Timeless love starlife update Wednesday 21 February 2024

Timeless love 21 February 2024: Satyavati asking Vidhi and dev, where they are going? Dev says Vidhi is unwell and that’s why we are going to hospital. Satyavati checks Vidhi’s pulse and tells that Vaid used to check and tell about the disease and also pregnancy. She says she doesn’t know and tells that she is Anari, as she doesn’t know anything.

Dev says that’s why we are going to Doctor. Satyavati says Jai had come and tells that he is mad, how Vidhi handles him. Vidhi says he had come to meet Chitra. Dev thinks he knows well why he had come here. Sakshi calls Jai and tells him that Dev doesn’t want to wait even a minute. Jai refuses to give her money if she doesn’t do his work, and says this time he has left from there. Dev and Vidhi come to the hospital. Hariprasad is there, and hides.

Vidhi and Dev meet the doctor, who confirms her pregnancy and tells that it is super cool. Dev writes on the notepad all the do’s and don’t. He asks Doctor if he can take her outside the country etc, what she shall eat, wear etc. Vidhi and Doctor laugh. Hariprasad comes home. Bimla asks where did he go, he didn’t have food or tea. Hariprasad makes excuse and asks if she met Vidhi. She says no.

Vidhi asks Dev what Amba had said? Dev thinks he shall not tell this to Vidhi in this condition. He asks her to leave it and see his diary. Vidhi sees his diary and sees Devi Raichand written. She gets happy. Bimla worries for Hariprasad. Hariprasad also worries for Bimla due to his condition.

Dev tells Vidhi that they shall tell everyone about baby. He asks everyone to gather in hall at 7:30 pm. They leave for work. Vidhi tells Dev that she wants to have icecream. Dev gets icecream for her. Hariprasad gets up from the bed and feels pain in his body. Bimla worries for him. Vidhi calls her and asks her to come to Raichand Mansion in the evening.

Vidhi comes to the office and the colleagues tell her that Jai has locked himself in his cabin. Vidhi asks Jai if she can come inside. Jai says yes. Vidhi gets inside and finds him lying on the floor with injury on his forehead. He tells her that he was alone at home yesterday and felt loneliness. Vidhi says she can understand. She helps him get up and bandages his injury. Tu hai meri kiran plays…. He reminds Vidhi of her promise to Rao ji. Vidhi says I don’t forget my promise and asks what type of girl you want? Jai says like you.

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