Destined by fate starlife update Wednesday 21 February 2024

Destined by fate 21 February 2024: Kanha gets into his car with Nakul and tells him its good that Chaman Bahar agreed to prepare documents. Nakul says Chaman is a fool. Kanha says such people may back off easily, so they shouldn’t take a chance.

Nakul asks him to get the papers ready as he has some work and wlaks out. Rashmi walks in and insists him to accompany her and see where Nakul goes. Kanha refuses to spy on Nakul. Rashmi threatens to inform Saroj who will then get Nakul out of the mess. Kanha agrees to accompany her. They both follow Nakul. Nakul gets suspicious and looks behind. They both hide. Nakul then meets Ammu and enjoys sandwich with her. Rashmi asks Kanha if he believes her now. Kanha stands in a shock. Rashmi reveals that Ammu is a call girl. Kanha walks towards Nakul to confront him. Rashmi stops him and requests not to confront Nakul now or else her relationship with Nakul will go more sour and asks him to talk to Nakul at home. Kanha agrees.

Sayuri washes fruits in a home fountain thinking why Chaman ordered so many fruits. Chaman drops a stell pot on her and she collapses. Blood starts oozing out of her head. Chaman claps and dances saying didi is dead. Tingu gets her out of imagination and asks her to stop her foolish plans. Chaman says she will get Kanha if Sayuri dies. Tingu asks her to concentrate on her dream. Kahna returns home. Chaman feels ecstatic seeing him. Kanha emotionally hugs Sayuri. Sayuri asks if something hapened. He says nothing.

Bhanu notices Rashmi coming from outside and questions her. Rashmi says she took Kanha to show him whom Nakul meets. Bhanu asks what did Kanha say. Rashmi says she asked Kanha to confront Nakul at home. Bhanu says if she truly loves Nakul, she wouldn’t have done all those heinous acts. Ammu notices Nakul tensed and asks reason. Nakul says he explains her about Chaman and says he needs to find a film producer. Ammu says one of her client is a producer who can help him. Nakul thanks her. He returns home. Kanha confronts him and asks what was he doing with that girl and why he spent so much money on her. Nakul says he doesn’t have any answer. Drama continues….

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