Aparajita Zeeworld update Tuesday 27 June 2023

Aparajita 27 June 2023: Disha sees Aparajita coming home and asks Asha to hide the taunts on the walls. Aparajita comes there and asks what’s going on? Disha stops her from seeing the taunts and says lets go inside. Aparajita looks at the walls and is shocked to see the taunts. Aparajita says I know I can’t change thoughts but I will do what is right for my daughter, lets’s clean this up. Babli comes there and says let us do something for you. I wish every mother is brave like you. Aparajita says I won’t let anyone hurt my Chhavi.

Aparajita 26 June 2023

Babli says I am sorry for blaming Chhavi but we are with you now. I wish you can punish the person who did this. All neighbors say we are with you. They all clean the taunts while Aparajita smiles.Aparajita comes home, Chhavi thanks her and hugs her. Aparajita sits with her daughters, she tells Chhavi that you can go back to college now. Chhavi is elated hearing that and says Veer is not picking up my call, I hope he is okay. I know you don’t like his anger but he did all that for me, please don’t judge him.

He is very nice and I hope you don’t mind our relationship now. Aparajita asks her to focus on her education, we will talk about marriage after that.Anish asks Akshay to calm down. Akshay says Aparajita did so much drama, she will not be easy when it comes to Chhavi and Veer’s marriage. Mohini comes there and says you would need money to get Chhavi married, no boy would accept her so we would need money to marry her off. Akshay says you want me to deal my daughter?

Mohini says after Aparajita’s drama, people won’t forget and would mark us as characterless. Akshay says Chhavi wants to marry Veer and I will make sure they get married at any cost. Mohini says then you have to find a way to convince Veer’s fate. Aparajita tells Disha that the police still haven’t found anything, Chhavi still thinks Veer is innocent but I saw the anger in him,

I can’t trust that guy. Did you find anything about Veer? Disha recalls how she talked to Veer’s friend and he told her that Veer has many girls in his m, he is never serious about girls. Disha asked about his last girlfriend but he didn’t tell her. Disha tells Aparajita that Veer’s character is not good with girls, he had many affairs before Chhavi. I am trying to contact his friends.

Aparajita says just be careful, his friends would be like him also. Disha says I wouldn’t spare anyone trying to mess with me. Aparajita says I have told you to not be violent. Disha says don’t worry, we are a team and we will expose Veer to Chhavi. Aparajita smiles and leaves. Veer’s friend calls Disha. She says I was waiting for your call. He says you called me so many times, he flirts with her. Disha says I need Veer’s help, can you make me meet him?

He says lets meet at the cafe. Disha says okay. She thinks to change her attire so Veer can’t recognize her.Veer calls Chhavi, she says I was so worried about you. I know you did everything in the college for me but I should be strong to take care of me. Veer says I will always take care of you, you don’t need to go to the college from anymore. Chhavi says Maa wants me to continue my studies. Veer shouts don’t you love me? Chhavi says I do.

Veer says then you won’t go to the college, just lie to your mother that you are not feeling well. Chhavi is scared and says okay.In the morning, Asha and Disha are ready for the college. Aparajita says where is Chhavi? Chhavi comes there and says I was doing laundry. Aparajita says you are not going to the college? Chhavi recalls how Veer said she won’t go to the college. Chhavi says I will go to the college and I will face those guys.

Aparajita smiles and says I know my girl is brave, you don’t need anyone to defend you. Chhavi says I will go and get ready. Aparajita smiles.Chhavi comes to the college. They all sit in the canteen. Some guys are eyeing Chhavi. Niya comes there and says I am so glad to see Chhavi here. Nobody taunts Chhavi so she calms down. Asha says lets go to the class. They leave Chhavi there alone. Veer comes there and glares at her. He says this is your love? I asked you to not come to the college.

Chhavi asks him to go away. Veer says no one can question me. He holds her hand and drags her from there.Aparajita sees that Chhavi left her book and goes to the college. Chhavi asks Veer to listen to her. Veer says I don’t want people to look at you, you are made for me only. Chhavi says no one saw me with bad eyes today, I can’t break my mother’s heart, if she wants me to study then I will. Veer says but you can break my heart? This is your love?

why did you save me from dying then? Aparajita arrives there and sees them.Veer tells Chhavi that I am still the same guy who can give his life for you and your mom would never allow us to be together. Aparajita hides and hears all that. Chhavi tells Veer it’s not like that, Maa just wants us to complete our studies and then get married. She loves me a lot and she would never want bad for me. I should get going. She tries to leave but Veer grabs her hand and says I am crazy in love with you, I see you everywhere, I want to love you so much like no one did before.

Chhavi says what about respect? I know you love me but do you respect our relationship? Do you respect me? If yes then you wouldn’t ask me to stay at home and hide, you would go out and fight for my honor and find the culprit who made that video viral. My mother didn’t ask me to hide because she believed I did nothing wrong, instead, she went out and fought for me. Aparajita is proud to hear that. Chhavi tells Veer that I know you love me but don’t compare your love with my mother’s from now on. Veer angrily leaves.

Aparajita hides and thanks God for sending her here, my Chhavi is all grown up now. She comes to Chhavi and says I came to give Asha’s books. You have made me proud by coming back to the college, just focus on the studies. Chhavi nods and leaves.Disha comes to the cafe, dressed as a s*xy girl. She meet Veer’s friend. She says I want to get an admission in the college, he says my friend Veer is powerful so he will do it for you.

Disha says I want to know about him before meeting him. The guy holds her hand and says its quite noisy here, can we go to my car and be a little close? Disha gets angry and slaps him. She beats him and says don’t you dare do that. The guy runs away. Disha says I should have controlled my anger. A girl comes to her and says I will tell Veer’s truth to you.

Aparajita meets Dadi and says I saw Chhavi taking a stand today, she has become so confident. I am so happy to that. She says I am thinking of taking the daughters on the trip. She shows the trip pamphlet and puts it in the mandir, it catches fire. Dadi says it’s a good idea. Aparajita says kids have been worried these days so I want to spend some relaxing time with them. I think you should come with us. Dadi thinks she would be worried for my health.

She says no, I can’t go as I am not able to walk these days. Aparajita says I will leave tomorrow with the kids. I will surprise them. Disha comes there. The inspector comes there and says we found out from here that video got leaked.Anish comes to Mohini and says the police found out who leaked Chhavi-Veer’s video. Mohini gets worried. He says why did you upload the video from a cyber-cafe? what will we do now?

The inspector brings Aparajita and Disha to a control room of the cyber-cafe. The inspector asks the officer to show them the CCTV footage of that day when the video got leaked. They check the CCTV and finally see a woman entering the cafe in the CCTV but its not Mohini. They see another man uploading the video. Aparajita says I saw this man in the restaurant, he was one of the goon.

The inspector catches the man and brings it to Aparajita. She asks Aparajita to recognize him. Aparajita says I saw him in the restaurant. The inspector asks where did you get the video from? He says we made the video to blackmail Sunil but he didn’t listen to us so I leaked the video and made it viral to take revenge from Sunil. We tried to make a scandal out of it but nothing really happened between them. Chhavi stopped the guy from doing anything with her. I just wanted some money from this video. Aparajita slaps him.

Anish gets the call and says that guy accepted to leak the video? He asks Mohini about the goon. Mohini says you thought I would be stupid to do it myself? I gave the money to the guy to upload and make that video viral. She says I was worried that goon might go against me but he wanted money so I used money to talk. Anish says you are smart but still that viral video didn’t work. Mohini says Aparajita has to lose when I get Chhavi-Veer married. I am becoming a confident player.Aparajita shouts at the goon that it was my daughter’s honor you played with.

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