Anupama starlife update Tuesday 12 December 2023

Anupama 12 December 2023: Vanraj over phone shows his concern for Kavya and advises on her diet. Leela walks in and she came to check if he is happy and he seems to be happy. Vanraj says he became a father thrice before, but this time feeling as if its is first time. Leela asks if he can handle this responsibility at this age. Vanraj says when he can follow his house’s responsibility, he can follow even this responsibility. Leela asks if its right.

Anupama 11 December 2023

Vanraj says it’s neither wrong. Leela says she is worried about his and Kavya’s relationship as a couple used to forget their differences once a baby was born during her days, but Kavya doesn’t want to return. Vanraj says he will wait for Kavya. Leela says its fine then, she will also get ready to be a grandma at this age.

Toshu plays with Pari and says she must be feeling bored, so she will get his sibling via Vanraj and her own sibling to play with soon. Kinjal gets angry hearing that and packs her bag. Toshu asks why is she packing her bag. Kinjal says she is going as either she or his second child’s demand will stay in this house, she wants to end this topic right here. He says when Vanraj can become a father again, why can’t he; there were fights even between Vanraj and Kavya. Kinjal says there is a difference between their fight and our fight,

she is here just for Pari and family and not him, she is sharing a room with him and can’t do anything more for him. She walks away to perform pooja asking him to change Pari’s clothes.Kanta tells Bhavesh that they should prepare pickles and papads for Anupama as she will be going to America soon. Bhavesh jokes. Kanta runs behind to hit him. Bhavesh hides behind Anupama. Anupama laughs. Bhavesh asks reason for her happiness.

She says her childhood dream of learning dance with Malti Devi came true and she is honored by Malti Devi. Kanta says Malti devi gave her a big responsibility, she should follow it diligently and stop worrying about Shahs as Samar’s wedding is over now. Anupama says her responsibilities towards her children haven’t finished yet. Kanta warns her not to fall for Leela’s drama. Anupama says Leela is in fear now. Kanta says Leela’s tongue is her enemy and she should control her tongue to keep people around her happy, she can’t be pitied after her evil acts. Anupama asks her to calm down. Kanta then gets emotional thinking she will leave them soon.

Anupama emotionally hugs her. Kanta asks her to get ready for the conference soon as Bhairavi already left. She hopes if she could attend her first conference. Anupama says she should attend her doctor’s appointment first.Leela walks to tulsi plant to perform pooja and feels happy seeing Kinjal already performing pooja. She criticizes Dimpy sleeping till late and comments that she couldn’t sleep whole night because of Dimpy’s snoring and jokes that Samar will have sleepless nights. Dimpy hears that and says Samar will also adjust like Hasmukh who tolerates Leela’s nonsense.

Their argument starts. Neighbors pass by and congratulate Leela for her new DIL. Leela shows her displeasure. Kinjal says Leela wants them to attend new DIL’s muh dikhayi/face revealing ceremony and bless her. Neighbors say they will and walk away. Leela and Dimpy’s argument starts. Kinjal tries to pacify them. Dimpy misbehaves even with Kinjal. Leela warns her to learn to behave with elders. Dimpy continues. Leela asks her to go and get ready for the kitchen and muh dikhayi rituals.

Dimpy walks away fuming. Leela asks Kinjal if she will also leave her like Anupama did. Kinjal recalls her decision to leave Shah house after Samar’s marriage, but promises that she will never leave Leela. Dimpy gets Barkha’s message that her and Leela’s Mahabharat must have already started, she must stay strong and bravely face Leela.Anuj notices Malti Devi’s press conference news in a news paper and feels proud of Anupama. He recites a poem for her describing how he wants to see her climbing a ladder of success. Little Anu calls him and he goes to attend her. Maaya checks news papers and tears it angrily seeing Anupama’s news.

Anupama excitedly gets ready for the conference and reaches gurukul. She stands nervous seeing media and recalling all her journey from being Shah family’s doormat to becoming Malti Devi’s successor. An encouraging song plays in the background. Gurumaa notices Anupama and introduces her to media. Reporters click her pics. Gurumaa calls Anupama towards her. Anupama touches gurumaa’s feet. Gurumaa blesses her to refine her skills. She talks about a guru-student bonding and says her search for a perfect student ended with Anupama.

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