Rajjo starlife update Wednesday 28 June 2023

Rajjo 28 June 2023: The Episode starts with Chirag praying for Arjun and Rajjo’s union. Pushkar thinks Rajjo is proved right, now everyone will believe Mannu and her, no, I won’t let this happen. Arjun comes to Rajjo. She walks out. She goes and packs her bag. She says its time to leave from here. She cries and thinks of Arjun. Judaai…plays… Arjun burns his hand and saves Rajjo’s bracelet. She washes off her sindoor and sees her mangalsutra. They cry. Sia prays and thanks Ram for uniting Arjun and Rajjo. Chirag thinks how shall I tell Sia that no one knows if Rajjo will become her Chachi or not. Madhu cries and says I didn’t think this injustice will happen, why did Urvashi do this with Arjun. Chirag says its your last chance, Arjun, don’t stop yourself. Kalindi comes to Madhu and consoles her. She asks her to have water. She says if we knew this after Arjun’s marriage, then what would have happened, drink water.

Pushkar asks Mannu to open the door. He scolds the nurse. Nurse asks what’s my mistake, you always shout on me. She goes.Mannu argues with Pushkar. Rajjo comes to Arjun. She thanks him for all the help. She counts his favors. Arjun says you are saying thanks instead complains, why. She says because Maai told me to just bless the person when going away, who knows it’s the last meet. Tujhse juda kyu…plays… Rajjo says you did a lot for me and my mum, I regarded you my loved one, so I prayed that I help you once. Madhu looks on. Rajjo says now you will get rid of me, I m going, I won’t trouble you. She cries. She asks him to marry whoever he wants and stay happy. Pushkar tries to open the room. Mannu worries. Rajjo gives the mangalsutra. She says I have removed all the suhaag signs of your names, I told you, I will do this when I clear Mannu and my name, you would believe now that Rajjo isn’t any liar or greedy person, I m a human, honest person like Mannu, I m not a cheat in any relation, I just have to go happily, I will try to become a runner, I will make my mum proud of me, I will try my best to make her life better, I will become hero from zero.

Pushkar says if Mannu opens her mouth, then my truth will come out. He goes to see Rajjo. Sia and Chirag ask Rajjo not to leave. Rajjo says I can never forget you both, just you both supported me, I m taking Sia’s tshirt with me, I will wear it in the race and win also. Chirag says it means you don’t want to stop. Rajjo says yes, I don’t want to bend down in front of everyone, bless me that I win all the races of my life, so that no one insults me, they should applaud. Chirag asks her to go. Kalindi hugs Rajjo and thanks her. Rajjo asks her to take care of Chirag and Sia. Kalindi nods and says you also take care, always stay the same, don’t change. Rajjo thanks her for behaving so good to her. Pushkar looks on. Madhu says you won’t go anywhere, Rajjo.

Rajjo getting emotional and asking Arjun not to insult any poor person again. She says the poor person can be richer than them tomorrow. She blesses their family. Madhu looks on. Pushkar looks on. Madhu says you won’t go anywhere, Rajjo. She says we all have done much wrong with you, I have always scolded you, I want to apologize to you, you always stayed as Arjun’s shadow, but I insulted you, my thinking was so small, you never left Arjun ever, you have kept the marriage and did a wife’s duty, you have saved Arjun, you won’t go anywhere, just you deserve to be called Arjun’s wife, my choti bahu, Rajjo Arjun Singh Thakur. Everyone is shocked. Chirag and Sia smile. Madhu says Arjun, I cursed you for bringing Rajjo in our lives, I forgot that you can never make any mistake,your heart was at its right place.

She cries and apologizes. She says you are Rajjo’s husband. Kalindi smiles. Mannu hears this and smiles. Rajjo says no, Arjun had annulled our marriage, he took my signs on the papers, thanks for your words. Arjun says its over now, it was just a game of fate. Madhu says I got late in understanding, but now Rajjo is Arjun’s wife. Arjun and Rajjo talk via eyes. Arjun asks what does she want, I know what’s in her heart. She says yes, I know Urvashi is in your heart, so she wanted to take you to America after marriage, you both were going to start a new life there, I wasn’t in your life plan.

Madhu looks at Arjun. Rajjo says I have no complains, I just came to save you from Urvashi, I have to go from here now. He says right, you had decided to leave me and go, answer me. Madhu asks are they not understanding, they are married. She asks why is your maang empty, where is your mangalsutra. Rajjo says I have removed it, I should have done this before when Arjun broke the marriage. She cries. Madhu asks is a paper’s value equal to the mangalsutra and sindoor. Mannu thinks to go out and see. Madhu brings the divorce papers and burns it. Sia claps. Madhu says I had burnt your bond before, I made a mistake, I m not making any mistake by burning the divorce papers. Mannu looks on. Madhu says I have burnt my bad thinking also in the pure fire. Mannu gets happy. Pushkar takes her away to the room.

He says I knew it, you remember everything. She laughs and scolds her. He says I won’t lose, I will not leave you. Chirag says Madhu is right, Arjun and Rajjo speak up your feelings. Madhu says I will lose my world, if you leave from Arjun’s life. Sia asks Rajjo what are you doing. Madhu says they are stubborn, Chirag always told about their relation, even Sia understood Arjun and Rajjo’s pairing. Chirag asks are you two fooling each other, you both are made for each other.


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