap to distract her and leaves.

Sayuri returns to Vikrant and says she is satisfied that her wedding will happen as per her wish now. Vikrant asks her to keep the stuffing dickie and gets into car. Kanha bumps on Sayuri. Haldi packet falls down. Kanha applies haldi to Sayuri’s hand. Kyunki Tum Hi Ho.. song continues to back in the background.

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