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Aparajita 29 June 2023: Aparajita notices her children through the rearview mirror. Asha and Nia argue over songs. Aparajita asks them to not behave like kindergarten kids. She asks Chavi why she is silent. Chavi says nothing. Disha says Asha and Nia are not letting Chavi talk. She asks them to play party songs as love is nonsense. Asha says Disha doesn’t know about love. Aparajita says love is beautiful if we fall for the correct person and it became a mess if the person is the wrong one. Chavi looks on.

Aparajita 28 June 2023

Aparajita asks Disha how much longer. Disha says one hour. Aparajita thinks hopes Rithika is fine and I find her at home so I can find out everything about Veer. She thinks to make Chavi and others busy in one place.Aparajita drops Chavi, Nia, and Asha at a sightseeing place. She tells them that she is going to meet her customer and takes Disha with her. Nia receives the call and she goes aside to attend to the call. Chavi misses Veer. Asha asks Chavi if she wants to talk to Veer. Chavi says yes but I don’t break my promise to Mom. Akshay on call asks Nia why they stopped in the middle.

He says anyways it’s good I’m coming and keep it a secret. Nia agrees and cuts the call. Mohini comes there. Akshay tells her he is not in the mood to fight with her. Mohini tells him she can’t live without him. Akshay says I left my family for you 15 years back and I’m still with you but I want to get closer to my kids so please understand. Mohini asks him to leave. Akshay gets confused and asks if she is fine. She agrees and sends him.

She thinks the remote control is with her of them. She informs someone on the call that Akshay left.Aparajita and Disha reach Rithika’s house. They notice it closed for many days seeing the state of the house. Some men come there and asks where are they. Aparajita says they came to meet Rithika. He says they are not here after the incident that happened last year and first police came then some gundas. Aparajita and Disha ask where they went. He says don’t know how they are missing but it’s related to Rithika’s affair with an influential man’s son.

Veer is about to leave the house. Veer’s mom stops him and asks him to not repeat his mistake with Rithika to Chavi. The old man tells Aparajita that Rithika is missing then her dad committed suicide and his younger daughter left from here. Aparajita asks him if he has any photos of Rithika and her family. He agrees and goes to get the photos of community parties. Veer threatens his mother to not stop him. She says Aparajita won’t leave if you did anything wrong to Chavi like Rithika. Aparajita says to Disha that don’t know what happened with Rithika that her dad committed suicide and Veer is behind It so we need to make Chavi stay away from him.

Veer strangles his mom. She pushes him. She says I forgive you as your mom but if Chavi sees your anger then she will leave you. Veer says Chavi just belongs to him and he leaves without listening to her. Chavi thinks Veer will prove to her mom that he is best for her. The old man shows Rithika’s family photo to Aparajita. Aparajita asks if they can take Rithika’a photo. The old man agrees. Disha says they have to inform Chavi about it.

Aparajita says let us complete our tour then we can search Rithika to make Chavi know the reality of Chavi. Disha says Veer is dangerous so we need to alert Chavi. She doesn’t listen to Aparajita and goes to inform Chavi.Veer calls Manish and requests him to send him the location of Chavi. Mohini shares the Nia location with Manish. Manish sends it to Veer. Veer receives it and thinks he won’t let anyone separate her from him. Nia, Chavi and Asha enjoy the lake view. Chavi says where are mom and Disha.

Disha comes there and calls Chavi. Chavi asks Disha why she looks tensed. Disha says she wants to tell her something.Disha says to Chavi that she wants to tell her something. Disha says to Chavi that they raced while coming here so she is tired and their mom is not tired. Disha recalls how Aparajita made her understand that Chavi is innocent so she will confront Veer about Rithika which will alert him and he may hurt Rithika too so let’s not inform Chavi until we find Rithika. Aparajita asks if they are enjoying the place. Nia says it’s good.

Aparajita asks if they eat puri. Nia asks how. Aparajita asks Disha to get things from the car. Nia goes with Disha to help her. Akshay notices Aparajita and his children are still in the same location. He sends a voice message to Nia to stay there until he comes and joins them. Manish says to Mohini we send Veer behind them and what about our other plan. Mohini says chill, another plan is started with Akshay.

Some lady comes in front of Akshay’s car. Akshay stops the car and scolds her for coming in front of his car. She requests Akshay to drop her near the bus stand as the Circus show won’t start without her. Akshay sees the route map and tells her that he is going in a different direction. She pleads with him to help them so they won’t lose their job. Akshay asks who’s another one. A joker person comes there and requests him through signs.

Disha, Nia, and Asha play games. Chavi recalls Veer’s request. She tells Aparajita that she turned off the phone but feels strange thinking what if differences raise between her and Veer. Aparajita says it’s the test of love and if your love is true then switching off the phone doesn’t cause any problem. Akshay agrees to give them life. The joker person thanks him and takes a selfie with Akshay. He sends the photo to Mohini.

Aparajita asks the Children to come and eat. Nia says one more game. She asks them to play hide and seek. Disha says you’re not a kid. Nia says she never played it in childhood.Mohini tells Manish that her people are with Akshay and our both plans will move in parallel. Aparajita says hide and seek can be played at any age and asks them to play. Nia thanks her. Disha says you’re taking Nia’s side these days. Asha and Disha ask Aparajita and Chavi to join them. Aparajita asks them to eat first. Manish asks Mohini why she looks so happy and for whom she is waiting.

Mohini says Aparajita has no idea and Veer is going to take her Chavi so it’s happy for me. That time She receives the parcel. Puppy comes there with prasad. She gives it to Amma. She says I heard Aparajita and ger children went on to trip and where is Akshay. Mohini asks Puppy to leave and says she is the one who asked Akshay to have a bonding with his children. Akshay asks Joker and the lady what’s their circus name. Joker says Duniya.

Puppy says she is recalling Aparajita and Akshay’s old moments whenever Akshay is going to Aparajita’s house. Mohini says she wants a positive vibe in the house that’s why she ordered a photo frame of her with Akshay. Amma mocks her. Mohini makes Puppy turn in her favor giving her imported deodorants.Joker indirectly warns Akshay. He asks Akshay where is he going. Akshay says he is going to surprise his daughters. Joker says they are also going to surprise people in the circus. Sasha agrees.

He asks Akshay to choose one card. Akshay chooses the card. On another side, Mohini takes Amma’s phone and locks Amma inside. Amma asks Mohini to open the door. Mohini asks what will she do if she won’t open the door. She asks how she complains to her son even if something happens to her. Amma asks her to open the door. Mohini opens the door and warns Amma to stay within her limit if she wants to stay at their place. Disha closes Chavi’s eyes. Then everyone hides. Chavi searches for everyone and goes in the wrong way. Aparajita and others come out from their hiding places and search for Chavi. They hear Chavi’s shout and get shocked.

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