Destined by fate starlife update Thursday 22 February 2024

Destined by fate 22 February 2024: Kanha warns Nakul to stop meeting Ammu. Nakul says he is not doing anything wrong. Kanha asks then why he was giving money to Ammu. Nakul says he didn’t think their job will be done so soon, the found a producer for the film.

Kanha asks what does he mean. Nakul hugs him and says Chaman is hearing their conversation. Chaman feels jealous seeing that and thinks everyone except her hugs her sweetie pie. She walks to Nakul and asks what is he blabbering. Nakul says he found a producer for the film. Chaman asks not to lie. Nakul says he found famous producer director Ranjeeth.

Chaman asks him to let her speak to Ranjeeth then. Nakul acts as calling Ranjeeth and tells him that he is boarding a flight to Mumbai, so he can’t speak to her right now.

Kanha congratulates Chaman and asks her to not have oily food as she may get pimples. Chaman imagines dancing with Kanha on Dekha Hai Pehli Baar.. song. She gets out of imagination. Kanha continues to praise her. Nakul asks her to give him autograph first when she becomes a famous heroine. Chaman continues to dream. Kanha asks Nakul if Ranjeeth is for real. Nakul says yes.

Rashmi dreams of Nakul marrying Chaman and panics. Chaman orders buckets of ice cream and says this is her last ice cream before she starts her heroine journey. She asks Kanha to join her. Sayuri signals no to Kanha. Kanha says he gets sore throat with cold things. Chaman notices that and gets angry on Sayuri, then calm down and asks her to join her. Sayuri says she will have ice cream only with her whole family. Chaman invites whole family and asks them to thank her for her kind gesture. They sit siently. Chaman asks them to congratulate her for her film at least. They don’t reply. Chaman continues her blabbering. Kanha thinks where Nakul went.

Nakul calls Ammu repeatedly and gets tensed when she doesn’t pick call. Ammu’s boss notices his phone call and asks Ammu what magic did she go that he is calling her repeatedly. Chaman says she just concentrates on business. Boss asks her to continue luring Nakul as he is helpful in the future. Once he leaves, Ammu calls him. Kanha picks her call.

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