Aparajita Zeeworld update Wednesday 28 June 2023

Aparajita 28 June 2023: Aparajita thanks the inspector for finding the culprit. The inspector says we looked into Veer’s history and we didn’t find anything wrong with his history. He is all clear and didn’t do anything wrong. Disha recalls how the girl told her that her friend Ritika fell in love with Veer and then she suddenly went missing. Aparajita tells the inspector that I don’t find Veer good but thank you.

Aparajita 27 June 2023

The inspector leaves. Aparajita gets a call and says we are coming. Disha tries to talk to her but she leaves.Aparajita comes home and calls her daughters. Aparajita says we are leaving the city. They are shocked and asks what happened? Aparajita drinks tea and says there is a good news, we are all going to Rishikesh tomorrow for vacation. Disha says suddenly? Aparajita says I got a good plan. Aparajita says another piece of good news is that we found the culprit who made the video. She tells Chhavi that the police will remove the video from the internet so everything is good. Chhavi cries and thanks her. Aparajita says God made it all possible. Aparajita says get ready for Rishikesh.

Niya comes there and says I want to go with you all too. They look on. Niya says I brought Dadi’s halwa but first tell me that I can come on the trip please. She tells Aparajita to allow her. Aparajita says you can come but you have to take your family’s permission. Niya hugs her and thanks her. She leaves from there. Disha thinks I have to find more information about that girl before I tell anything to Maa.

Niya comes to Akshay and says my sisters are going for a vacation, I want to go with them, please allow me. Akshay says you can go, have fun. Mohini comes there and says how can you allow her? Akshay says let her be. Niya thanks them and leaves. Mohini says how can I send my daughter with Aparajita? Akshay says Aparajita was the same person who saved your daughter when the riots were going on. Niya is a grown up and she can take her decisions. Let her go.

Mohini says where are you going? Akshay says I am going to talk to Aparajita.Disha calls the girl Shurti and asks if she found any photo of Ritika? Shurti says who are you and who is Ritika? Disha is shocked.Chhavi is packing her bags. She sees some balloons outside her room. She smiles seeing her and Veer’s name on it. Veer jumps from the window and says I am here for you. Chhavi smiles at him and says you should leave. Veer grabs her hand and says I wanted to hear an ‘I love you’. Chhavi asks him to leave but he pulls her closer. Veer tells Chhavi that don’t stop smiling, I know you were upset about the college issue but I can’t allow anyone to misbehave with you, I will beat them up.

Chhavi gets scared and asks him to go, we will meet after the trip. Veer says trip? Chhavi says Maa is taking us on a trip.Aparajita is working in the laundry, she thinks I stoll doubt Veer. Disha comes to her and says I found something about Veer’s past. She tells her how Ritika was Veer’s girlfriend, they broke up and then she went missing. Shurti wanted to give her Ritika’s photo but then she denied it and took back her words. Disha says Shurti must be scared, why would she take back her words? Aparajita says we have to find about that Ritika. Disha says her whole family went missing.

Veer gets angry and tells Chhavi how can she take you on a trip and you didn’t take my permission. Chhavi says why would I ask for your permission? I am going with my mother. Veer glares at her and says this is a plan to separate us. Chhavi asks him to calm down, we are going for 3 days and I will meet you after I come back. Veer grabs her and says this is a plan. You can’t see it. Chhavi gets scared. Asha knocks on the door so she asks him to leave. Veer says I will go and talk to her. Chhavi pleads with him and says if you love me then you won’t do anything. Veer is angry but says okay, promise me that you will keep calling me.

Chhavi nods so Veer hugs her and says you are my life, I will miss you a lot. Chhavi hugs him. Veer says no one can separate us, not even you. Asha knocks on the door so Veer leaves from the window. Chhavi opens the door.Aparajita tells Disha that we have to find out Veer’s past to save Chhavi. Disha says I will stay back and find out about Ritika. Aparajita says no, I can’t leave you alone. That guy is scary and he might be behind Ritika’s disappearance. Aparajita says we should go for the trip to relax and once we come back then we will expose this Veer, till then we will keep him away from Chhavi.

Akshay comes to Aparajita and says I heard you are going for vacation, he gives her money and says its not like that.. I mean Niya is going as well so you might need it. Aparajita says I don’t need it, I earn enough for my kids and Niya won’t cost too much for us, I will handle it. Akshay says I know that, I see how much you work and handle everything. I didn’t mean to make you feel incompetent. Aparajita smiles and says you can’t do that, I don’t need money as my laundry is working nicely. Akshay says then I will leave. Aparajita says listen..

I know you are doing this to earn kids’ love but they don’t need your money, they need their father to be there for them. Once they trust you then they will accept you.Veer is calling and messaging Chhavi constantly. She tries to ignore it. He keeps messaging her to stay in a nice hotel, etc. Aparajita comes there and takes Chhavi’s phone. Chhavi says I told him that we are going so he just wanted to know where we will stay. Where will we stay? I don’t want to worry him. Aparajita says he should know that you are going with your mother. Chhavi says he cares for me. Aparajita says I raised you for years but suddenly he needs to take care of you? this is not love, this is craziness, he wants to keep an eye on you.

Chhavi says its not like that, he trusts me a lot. Aparajita says then prove it to yourself. Switch off your phone for 3 days and see whose trust will win. Chhavi recalls how Veer said to keep calling him. She sees him calling but turns off her phone. Aparajita smiles and leaves. Chhavi thinks Veer trusts me and I will make Aparajita trust him too.Veer is angry that Chhavi is not picking his call, he breaks things around and says she wants to go away from me.

Disha brings tea for Aparajita and says its good you got her phone off for 3 days. Aparajita says we have to do something to expose Chhavi. Disha says I have a friend who is a hacker, we found out that Ritika lives near Rishikesh. We can go to her house. Aparajita says that’s good.Akshay tells Niya that I will follow you all on a trip, I want to be involved in my kids’ life and protect them. I will track you.

Niya says you think Mohini will agree? she won’t allow you. Mohini comes there and hears that. Akshay says I am going on a trip with my daughters so I don’t need her permission.Mohini comes to Anish and tells him that Akshay is going on a trip with Aparajita and her daughters. I can’t allow all this happening. Anish says how will you stop him? Mohini says there is someone who can separate Aparajita and Akshay. I will surprise Aparajita in a big way.

In the morning, Aparajita is packing for the trip. Disha tells her that we have the address. Aparajita says don’t tell anyone about it. Akshay comes there and says I got something special for you all. He gives them pepper sprays for safety but Disha doesn’t take it. Asha likes it. Akshay says you can use it for self-defense. Asha says thank you papa.. Akshay gets emotional and says you are most welcome. Disha is angry hearing that. Niya says you didn’t bring a pepper spray for Aparajita?

Akshay jokes that she is walking pepper spray. Even Disha laughs at that. Akshay helps them in getting their items to the car. Asha says Niya gifted me her skincare. Mohini comes out of the house and sees all that. Aparajita tells Mohini that I will take care of Niya. Mohini says she is smart enough to take care of herself, she wanted to go so I am allowing it. Dadi sends them off. Akshay whispers to Niya to keep the tracker with herself. Niya hugs Mohini and goes with Aparajita.

Akshay rushes to Aparajita and asks her to be careful on the highway. She says I know how to drive. She drives away. Mohini thinks this trip will be special. She tells Anish to work on Veer. Aparajita thinks she can take care of my daughter but how can she separate Chhavi from Veer? This trip will be memorable for her. Veer is angry at Chhavi. He gets Anish’s call who says that Aparajita is taking Chhavi to Rishikesh to get her married to someone else. I am helping you because I like you.

Veer is stunned and gets angry. Veer shouts that Chhavi is mine only. Mohini smirks hearing that.All kids are enjoying the trip as Aparajita is driving. Disha tells Aparajita that we are 1 hour away from Ritika’s house. Aparajita thinks to find her and find Veer’s truth.

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